Even More Telegram Tonight – March 2, 2023


Volodymyr Yellensky


Trump is back!





What the fuck is this?


11:11pm est


Let’s call this “somatics”…

Most people don’t understand just how advanced the pipe organ really is

It’s a waveform synthesizer

and if you notice how the cathedral is built with unique and perfect geometry….this is by design.

When the pipe organ emits the sound waves into the cathedral

it acts as a Resonance Chamber.

The vibrations it creates changes the DNA and the human body.

Some people have reported having “out of body experiences”

“spiritual experiences” as well as spontaneous healings.

You may notice the Knights Templar cross symbolism all throughout many cathedrals as the order of Solomon Temple, the Knights Templar or simply the Templars, was a Catholic military order. One of the most wealthy and popular military orders in Western Christianity. They were grandfathered into secret teachings occult knowledge and esoteric wisdom.

The pipe organ was technology that they wanted to own and control as its profound effects left people in awe. The builders of the cathedrals were MASTERS of sound and frequency on such a level that people of today in the 21st don’t even come close to comprehending it’s significance.





JUST NOW: Dallas, Texas right now during this heavy storm.


Which way is the Moon shaded/lit tonight?

Is it the same way it’s been shaded/lit all week?

What was all that uproar about the moon being lit from the bottom…How did it fix itself?

Timeline jump? Galactic interference? Illusions? Fucking with us?

Stranger than fiction.


A display of the unlimited energy above us from a mountain in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦



What’s ours in the US?



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