China & U.S. Involved with SARS-CoV-2 – March 5, 2023


Editor’s Note: Many thanks to E. For this article providing “details” for just why we, as a society, as well as personally, are experiencing whatever it is we are experiencing,

Great knowledge, yet how do we move beyond our current circumstances? Do we put our heads down, and just “settle in” until life be-comes lighter and brighter?

Hang on… there IS a way to improve your circumstances right now! (1) Believe in You and Love Who You Are, (2) Get Happy as e-motions of happiness raise your internal vibratory rate, causing those things which cause you happiness to manifest and show up!

We all unconsciously manifest, and thus create our lives as they are , yet manifestation (getting what you want) Is a signal of your own unrecognized potential cracking open the doors of your unlimited potential!

This is the true message of Trump through his message of Agenda 47 found here. Read below for “details” for how we got to where we are now (no other way), and learn how You really can learn a way to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


by Tironainae

BILL GATES CRIMES: U.S. patents show CDC ownership of Coronavirus. Both China and the U.S. involved in the creation of Wuhan SARS-CoV-2. Gates and CCP controlled WHO appoints criminal Tedros. CDC, FDA, CIA, NIH, Gates, Fauci, Baric, Rockefeller are all involved in Federal Crimes.

Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation paid Google, Facebook, Politico, Wikipedia, Fact Checkers in order to censor and control all the information.

The CIA has been using Operation Mockingbird for years and has over 3,000 agents implanted in Mainstream Media to control the population.

Event 201 was sponsored by Bill Gates, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (CIA) and the World Economic Forum to enforce a worldwide Pandemic response 5 months before the WHO fraudulently declared a global pandemic. It was a planned coordinated criminal effort worldwide.

In January 2017 Anthony Fauci said there will be a surprise virus outbreak before the end of 2020. Bill Gates in 2015 talked of a future pandemic and lied in April 2020 when he said they did not simulate or practice for a pandemic.

Klaus Schwab in his book Covid-19 The Great Reset shows Covid was the Trojan Horse to Reset the World according to the UN 2030 Agenda. Build Back Better slogan is a criminal coordinated effort to remove human rights and institute a one world government.

Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation bribes the WHO, NIH, NIAID, CDC, FDA, Medical Schools and Journals to control the health industry and public health policy.

WHO Chief Tedros involved in genocide killing and torture in Ethiopia. Tedros is a known member of the communist party. He is Beijing’s and Bill Gates puppet. As a Health Minister he was accused of covering up three Cholera Epidemics and committing crimes against humanity. The CCP and Bill Gates helped put Tedros in charge of the WHO.

John D. Rockefeller over 100 years ago seized the U.S. Media and took control over public health using toxic petroleum based drugs for profit and controlled the American Medical Association blacklisting and expelling any doctors who practiced natural medicine.

Rockefeller’s poison injections and medicines started causing cancer in early years and to cover it up formed the American Cancer Society. Medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death in America.

Bill Gates used India and Africa as guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies to make a financial killing while killing a lot of people in the process including killing innocent children and babies with vaccines. Bill Gates controls GAVI The Vaccine Alliance to vaccinate the world with his poisons.

National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200 Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests December 10, 1974 (THE KISSINGER REPORT) shows the intention of governments to reduce the population.

Bill Gates is one of the key funders in the Stratosphere experiment to block out the sun for Climate Change by releasing poisons in the air. Environmental Scientist call it global genocide experiment. Gates has invested over one billion dollars in the Earth Now Global Surveillance project to launch hundreds of satellites to monitor people everywhere 24/7 a day.

In partnership with MIT Bill Gates has developed a new technology that allows vaccines to be injected under your skin along with your medical records. Bill Gates Gates funded genetically modified mosquitoes released in the USA to allow human immunization by means of mosquito bites “Flying Syringes.”

Bill Gates had business dealings and a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child sex criminal. Why would he choose to partner with the world’s most notorious pedophile? To Blackmail?

Bill Gates is the top financial donor of the WHO and CDC. No one person has more power than Gates to influence and control the health and medical freedom of all people. Bill Gates and all mRNA Vaccines must be stopped. This is a global genocide experiment and a takeover of the world.

Folks, this is not hyperbole, we are under psychological attack.

There is a coordinated effort by Deep State actors to hijack the narrative surrounding the covid origins, in an attempt to derail the public from finding out the full breadth of criminality.

They are attempting a “Limited Hangout”. ABSOLUTE MUST READ THREAD!

Note to Readers:

Bill Gates was (and I repeat, was) a puppet for the Deep State military-industrial complex, the [DS] U.S. military and afilitated corporations whose leaders were intent in playing out a scenario long in the planning by the elite.

Currently, the DS is attempting to distract the public from the realization the United States was heavily involved in a nefarious plot to kill its own citizens.

As they have done in the past, the DS is attempting to place the blame for their depopulation plan on “an enemy”, with two motivations: 1) deflect the blame from themselves, and 2) create a war with “China”… the WWIII they still desire to create in order to make billions supplying both sides and depopulating the war zones… Another third motivation exists which is worst… by creating chaos and destruction, the DS can kidnap children, destroy population centers, their enemies, and harvest organs and blood… Yes, folks these people are really sick psychopaths, without an ounce of compassion in those overly fed bodies of theirs.

The military White Hat alliance brought in Trump to act as their point man to prevent such a scenario from playing out to the degree desired by the DS, yet had to allow these dark players enough leeway to commit crimes that would result in being tried and executed for crimes against humanity.

First, the military alliance had to determine and draw out all of the moles, spies, double and triple agents, all government officials and elected officials to see where they stood on issues, whether they were being bribed, blackmailed, threatened, or just going along with the “official” narrative as presented by Mockingbird MSM.

The loss of life could not be prevented, although few people died as a result. The Democrats wanted to shut down the entire nation, all small businesses, and force through mandatory vaccinations… then, force those who refused to comply into camps where they were probably be executed or brainwashed. There were a lot of scenarios written in the playbook.

If “she” had won in 2016, we would have been plunged into a pandemic and nuclear war scenario, most Americans would be dead, and the elite hiding out in plush underground cities to wait out the resulting nuclear summer.

You’re still alive… embrace change. It’s coming whether you like it or not.



2 thoughts on “China & U.S. Involved with SARS-CoV-2 – March 5, 2023

  1. Excellent article & commentary!
    Be smart, be saavy, & question all authority figures & their b.s.!


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