A Zelensky in a G-string! ~ March 6, 2023


By: Clif High

A Zelensky in a G-string!

It’s all they got left!

He ‘emptied the pot’! He over turned a complete society of over 700 million people! He did it with one of the most refined ideas in psychological warfare put to use in massive social engineering.

No, not him. That other guy.

Mao’s Cultural Revolution occurred in China from 1966 through 1976. It was a horrific time. It was the time from which today’s CCP emerged. Tens of millions were said to have died.

Mao was embattled in 1965. He was being pressed by ‘liberation forces’ within the Chinese political infrastructure that wanted detante with the USA. Mao was losing power.

Mao was old, starting to get frail, but his idea that propelled his Cultural Revolution returned him to absolute power in less than a year.

Mao made China Sick. He gave all of China a disease. The Disease is called FDIA. Here is an AI generated description of it.

FDIA stands for Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another, which is also known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It is a mental health condition in which a caregiver intentionally causes or fabricates illness or injury in another person, typically a child, in order to gain attention, sympathy, or admiration for themselves.

According to the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision), FDIA is classified under the category of “Other disorders of adult personality and behavior” with the code F68.1. The description of FDIA in the ICD-10 is as follows:

“F68.1 Factitious disorder imposed on another

A disorder in which an individual, usually a parent, induces or fabricates symptoms or signs of illness in a dependent child, spouse, or other person. The inducement of illness in others may be motivated by a need for attention, nurturance, or to assume the “sick role” by proxy. This disorder is distinguished from Malingering (Z76.5) in that the motivation for the deceptive behavior is not for external gain.”

The following is an extract from the ICD-10’s description of FDIA:

“Factitious disorder imposed on another is a disorder in which an individual, usually a parent, induces or fabricates symptoms or signs of illness in a dependent child, spouse, or other person. The inducement of illness in others may be motivated by a need for attention, nurturance, or to assume the “sick role” by proxy. This disorder is distinguished from Malingering (Z76.5) in that the motivation for the deceptive behavior is not for external gain.”

Overall, FDIA is a serious and complex mental health condition that can have harmful effects on both the victim and the perpetrator. Treatment typically involves a combination of therapy and close monitoring to ensure the safety and well-being of the victim.

The term “factitious” refers to something that is artificially created or deliberately manufactured, often with the intent of deceiving others. In the context of mental health, factitious disorders refer to conditions in which an individual intentionally feigns or produces physical or psychological symptoms in order to gain attention, sympathy, or other benefits. Factitious disorders can be difficult to diagnose and treat, as individuals with these conditions may be highly skilled at deception and may be motivated by complex psychological factors.

Mao gave all of the Chinese Populace the disease of FDIA. He altered the parameters and twisted it to social engineering. It worked for his aims, and China is still Sick after all these decades.

FDIA was why it was so easy to get all of China into the Covid Hoax Mind to where they accepted and believed there really was a disease. It was the method by which 1 billion people were locked down…’for the good of the body politic’ so say the ‘caregivers’ who have the FDIA and made the Chinese Populace the unwilling victim playing the role of the ‘sick child’ in this vast, global, horrific, deadly episode of Collective Munchhausen’s By Proxy.

What Mao did for China, giving it FDIA, the mother WEFfers are trying to do to all of Humanity.

The WEF are doing FDIA in support of ‘trans’ in order to destabilize the social order and break inter-generational cohesion. The mental illness that is FDIA needs a victim to be ‘cared for’ and ‘protected’ by the ‘brave caregivers’ who are the actual source of the illness. The ‘trans child’ effect is totally necessary.

Antifa, the global organization of paid stooges and wanna-be terrorists, is an outgrowth of decades long abuse as the child victims of FDIA.

FDIA is very powerful, but fades, in a shocking fast way, when there is opposition to the ‘reinforcement’ phase of the collective delusion. That is why all the ‘trans’ people, and their supporters (part of the FDIA collective) will ALL demonstrate mental illness when the delusion is confronted.

They will ‘act out’.

We have all seen the videos of the ‘trans activists’ having a mental breakdown. It is the reaction of a mind trapped in a disease state, unable to extricate itself, in total rebellion against the intrusion of reality.

Reality also has intruded on the WEF. The ‘great thinkers’ of the WEF came up with an idea to transfer the ‘victim’ role to someone who could be a perpetual victim, never to be cured, and thus always to be used for control in their world domination plan. They tried to make the planet ‘trans’. They said that earth had ‘climate crisis disease’.

The WEF was having the collective FDIA that they are engineering focused on the ‘victim’ of Planet Earth.

It’s been a difficult swap. People just are not buying it. The number of committed FDIA enablers for ‘climate crisis’ is falling by the day.

People are just not buying into the WEF’s ‘crisis’ of climate. Sure, some media, and others, brainwashed or paid, still mouth the platitudes, and the true believer groups still glue themselves to roads, BUT, the trend is down, and the populace is expressing revulsion.

Climate Crisis as the next ‘victim’ mode of the FDIA from the mother WEF is just NOT happening.

All they have left is ‘trans’.

Trans ‘movement’ is failing now. The push back is here. Disease insurance codes are being brought up. A very bad sign for the ‘trans acceptance’ push by the WEF. They cannot have the engineered FDIA investigated. The WEF cannot have the trail of how they weaponized FDIA from the time of Mao’s Cultural Revolution against humanity exposed. They cannot have the [KM] involvement in the formation of the CCP exposed. The WEF cannot have the [KM] revealed as the global center of the ‘trans’ disease.

There are so many problems for the mother WEFfers in their Planetary Takeover Plot, but what is truly crushing to their social-mental engineering is to have it brought out that the FDIA ‘disease’, either ‘climate crisis’, or ‘trans crisis’, is not an actual disease, is in fact weaponized FDIA, and is not ‘organic’ in reality.

Revelations of the reality of FDIA being used against them are devastating to the ‘enabler’ class for the FDIA who acts as the ‘social enforcer’ in this psychodrama. It breaks the conditioning, and distorts the delusion.

It is for this reason that the social order victims of the weaponized FDIA must NOT have either the nature of the FDIA disease openly discussed, nor can they have ‘officialdom markers’ being applied to it. These markers are such things as the ICD-10 and other official designations that provide any form of proof, or support for the ‘trans’ being a disease of mind manipulation, not an ‘organic body’ disease. It breaks their conditioning.

The victims do freak out. They can, and many do, have psychotic breaks as a result of this revelation of their participation in the FDIA process. But they can recover.

Unlike the mother WEF. It cannot, and will not, recover from their failure of the Planetary Takeover Plot.

Of course, now, it’s all coming out as part of the 5GUW (5th generation unrestricted warfare). As this War becomes more active, more dynamic in the open, there is more exposure, and the WEF is standing there with its FDIA hanging out, flapping around limply like it’s watching a Zelensky dance in a G-string with his dick tucked!


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