When Sigma is Threatened – March 4, 2023


Editor’s Note: (Many thanks to E. For this sharing!) How to “react” to your present circumstances? Well…using your physical strength (violence, anyone?) is NOT going to be effective anymore.

However, now (no other way) IS the moment to sit back, survey your own situation, intend what you prefer, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


When Sigma is Threatened

Wise Thinker

Nobody likes to be threatened. Threats are a sign of potential aggression and are not something some people take lightly. Sigma males are calm and gentle and always try to avoid any conflicts.

They’re always quiet and don’t attack anyone unprovoked. Even when provoked, sigma males don’t go around shouting or throwing fists just because they want to scare people. They are not the kind of people that wish for trouble, but this doesn’t mean that they’ll back down when threatened.

They stand their ground no matter what happens and are not the kind of people you want to threaten. They’re bold and confident enough to face anyone.

James Gilliland:

Star nations told me i am here to deliver a message and your supposed to tell me what it is. Very few will get this…

Quiet warriors. Men, are you a Sigma Male?

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