Are Governments Abusing Children in Mind-control Experiments? ~ March 9, 2023


“I’m a survivor of tax-funded torture, enslavement, human trafficking and mind control, including sexual abuse,” said a woman from California in the 2013 petition, Request for a Congressional investigation, CIA mind-control of children. “Two additional members of my immediate family are in recovery for these crimes including one who is still a minor. These programs must be stopped, corruption routed out of our government and nation, and the truth be revealed.”

Is the CIA torturing children? We may never know, nor find out where their 14.7 billion dollar black budget was being spent. Survivors of the government mind-control techniques say they don’t remember this extreme childhood abuse until many years after the event, making a quest for justice difficult. On November 2013 CBS Face the Nation respected Watergate Scandal Journalist Bob Woodward claimed, “You run into this rat’s nest of concealment (by the FBI and CIA) then and now.”

“I am a survivor with two terminal diagnoses that are a direct result from torture, electric-shock, a receiver encased in my right sphenoid bone causing brain cells to die every day and drug experiments,” said another victim in the petition that requests an investigation of the US CIA’s mind-control program. “My country owes me truth and compensation!”

In 1953 the CIA imported Nazi mind-control experts from Hitler’s Germany for the purpose of developing “assassins and super spies.” This MKULTRA program of illegal human experimentation – centered on torturing the developing brains of children begining before birth to around age six, and continuing throughout their lives – utilized 149 subprojects and 33 related programs done in 80 US and Canadian institutions, including 44 colleges and universities.

In 1964 CIA Director Richard Helms claimed he shut down the program. Survivor respondents to the 2007 Extreme Abuse Survey disagreed. There were 257 who said secret government sponsored mind-control experiments were performed on them as children. Many were born after 1964.

In the 1995 Congressional Hearings on radiation experiments witnesses Chris DeNicola, Valerie Wolf, and Claudia Mullen also had issues with the claim that the government wasn’t involved in tortuous experiments on children. DeNicola and Mullen survived a childhood of torture by US government employees and Wolf treated them, plus other mind-control survivors. DeNicola testified she was abused by head of the CIA human experiments Dr. Green through 1984 – 20 years after the program supposedly closed.

DeNicola named CIA Director Richard Helms as one of her perpetrators. Back in 1977 a pending Congressional inquiry prompted Helms to destroy all MKULTRA documents prior to his resignation. Even though Wolf, DeNicola and Mullen pled for another Congressional investigation of the CIA program, none was done, no charges were brought against anyone including Helms, and Congress voted not to release results of their inquiry.

International Child Exploitation Networks

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Survivors of childhood mind-control also talk of international child trafficking connected to the global elite. Of 1471 survivors who responded to the 2007 Extreme Abuse Surveys, 451 said at least one group that abused them were national or international in scope and 177 claimed they had been transported out of their native country for the purposes of ritual abuse-mind control. There were 500 who said “yes” when asked if they were made to participate in child prostitution and 578 claimed they were involved in child pornography.

Survivors of mind-control commenting in the Request for a Congressional investigation, CIA mind-control of children were found in the US, Canada, France, Australia, Asia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Being made to view or participate in the murder of children is a common mind-control method. Mind-control survivor Jenny Hill exposed her witness to a child’s murder on June 21 1965 in Garden Grove, California in her biography, Twenty-Two Faces: inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities.” Hill’s satanic rite was overseen by infamous master mind-control programmer Dr. Green of the 1995 Congressional hearings. According to the biography’s foreword by Psychiatrist Colin A. Ross, MD, Green was brought into the US as part of the CIA’s 1950′s Operation Paperclip. i

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Dutch therapist and ritual abuse survivor Toos Nijenhuis describes cults that routinely kidnap, drug, rape, torture and murder children. Her experiences were at private estates in Holland, France and a military base in Australia. Italian Francesco Zanardi and the organization Rette L’abuse found witnesses who corroborated Nijenhuis’ accounts. They named as participants two Catholic Cardinals, a French judge, Belgian priests and members of the Dutch and British Royal families. As with Hill’s experience, Toos also described seeing a child sacrifice. One in 2010.

Kevin Annett’s International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State first exposed Nijenhuis’s testimony in May, 2013. ITCCS represents over fifty organizations of survivors of Catholic priest torture in nine countries. The ITCCS is preparing international common law court proceedings on the matter for 2014.

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In 2012 Australia began an inquiry on child abuse allegations in their own Catholic and Anglican churches, orphanages, community groups and schools. “It is now well known that the sexual abuse of children has been widespread in the Australian community,” Justice Peter McClellan of the Australian Abuse Royal Commission said.

As of November 2013 the Commission had received over 6300 phone calls and 4300 written enquires regarding child abuse by Australian government or church employees. With a mid-term report not due until 2014, evidence of severe child abuse was being gathered from children’s homes, foster children, Aboriginal communities and the mentally ill.

An Australian survivor claims his childhood abuse was connected to the CIA, FBI and Canadian government. David Free wrote:

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“My abuse has corroboration with the same programming and similar deployment of North American victims/survivors. A pattern of many Canadian and U.S. ritual abuse survivors was also of subsequent revelations of abuse within government organizations such as the FBI. Mind-control developed specifically by the CIA was being abused on victims who were deployed in espionage, assassination, policing and extracting monies through illegal operations. These were covert operations such as espionage on people, drug production-distribution and illegal arms supply.”

Canadian survivor Amanda Bynes states in a UTube video:

“I was one of the nine Canadians that sued the CIA as well as the Canadian Government” commented survivor Amanda Bynes. “I had my memory erased was given LSD and Electric shock and put into a deep sleep while a brainwash tape played, ‘You Killed your mother.’ I never did recover.”


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Prosecution of these international child exploitation networks is complicated. Though, conviction for kidnapping, torturing and filming the rape of five girls put Marc Dutroux in a 1988 Belgium jail – for four years. Upon release he built a dungeon in one of his seven houses. His next victims were not grabbed from the streets, but given to him by their families as part of an international child abuse ring. Locked in his basement, girls endured the all-too common mind-control methods of rape, torture and viewing murders. They were being readied for export to eastern Europe or Thailand child prostitution rings.

It was four more years before another jail cell found Dutroux. Five bodies were found on his and his cohort’s properties, though by court time, most of their seized 300 to 5000 videos disappeared. The child pornography was said to contain images of Dutroux and high level officials raping unknown children. ii

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Fifteen years later in Canada, “Officers located hundreds of thousands of images detailing horrific acts against young children, some of the worst that they have ever viewed,” said Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, a spokeswoman for the Toronto police. Among the 350 arrested in November 2013 were teachers, police officers, doctors and priests. Rescue of 386 children from this multi-million-dollar international child pornography ring left questions as to who would actually end up serving time, what happened to the other children in the thousands of confiscated images, where were the perpetrators who didn’t get caught and why was the child pornography website allowed to operate for so long?

As with the Dutroux Affair, investigation of child exploitation rings can be undermined by the global elite. In the 2007 Extreme Abuse Surveys only 64 survivors said authorities investigated claims they made against their perpetrators regarding their current abuse.

Survivor-witnesses of the 1995 Congressional Hearings Chris DeNicola, Valerie Wolf, and Claudia Mullen requested a Congressional investigation, but it didn’t happen. Not one perpetrator was charged, nor brought to justice and Congress voted not to release results of their investigation. Eighteen years later mind-control survivors are requesting another investigation of the CIA mind-control of children.

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Education on mind-control issues is badly needed, even in political and professional communities.”Many people are afraid to tell their doctors their histories as mind-control subjects for fear of being considered to be crazy” said therapist Valerie Wolf in the 1995 hearing.

These highly organized child exploitation networks, unfortunately, appear quite widespread. According to a July 25 2007 article Beyond the Dutroux Affair by Joel van der Reijden:

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“The idea of a lonely pedophile grabbing children from the street only seems applicable in a relatively small amount of cases. There’s a significant amount of evidence that a lot of child abuse happens within networks consisting of degenerate families and their acquaintances, which are exploited and protected by people higher up in the food chain. Children in the network often are forced to bring in other children. The new ones are then controlled through certain psychological routines involving threats, shame and guilt.”

Reijden was discussing Belgium where as with the CIA investigations, few were charged likely because of people in crucial government positions. According to secretary of a special investigative committee Hugo Coveliers, “The extreme right are in possession of pictures and videos on which a number of prominent people in and around Brussels have sex with young girls…testimonies and videos were in the possession of the police services.” iii




iii. Hugo Coveliers, secretary of the special investigating committee on gangsterism and terrorism in Belgium (1988-1990), to Humo magazine (1990, Hugo Gijsels, ‘De Bende & Co’, p. 133-134).

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Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, is a retired therapist and author of “Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities.” As CEO of Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau, she has dedicated her life to raising public and professional awareness of the little-known effects of ritual abuse and mind-control programming that tragically cause formation of multiple personalities in children.

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