FIFTY8 / The Power of Silence – March 7, 2023


Editor’s Note: Meditation (quieting the mind) better allows us to bring that effusive expansion of Joy/Happiness which brings about the vibratory stance of attracting that which makes you happy…call this “manifestation”! What does manifestation bring? Why, BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


The purpose of meditation is the process of purification by letting go all of the contents of your consciousness to silence. The very act of meditation stops the programming called interior dialogue which is an inherited operating system that limits your life force and creativity. This noise and voices keep you from expressing your soul and downloading ideas from higher dimensions of reality. This system of voices/thoughts is the only barrier to what is known as enlightenment. But most are stuck in these loops of the Matrix (aka mind) and live life just on their programming – what the voices tell them to do. Which creates unconscious and egoic behavior.

Enlightenment is the accumulation of spiritual knowledge about the nature of reality and the dedication to practicing how we create our own reality. Meditation is the tool for all vessels of creative abilities and potentials. The more you meditate, the more creative your life will get. When you meditate you learn to transcend the ego mind with discipline, self reflection and the building of Will. This energetic charge always supports your choice to grow and overcome your challenges because you have practiced the belief in self.

When you train and discipline the intellect to conquer the ego mind, you are gifted with new abilities by virtue of expansion. The emotional pain that comes with letting go the limited ego’s mind and realities pushes you into new dimensions and potentials by the energy released and transformed into Will. You grow and expand into a new belief of self and your potential is shown. Reality usually reflects that as an experience of love and deep intimacy.

Full of belief of self with the knowledge of creating reality is an unstoppable creative force of energy. This union of energies (called love) is what creates the silence in deep meditation. This feeling is the full experience of self and it all happens on the inside. Life then becomes a meditation and experienced by your pure consciousness – which can now download an idea. 

When you are pure in mind and silent, you can reach the 5th dimension of your future self and download ideas to then manifest into the 3rd dimension by the power of your imagination which creates it in the 4th dimension. Love and your focus of energy creates it into being and your physical body materializes it into matter by its connection to all the forces of nature.

This is the power of meditation and what it can do for your life. You can become a creator of reality that is fearless, powerful, silent and intentional because you know thyself. The true self which is silent, imaginative and full of positive belief in self. The Real You.

To truly change the world is to listen to the silence of your heart and not the voices of the mind. Calm your heart and empty your mind.

– Billy Rood / Creator of FIFTY8


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