Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Mar 8, 2023 – Domestic collapse accelerates as Lindsey Graham wants to INVADE MEXICO with US military ~ March 8, 2023


0:00 Intro
22:00 Chlorine Dioxide
28:05 Mars
33:15 India
36:20 BRICS
38:50 Austin Police
47:38 Mexico Kidnapping
1:08:12 Interview with Kim Ives

– Using chlorine dioxide to clean your vegetables and eliminate dioxins and pesticides
– Women’s weightlifting to be destroyed by biological men claiming to be women
– Mom sues doctor who tricked her kids into getting mRNA jabs without her consent
– SPLC attorney charged with domestic terrorism
– Americans being plunged into famine; food lines reach 9 hours in some cities
– Cops are fleeing Austin, Texas as Democratic-run cities collapse into mayhem
– Masked youth ransack a restaurant in New York City, and no one stops them
– India ditching the dollar and clearing trades with other countries in Rupees
– Australian mint “doped” gold bars with silver to dupe China
– Fed chair says interest rates will continue to go up; expect more economic implosions ahead
– Trump calls for releasing J6 political prisoners after new footage released by Tucker
– NASA is slowly admitting Mars has an atmosphere; releases photos of clouds and sun rays
– Lindsey Graham wants US military to INVADE Mexico (but won’t deploy them on US border)
– But the US military can’t even beat the Taliban… they would LOSE against drug cartels
– Interview with journalist and filmmaker Kim Ives of Haiti Liberte



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