Waking Up to the Reality of Our 3D World – March 2, 2023


In this Great Awakening shift, everyone is waking up at their own pace and operating at their current attained state of consciousness. While I Love sharing and exploring new heightened levels of ideas and quantum consciousness with my Cosmic Light Family, I also find myself speaking to those that are just waking up or in need of clear guidance.

In quantum matter, we as humans are all genetic codes and our events in life are source codes, which means we live by ONE big Supreme Code. This also means we are all the same matter. It’s our ego along with modern culture that keeps us separated and divided.

Many still ask me what is a 3D human?

This is a multi-layer answer. In the quantum realm, 3D is a 3rd density or dimensional reality. The full spectrum of reality exists as multidimensional. In our 3D reality, light and sound only makes up about 1% of the full spectrum reality. The vast rest of the whole reality is unseen or heard by 3D humans.

3D is also what we experience in the physical world — via sight, sound, taste, touch & feel. Non-physical elements such as spirituality, intuition, paranormal, etc are often misunderstood or even feared because many simply do not understand it.

3D also means the corporate matrix world or ‘commercially-produced’ lifestyle. These 3D humans have been totally submerged by the Rockefeller ‘indoctrination disguised as an education’ system, acquiescing to corrupt governments and politicians, seeking to thrive in the corporate workforce, chase and worship a false fiat monetary currency, following or idolizing corporate-produced entertainment, celebrities and culture, absorbs commercial media and information, indulge in technology even if it’s harmful, use luxury corporate products and brands for status, consuming corporate-processed gmo foods and when they get sick from that, they go to the medical industrial complex for help.

Sovereign humans give up their sovereignty and become a bot or android when they are unable to reprogram themselves. This includes their taste in food or vices, general likes and dislikes, their pet peeves, the ego defense, the groups and labels  they identify with, and most of all their installed belief system.

When a human is unable to control SELF, or when a trigger happens or someone pushes their button, they will eventually become an installed background character in the corporate matrix — a non-player character, also known as a NPC. This is an egoic slave way of life. This is what the matrix wants humans to be — programmable and controllable trans-humanoid bots that can be deleted at any given time.

3D situations will only exist as long as they are energetically fed. The material world we see and experience in our physical senses is the reality from the spiritual world being interpreted and viewed through the limited awareness of a 3rd dimensional consciousness that consists of concepts and beliefs in duality and separation.

Truth is infinite. All 3rd dimensional situations are temporary and many have reached a readiness to leave behind the things that may be holding them in bondage. Let it go because you are ready to be free.

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What is a 3D human?




Blackout comms in Argentina — I’m hearing its about 20 million folks without power. 🚨👀🚨

Massive power cut plunges Argentina into dark for hours

Argentina power line fire sparks huge blackout amid heat wave




Higher Energy continues to flow hard! Be in your own Energy. Do not dilute or pollute it with others, especially with others you are unfamiliar with. Learn to cultivate your own Energy.

Do not live in other Energies & Truths before truly attaining the consciousness of it for you may be disappointed & question what you have learned — believing that it really wasn’t true & doesn’t work.

The first step is to recognize that outer appearances as illusion & that 3-dimensional mind interpretations of reality have no law to support or maintain them. Next is to embrace what really is true through acknowledging the ONE ALL Creator — Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient SOURCE GOD as the only cause & therefore the only effect.

These steps gradually create for YOU a Holy Place, a Holy State of Consciousness) in which your Christ can & will eventually be birth within. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨



HAPPY THURSDAY TRIGGER! This is such a sensitive topic — such an engrained deep old program. 💥👀💥

Many folks talk about detoxing while sipping on their wine with their pinky finger up like nothing’s wrong. Meanwhile the alcohol & negative spirit entities are slowly tearing their body up, wrecking their lives & confusing them about it — just like an injured vaq patient that can’t figure out why their health is in such horrid conditions. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

Yes alcohol is the slipperiest’s slope down the lower timelines. 💯

Are Wines TOXIC? – FSL Modern | Finding Success in Life for the Modern Woman

Roundup’s Toxic Chemical Glyphosate, Found In 100% Of California Wines Tested

Pesticides residue levels in wine


I Just Found Out Most Wine Is Full of Chemicals—Here’s What You Need to Know


Toxins in Wine: What You Need to Know – The Purist

Jeers! Hazardous levels of metals found in wines


Fluoride Content in Alcoholic Drinks


3 Common Sources of Fluoride You Might Not Know About


Top 10 Foods and Drinks Highest in Fluoride…


Study of Wine’s Heavy Metal Hazard Raises Doubts Among Other Experts


The Spiritual Consequences of Alcohol Consumption




Alcohol has definitely been an influence on me over the years. Especially in my early 20s. Even knowing about “body eating spirit” being the meaning of alcohol, I still would engage for social purposes. This is an extremely difficult substance to get away from since its so embedded into our social culture. It’s going to be interesting to see if it even exist once the world finally turns over…


Kale drops another trigger — The SPIRITUAL TRUTH ON ALCOHOL! 🚫👀🚫

The Spiritual Consequences of Alcohol Consumption




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