Defcon Level Warning System ~ March 9, 2023


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3-9-2023 | 8:29 am UTC
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News and alerts are now separated, as the Defcon Level Warning System was originally intended to be an alerts site. Full news stories will now be posted to our new sister site: The Standeford Journal.

The current overall Defcon level OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) estimate is now Defcon level 3. After assessing the situation with Russia and their forces being set to a higher nuclear deterrence level, we have set our overall alert level back to three for the time being. Confused about what we do? Read the FAQ on our About Page.

We don’t believe the current situation warrants a two quite yet. Russian President Vladimir Putin has now ordered Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces on alert in response to Western sanctions and rising tensions over Putin’s invasion on Ukraine.

If the current defcon level changes from the level it is at now, it will be reflected on the alert status above as well as in any of the Regional News Pages, where you will also find the current defcon level alert status for each combatant command region and up to date news and news ticker for each region.

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March 08, 2023 – A U.S. intelligence report on Wednesday reiterated earlier warnings, as well as a warning in the 2023 Annual Threat Assessment that North Korea is expected to carry out its seventh nuclear test. South Korea has said that it could be carried out at any time. Read more

March 7, 2023 – The Governor of Tamaulipas, Mexico Américo Villarreal was cited by Reuters as saying two of the four Americans that were kidnapped in Mexico while on their way to receive cheap cosmetic surgery are dead, and two are still alive, but also said that one is injured. Read more

March 7, 2023 – The four American victims that were kidnapped at gunpoint in Mexico have been identified, with further details on the incident, along with a video of the kidnapping in progress. Read more

March 06, 2023 – Four United States citizens were kidnapped in Matamoros city, Mexico on Friday shortly after arriving in Mexico, as they were traveling in a White minivan with license plates from North Carolina. Read more
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