Pioneers of a New Reality ~ March 6, 2023


Submitted on March 6, 2023

President Donald Trump re-truthed the following from Entheos today:

It’s fatalism

He knows this is the end game
Like our founders felt signing their names
No turning back now for him
Constant threats from all directions
We’ll never know the full extent
But close your eyes & step into his shoes for a moment
He feels the burden of the American people on his shoulders
This is why he needs God
This is why we need God
This is why our founding fathers needed God
Gather your family together
Pray that our Lord gives @realDonaldTrump
Strength & wisdom

I have always equated this historical moment (since Donald Trump came down that escalator and declared his candidacy for President in the summer of 2015) as the Second American Revolution. The first American Revolution lasted 8 years (which likely felt, one can imagine, like forever). Not a coincidence that the 8 turned sideways is the symbol for infinity. Within those 8 years every possible speculation and prognostication played out, until all of the realities distilled into the one which we know today as our history: the Victory of the Patriots.

With all of the ‘truthers’ out there who have set up shop in the digital space like merchandisers outside a festival, hawking their wares and infighting with each other as to who is selling the best ‘intel’ and who is ‘that other guy’ passing shoddy grifter hokum, it is essential to remember the actual source of all truth, and that is the Source itself, the very Creator our founding fathers and mothers staked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor upon… “with a firm reliance on divine Providence.”

Within the tidal flow of the digital awakening, which the movement known by the letter Q precipitated, and which shifted into chum waters after Covid and the startling election steal of 2020, some saw the possibilities of a new cottage industry, and plied their trade online in the name of both truth and profit. Though there are undoubtedly many who might be characterized as controlled opposition, there are likely many more who have good intentions, but have also found themselves, after gaining large followings, bound by the need to ‘content create’ nearly every day in order to satisfy a kind of advertising imperative. In many cases, the ‘citizen journalist’ has become a version in miniature of corporate industry, as well-meaning as many of them may remain. Others, however, are capitalizing on the gullibility of some of the general public, and the need for New Age Hopium. A recent example of this would be the self-proclaimed Queen of Canada, who is soliciting fiat currency to sell her novelty “loyalty money,” which she suggests will be redeemable at some future date for extravagant sums. 

JFK jr is not coming to pierce the plasma dome riding on a med bed showering zimzalabim dollars upon a glorified public dancing with Elvis to YMCA. This is cargo cult thinking.   

That said, is reality far more magical and complex than what the default world promotes? Absolutely. Does new technology which Tesla hinted at actually exist that will radically (but not overnight) change the world which we have known. For certain. We are at the tail end of the Second American Revolution. When the war is won (and it will be won by the Patriots) then the curtains of a new world will indeed part for us, much like they did for the revolutionaries back in 1783. But even their new world, with its new freedoms, was still something which needed to be embraced by them, gradually and collectively. They, too, were also the heirs of a rapidly increasing technology, and the building of new cities, akin to what Trump alluded to in his recent “freedom cities” speech. A brave new world awaits, for those brave enough to see it through. 

We must remember to keep our feet on the ground, while our dreams and conceptions soar above us into the etheric realms of possibility. Follow whoever you like online, but remember that the kingdom of God, as Christ demonstrated, is within. With the Creator’s guidance you are more than capable of doing your own discernment of the ongoing “news.” Things are speeding up to an inevitable conclusion, wouldn’t you say?

Do you need to be reminded once more who wins?

God wins. 

This was always a Battle for the Soul of a Nation, as even the Enemy characterized it. The United States is a covenant nation. Do not forget that. It is the key to this Victory.

Our prayers will be answered, but exactly how they are is part of the individualized beauty of this unfolding story. We are all going through the labor pains of the re-birth of a nation, and a world at large, as all nations are now connected in this historical passage. 

When the Enemy falls it will be a strange moment for humanity. The prison cells will be open, but there will be some hesitation as to what lies beyond. We have always (it seems) known these Wardens watching over us and steering us, such that true freedom will be its own kind of strange, uncharted territory. Yet, there will also be guiding lights, illuminating our way. We are the pioneers of a new reality. 

Pioneers never have it easy. Not all of them make it to their destination in their lifetimes. Many obstacles confront them and endurance is paramount. Yet, they know a beauty that those who stayed home and played it safe can never quite fathom. And that is a currency which no amount of fiat money can reckon with. 

Since your prairie home companion on this journey is the Creator itself, enjoy that relationship above all else in this majestic historical moment. By inviting the awareness of the Creator in, into your own individuality, you actually fulfill the entire purpose of Creation itself. Then, loving the “other” comes quite naturally. The current historical drama will resolve itself in the most appropriate fashion, according to equations beyond our mortal ken, so don’t sweat what is beyond your control.

Keep a firm hand on your personal rudder through these shifting currents, and as ever…

Vaya con Dios.


Parting the Washington Sea


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