FULL UPDATE – Ben Fulford – China calls for the end of WWIII, February 27, 2023 ~ posted March 3, 2023


Editor’s Note: please read the first portion of Fulford’s weekly report above, while the “second-half” is shown below. You also may want to explore the links provided by Benjamin at this end of his blog below. The Earth is witnessing Lots of changes due partially to Lots of new information released this month. Although many may wonder at the ultimate outcome from all of this chaotic scene, please KNOW that we are all soon to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Also, Riccardo Bosi, a former lieutenant colonel in the Australian Army Special Forces, tells us that the war is actually being waged against the Khazarian mafia.

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We also know the KM built an extensive network of bases in the Southern Hemisphere in preparation for their planned nuclear Armageddon. In other words, it may have been a Western white hat operation against a KM base in New Zealand and not a Chinese operation.

In any case, there can be no doubt the Rockefeller and KM-controlled UN needs to be dealt with and their plans stopped. The WHO is still pushing the fake pandemic as an excuse for complete totalitarian rule.

There are also “plans to block food supplies and replace them with insect products. Factories have been built for insects that feed on feces, waste and harmful molds. They will be ground or added live to food without labeling…all for depopulation,” Polish intelligence sources warn. David Rockefeller Jr. has publicly said he is promoting insect food and is making factories for such food in the Philippines.

Also, it now turns out Bill Gates’ lab-grown meat causes cancer in humans who consume it, according to a disturbing new study. “The problem is that the materials used to make the product – ‘immortalized cell lines’ – replicate forever, just like cancer.

We are also now finding out that “you will own nothing and be happy” Klaus Schwab is a descendant of Karl Marx. Marx in turn is from an ancient Satanic bloodline.

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The Satanism is now completely out of the closet. Here you can see Satan being publicly paraded at the Carnival in Satanist Lula’s Brazil as an example.

As Archbishop Carlo Vigano recently noted:

In the name of the globalist religion, it is not allowed to contest the psycho-pandemic, criticize the vaccination campaign, argue the groundlessness of climate alarms, oppose the evidence of NATO’s provocation of the Russian Federation with the Ukrainian crisis, ask for investigations into Hunter Biden’s laptop or the electoral fraud that prevented President Trump from remaining in the White House, or refuse to stand by as children are corrupted with LGBTQ obscenities…Satan worshippers to erect a blasphemous monument to Baphomet in front of the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock or a statue of a demon on the façade of the New York Courthouse to celebrate an abortionist Supreme Court judge; while in New Mexico the Satanic Temple inaugurates a clinic that performs ritual abortions and benefits from state recognition.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service of the Biden Administration has nothing better to do than profile traditional Catholics as if they represented a threat to the established order

Vigano is also saying on the record John Podesta, a son of Laurence Rockefeller, “himself led the coordinated action that led to the resignation of Benedict XVI and the election of Bergoglio.”

The original Pope Francis went off the reservation though and has now been replaced by a rubber-masked Rockefeller lackey.

Another lackey is the widely despised Justin Castrudeau. Trudeau wants MPs to take an oath of secrecy before viewing COVID vaccine contracts with Rockefeller-controlled vaccine manufacturers AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Medicago, Moderna, Novavax, Pfizer and Sanofi.

Trudeau is a criminal pedophile traitor to Canada who profits off of big pharma death jabs and wants to enslave each and every one of us through digital ID.


Here you can watch what Canadians think of him.

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Maybe these MPs could also ask Trudeau about all the missing kids in Canada and their connection with adrenochrome manufacturing while they are at it. If you still don’t believe in adrenochrome, check out this patent from 1982 from the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation (3M) for manufacturing it.


In a possibly related move, US Judge Julie Sneed ruled that Scientology leader David Miscavige “is actively concealing his whereabouts” as he faces human trafficking charges


“This will open a pandora’s box,” a CIA source says. 

In any case, following the failure of its vaccine and pandemic money laundering scheme in places like Canada, the US Corporation is now stealing Russian money.

An NSA source says “The US has used $1.14 trillion of seized Russian assets as collateral to leverage 1000 times over to borrow $1,300 trillion from the Swiss Federal Reserve Bank. The Swiss were ordered to lend this money by the Federal Reserve System, which in turn was ordered to do this by the Biden Administration…They seize assets and borrow against these assets to keep the US Corporation .. and their wars .. going.”

“Western countries are facing existentialist issues…and are facing an urgent necessity to replenish essential resources that have been lost as a result of the anti-Russia line,” Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov commented.


In the US, these same criminals “spill chemicals, seize the contaminated farms, freeze the assets, place assets in Switzerland and borrow on them to keep the US Empire afloat,” the NSA source continues.

Now we know why environmental scientists heading to Ohio were killed in a plane crash. Everyone on the plane, including the pilot, worked at the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, and were en route to a fatal explosion that occurred earlier this week at a Bedford, Ohio metal manufacturing plant.


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Apparently, the US Corporation didn’t want the fake contamination and related asset seizures to be exposed.

The Russians also caught the US Corporation once again trying to stage a massive radioactive contamination event in Ukraine. The Russian military informed the world community that:

“Several containers with radioactive substances were delivered to Ukraine via Europe without passing through customs inspection. The plan was to stage a contamination event close to one of the radiation-hazardous facilities controlled by the Kyiv regime and blame it on the Russian Armed Forces.”

The US Corporation is also continuing its money laundering in Ukraine. Polish intelligence reports Military units in Ukraine are being sent “cartridges and ammunition that are useless for operation. More than half of them are covered with corrosion.”

In other words, they are buying obsolete military junk at high prices in order to launder Ukrainian aid money to themselves.

They are also killing many of their flunkies in an apparent attempt to seize their money as well. That may be why the death of a Clinton (Rockefeller) aid with Epstein ties was ruled a suicide despite the fact he was tied to a tree, shot in the chest and no gun was found at the scene.


The US military looks like it is finally going to do something about this. The journalist Seymour Hersh -whose exposes are usually followed by military white hat clean-ups- now says US President Joe Biden basically “blew off NATO in Europe” by telling allies that he is backing Ukraine with its “totally corrupt government.” The journalist also said Kyiv glorifies Stepan Bandera, “the great pro-Nazi who killed Jews like crazy during World War II.”


In a clear sign, the Biden show does not have US military support “Biden did not dare to visit Kyiv without warning Russia and without asking the Russian side to ensure his safety,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. She added “the US leader’s visit …resembled a failed stage of in a provincial theater.”


She was not kidding, as Zelensky appeared together with a body double during a live broadcast. This put to question the reality of his heroic visits to the Bakhmut and Kherson warzones. The former actor/comedian’s several performances before the green screen don’t leave us with too many doubts.

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CIA sources tell us “the CGI avatar Zelensky is in danger. He is going to disappear soon. A cover story for his exit is being prepared now.” 

Biden will no doubt follow soon after. Biden was caught on a hot mic in Poland after commenting on 3 UFOs shot down…

Biden: “You think any of these guys bought that bullshit?”

Aide: “Totally”

Biden: “They’ll buy anything…Let’s get outta here.”

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With that, let us look at the latest project Bluebeam visuals.

1. Bird ”frozen in the air,” in Vancouver, Canada

2. A Delta SSP ship 

Video Player



3. UFOs over Palm Springs, California January 31, 2023

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4. A SSP craft over Nevada, USA

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5. A UFO over Japan 

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6 . A pyramid-shaped UFO over Mexico

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How about getting Laurence Spelman Rockefeller to testify about all this? Maybe we can find out what really happened to all the missing trillions of dollars from the US defense budget. If that money went to buying flying saucers, those are the property of the tax-payers and must be handed over to them.

Not sure how to make sense of this? Want to learn how to discern like a pro? Read this essential guide to discernment, analysis of claims, and understanding the truth in a world of deception: 4 Key Steps of Discernment – Advanced Truth-Seeking Tools.



2 thoughts on “FULL UPDATE – Ben Fulford – China calls for the end of WWIII, February 27, 2023 ~ posted March 3, 2023

  1. I’ve seen 3 “UFOs” since Fall. Know that they do not want to be seen, they are always cloaked by clouds. Listen to the booms that resemble thunder when there’s no rain….


    1. Yep, I rather enjoy seeing the circulating colors many describe as the planet Venus, actually “New Jerusalem” parked in front of the Venus location! “Stars that sparkle are not stars! 😊🌹


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