X22 Report – New Narrative Prepared! Deep State Crimes Are Being Exposed! Panic In DC! Time To Reveal More! ~ March 3, 2023


Ep 3010a – Economic Agenda 47 Is Now Gaining Momentum, It’s Time To Turn It All Around

The [WEF]/[CB] are pushing their agenda and the people are going to see that their plan is not for them. At same time Trump will be showing the people Agenda 47 and people will see that this plan will benefit the people. The globalist system is imploding on itself.


Ep. 3010b – New Narrative Prepared, [DS] Crimes Are Being Exposed, Panic In DC, Time To Reveal More

The [DS] is panicking, the number of investigation going on right now is off the charts. The crimes are being exposed and the panic is building. The [DS] is planning on a narrative change, they are now exiting the covid narrative and moving into their next event. The patriots are about to reveal more information which will wake the people up like never before.

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