The Slave Debt Monet System Dies… – March 10, 2023


Something Just Exploded on the Farside of the Sun! 🌞💥👀💥🌞

SOHO/LASCO spacecraft recorded a magnificent full-halo CME on March 9th. The source of this explosion (probably an X-class flare) is probably old sunspot AR3234, now transiting the farside of the sun. This region had produced an X2.0 flare on the NW limb of the sun, on March 3rd.



Funny there is ANOTHER real storm in Cali at the same time of the Silicon Valley Bank storm! ⚡️👀⚡️

New atmospheric river rolls into California, and the evacuation warnings pile up

California at risk of life-threatening flooding from new atmospheric river



Wait til the CRASH comes to the Matrix Corp SWAP MEET! 🚨👀🚨

Yeezy Karmic Energy hitting GAP. 👇🏽

It looks as if Gap has simply given up


Just as NASTY as McDonalds. 👇🏽

Massive 118-store Burger King franchise files for bankruptcy after ‘drowning in $14million of debt’


Best Buy Is Closing 17 Stores This Week, With Dozens More to Come

Rut Roh’ku. 👇🏽

Roku says 26% of its cash reserves are stuck in Silicon Valley Bank

Stocks may crash 30% in 60 days as Americans run short of cash and investors jump ship, a markets guru says




One move & Big Tech players are tapped out.



1929 ENERGY from Orange Batman! 🍊👀🍊

“You have a crash like you’ve never seen before… if you put the wrong guy in office!” -PRESIDENT TRUMP



Yoikes! When it rains, it POURS. 🚨👀🚨

$3 Million Worth Tether USD (USDT) Account Has Just Been Frozen, What’s Going On?

New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Kucoin and Declares Ethereum a Security

The Tether Ponzi Scheme

When Tether fully implodes, Bitcoin will be the largest & fastest crash

Welcome to the TETHERDOME!!



ISO 20022 Will Change Payments But Some Banks Won’t Be Ready


ISO20022 x Basel x Trump’s EO’s 👉🏽 DS Financial System Death. 💀

But no doom & gloom here — it’s a beautiful thing to END the world’s financial slave debt system! After this nasty crash, we ACTIVATE the QFS publicly. Nesara Gesara & New Earth Energy dominates as LAW — Land Air Water. Hold your Highest Frequency. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨

ISO 20022 Will Change Payments But Some Banks Won’t Be Ready

ISO 20022: how ready is your bank?

Ready for ISO 20022?

Banks that are NOT ISO20022 compliant is going BYE BYE

What is Basel 3 & Basel 4? Basel 5 is coming

a slave debt money system



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