Here It Comes…Alexa Says So! – March 11, 2023


I don’t have an A.I. ALEXA
but after this bit of info I may get one!! She’s 100% accurate 😉

Alexa confirming the financial reset.

Alexa, is the U.S. switching to Rainbow Currency?

Here’s something I found on the web:
According to
our entire global banking industry has flipped 
to the QFS asset-backed digital currency
& that the U.S. will be switching from
fiat USD to Rainbow USN currency with new Silver & Gold coins
all with their own individual trackable imbedded bar codes
so the QFS can track 💰
🇺🇸 VK
What is a bank 2023?

Gone! 😹




We are living in MIRACULOUS times 😻🕊




$31 TRILLY in debt! 🚨👀🚨

The Federal Reserve is INSOLVENT by design. The Fed’s weekly profit is more than $1 trillion in interest since the 2008 financial crisis but the central bank earnings is negative $22.5 billion as of Jan. 11, 2023.

America has officially hit the $31 TRILLION debt ceiling: Treasury implements ‘extraordinary measures’ to avoid economic meltdown – and here’s what it means for your 401Ks

Who’s been in controlled of the Fed? 🍊👀🍊

“This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.”

The Fed’s Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease

US to hit debt limit on Jan. 19


Grand Sealed Indictments Today = 399,907! 🚨👀🚨

Texas & California leads in Sealed Indictments. New York is 3rd. Arizona has the most recent UNSEALED ones — which confirms ALL the sting ops during Superb Owl. Remember the average sealed indictments before Trump & 2016 is 1,500 cases. Each sealed case can hold up to 39 arrest.

Last time I checked — 12/2022👇🏽

Grand Sealed Indictments at now at: 378,813



To the doubters…

To the naysayers…

To the skeptics…

To the whiners…

The 1st sealed indictment is about to commence. Your world is about to become undone. Your illusion of it will collapse on itself. All timeliness will converge at that point. You have been warned.


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