Powerful Light – March 1, 2023


Editor’s Note: What the heck? March coming in like a lion? Many, many are feeling off-center with aches/pains which are not normal.Even more alarming, folks are hyper-emotional, hyper-sensitive, and operating in moods/modes “not normal”.

These are the effects from the higher frequencies of energy which are coating the Earth, on which we live. Observe as those with lower-based energies (the dark) begin to thrash about in discomfort as light frequencies embrace all with a gentle hug-of-love!

What’s the best way to deal with these higher energies? Oddly, dark disappears in the presence of light, so…BE happy, get joyful! Bring a happy experience or imagine a happy experience, and you will counteract personal disruption, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!

Kat istheSea3

01 March, 01:10
⚔️ March came in literally like a Double Sword
with the most POWERFUL LIGHT of the Year
70 hz’s

⚔️ Possible Symptoms During LIGHT spikes
Vertigo, Nausea, Sleep disturbances
Muscle & joint pain, Heart palpitations,
Sensitivity to Light, Tinnitus,
Changes to smell, taste & digestive issues
Emotional roller coastering



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