“Significant Derailment” Hits Florida! Hazmat Crew Monitoring One Car with 30,000 Gallons of Propane ~ March 6, 2023


61,673 views Feb 28, 2023 #Derailment#Florida#News – According to Manatee County Emergency Medical Services, Hazmat crews are responding after a train came partially off the tracks in Manatee County on Tuesday morning.

In the 7200 block of 16 Street East, an industrial area north of Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, the train derailed and six train cars tipped over.

One of the cars contains about 30,000 gallons of propane, according to Bradenton Herald report. “There has been a pretty significant derailment,” Manatee County Commissioner announced during a public meeting on Tuesday.

“It will be multiple days before the tracks are cleared.” Thermal imaging shows no leaks as of noon, but hazmat crews are still monitoring. At this time, no evacuation orders have been issue

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