Situation Update – Mass Arrests of Thousands CIA/MS13 Gang Members Causing Cartel Banks to Panic! Brunson Petition Military! Pfizer Being Sued Trillions! – We the People News ~ March 11, 2023



2 thoughts on “Situation Update – Mass Arrests of Thousands CIA/MS13 Gang Members Causing Cartel Banks to Panic! Brunson Petition Military! Pfizer Being Sued Trillions! – We the People News ~ March 11, 2023

  1. Off-topic, but I thought you might like it.
    Drops #715 through #719 (

    Q provides a link to a website in drop #715. “Thanks to GlobaLeaks. everybody can easily set up a secure and anonymous whistleblowing initiative. Designed to be user-friendly, the software is customisable to your needs and protects the whistleblower’s privacy and submissions by default” ( Based on our recent discussions and the context of the recent drops, Anons pieced together that Q is indicating these platforms are not anonymous, and instead, forward relevant information to the three letter agencies for targeting / retaliation. Remember, we are studying a system where information was tightly controlled by the Deep State and opposition to the narrative / agenda was dealt with by any means necessary.

    Q provides a link to another website in drop #716. This drop more explicitly highlights the Recorded Future company / technology that we briefly mentioned last time. “THE INVESTMENT ARMS of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time – and says it uses that information to predict the future. The company is called Recorded Future, and it scours tens of thousands of websites, blogs and Twitter accounts to find the relationships between people, organizations, actions and incidents – both present and still-to-come.” “The idea is to figure out for each incident who was involved, where it happened and when it might go down” ( This is another great example of how the Deep State is constantly working to implement new control strategies, and ultimately a totalitarian police state, against humanity. Q further elaborates on reality in drop #717. Q indicates that while on the outside these entities may appear separate, doing the right thing for America, etc., beneath the surface it’s really nothing more than a bunch of clown operations run by various Deep State factions. However, it is also important to note Q’s clarifications that the infiltration has occurred at the higher levels, there are more good people than evil people, and unfortunately some good people have been blackmailed (e.g. threats on loved ones).

    Q provides the number 71 and the number 187 (in kill brackets) in drop #718. Based on what we have previously discussed, we can immediately say Q is indicating 71 people were killed (i.e. 187ed). Doing a simple search, you can find reports of a Russian plane crash that killed 71 people. “Investigators say the crash of a Russian passenger plane that killed all 71 people on board may have been caused by the pilots’ failure to activate heating for pressure measurement equipment, resulting in flawed speed data ( Q continues by telling Anons that 1 person on board was targeted (i.e. 7 out of 10 incidents are targeted kills, the Deep State killed 70 people to get the 1). Q provides additional details by stating the person targeted was involved with both the Steel Dossier and Uranium 1. Q encourages Anons to find the passenger list. What did Anons do? They found the passenger list ( Q will highlight their findings in subsequent drops. Q ends the drop by indicating foreign nations (e.g. Russia) are used as crash sites, due to lack of jurisdiction.

    Q responds to an Anon in drop #719. The Anon re-posts drop #718 and asks Q if the drop had anything to do with a Russian being detained in Bangkok. The Anon was referring to recent reports that Thailand police “detained a Russian citizen Sergei Medvedev, who is considered one of the founders Infraud — an online platform that gives the ability to make illegal deals on the Internet” ( Q points back to the picture of the Vietnam Airlines plane at the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam. Q ends the drop by stating “cages full.” Due to the context of the detention and recent drops, I believe Q is indicating both the use of cages in human trafficking and that detention centers were filling up as the Patriots apprehended various lower-level Deep State players.

    Drops #720 through #722 (

    Q asks if people really believe that all recent resignations, accidents, emergency situations, false flags, etc. were simply a coincidence in drop #720. At this point, we both understand the Deep State was always working these kinds of events to our disadvantage and these kinds of events were increasing in frequency as the war was fought. Q indicates these events are why Sessions insisted that investigations and proceedings remain confidential. There are countless examples of the Deep State taking out people who talk too much or present too much danger. Q tells Anons it is this confidentiality (i.e. 60% happening in private) that provides the opportunity for things to seem like illusions / magic / fog of war. To say that a different way, we cannot prove the things that happened or did not happen in private. Q encourages Anons that things are continually progressing. Q emphasizes they have the power and reminds Anons they already had more than they know.

    Q responds to an Anon in drop #721. The Anon posts a picture of an organization chart of the company, Infraud, that appeared on the Nevada DOJ’s website. The website clarifies it is displaying information from the Organized Crime and Gang Section, within the Homeland Security Investigations Las Vegas and Henderson Police Department jurisdictions, and shows Sergei Medvedev as being “apprehended.” The Anon also posts the Q’s text from drop #246. The Anon references this Q drop because the numbers happen to be the zip code for the city of Henderson, LV (see below). The Anon asks Q why these jurisdictions were involved in the Thailand arrest. Q confirms the nature of the future proves past and assures the Anon they had more than they knew. I am confident you can put together the larger crime picture that is being alluded to here (e.g. cages, underground data centers, ability to make illegal deals online, geography).

    Q tells Anons to think the NYC false flag and John Perry Barlow future proves past events in drop #722. Q reminds Anons the Q team was not posting the information in the drops to provide verification of credibility. What Q means here is verification of credibility occurred early on through various Q proofs (i.e. how many coincidences). However, additional information was provided to help expose the Deep State / educate the population. While this information also provides verification of credibility, it was not necessary at this point. Q points out the Deep State failed to shut down the Q team and prevent the information from being released. Q credits the continued success of the operation to the small size of the Q team. Q notes the drops had incorporated more direct messages to the Deep State (i.e. who are we talking to? / what changed?), which we have discussed. Remember, this is not a game. This is an active war!

    Drops #723 and #724 (

    Q provides another security / encryption test in drop #723. Q responds to an Anon in drop #724. The Anon references the RED_OCTOBER signature in drop #722 and asks Q if they could clarify if the signature meant the submarine situation from the movie, a cyberespionage malware program of the same name discovered a decade ago, or something else. Q responds by stating future news would highlight the meaning. Q also makes an important distinction between what the Anon thought they heard (i.e. The Hunt for Red October) and what Q actually said (i.e. Red October). While all kinds of things have happened in October that have been unfavorable to the Deep State, I believe this is an area where we are still looking for the future proves past event. If you do some digging on the term Red October, you can find another meaning that is connected to the stock market. “October has a special place in finance, known as the October effect, and is one of the most feared months in the financial calendar.” “The Bank Panic of 1907, the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and Black Monday 1987 all happened during the month of October” ( Hence my caution this last October (and likely next October should the beast still be running), considering current global financial news. Honestly, it could come crashing down at any time.


    1. Thanks for this report! Yes, yes, yes as ALL things are collapsing into the single timeline for human expansion. No more war, abundance for all, all leading to the human consciousness moving beyond mere survival!! 🌹😊🎉


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