Thomas Anderson: Info Flash for March 8, 2023


By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 8, 2023

INFO Flash

Dear Readers

here some summary from last 4 weeks…

excess mortality in Germany at 40%





Australia: 100% MORE

the Ohio incident…


if this is a WhiteHat op “to prevent something more dangerous” I DOUBT

why should they then use a movie to tell us before?

Ohio incident more dangerous than Tschernobyl

After Hersh came out with his results about the detonation of the pipeline NorthStream

(which I said many months ago)

Tesla 3-6-9 method for manifesting..

Unvaccinated women report “excruciating pain and menstrual cramps” after having sex with vaccinated men

and the problem behind that might be this:

Components of the mRNA genetic material could be transmitted from vaccinated to unvaccinated people. The Pfizer documents from 2020 had already shown that transmission of the “vaccine” was possible, for example via breast milk, skin contact, inhalation or sexual contact. The German Infection Protection Act allows transmissible vaccines.

school and social aid ONLY for children with vaccination

ALEXA talking about begin of WW III

WHO is (again ) in panic mode

this time it’s the Marburg Virus


I told you a year ago this would happen…

the EU is paying G.Soros for what he is doing…

at the moment we are talking (officially) about 13 million deaths caused by the vaccine.

so let us assume this is around 10% of what is really happening…

why do I think so?
because for example if you are vaccinated twice but not boostered and then die, you get counted as unvaccinated…

did you ever ask yourselves why the so powerful tabacco industry let it happen, that their commercials must decrease in number and tell the people how dangerous smoking is?

did you wonder if the reason was really that the government wants you to be safe?


you were right doubting

nicotin is a good healing against vaccination….

I really think about start smoking.

while at the same time the government allows by law vaccines which transmit themselves from one human to another

finally its official

Michael Obama was a man (IS?)

official government documents reveal Michelle Obama’s 14-year history as a man

if you want to spend some 5 minutes to think about and answer for yourself my questions

regarding your memories of the past, you might recognize you are sitting on a different timeline than 2 years ago

and you definetly should spend 5 minutes in reading the comment on Putins speech

some pdfs to read:

German New Medicine, 6th Ed. by Bjorn Eybl.pdf

and some more

and more

and 5000 more on the English forbidden books archive channel

and a last:

the Beatles fraud was confirmed: Paul Mc Cartney died already in the 60ties and was replaced

I´ll keep you posted.



And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

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2 thoughts on “Thomas Anderson: Info Flash for March 8, 2023

  1. Okay, interestingly heard once, of a time-traveler~~ whom revealed going to another timeline~~ where Paul McCartney never died & the Beatles were HUGE, & there was a new Beatles’ mix tape given to him to take back to the present.


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