Cosmic Frequency News – March Arrives – Dr Schavi ~ March 1, 2023


As March begins, there have been 127 earthquakes in the past 24 hours with a very strong “6.5” magnitude occurring in New Guinea—the strength probably due to the powerful constantly surging “M-Class” flares of recent previous days—especially those of yesterday—with whopping solar winds pushing them forward traveling in the 700s and 800s km/s.

This morning at 0727 Universal Time (UT), solar winds have reduced to 595.5 km/s, and only a “C.2-Class” solar flare has occurred.

The magnetosphere is still, however, being pressured by plasma particles, and much of the pressure is coming into the far side of our planet, and some pressure is still on the Sun-facing side.

However, even with the seemingly lowered winds and flares early on this March 1st, our Sun is still showing a beta-gamma-delta energy for “X-Class” flares possibly to emerge from a sunspot numbered “AR 3234”.

Sunspot AR 3234

Thus far, the KP Index is rated as “Unsettled”.

In summation of all of this, solar energetics are still elevated relative to the solar winds (but not as high as they have been), magnetosphere particle pressure is still occurring (but not as profoudly) , solar flaring is low, but the number of quakes (with the strong one in New Guinea) is up.

We know that a day can begin one way and by afternoon or evening be completely different.

Plus, we realize that the technological tools used to relay information about cosmic happenings gives us a good general idea of the “dancing” in space, but they cannot give us the absolute knowledge of the “choreography”.

For instance, for a long while, the “Schumann Resonance” (SR) chart (“Power” reading) has been in the single and double digits such as “7” or “14”, etc.

These numbers are far too low with all of the powerful situations happening on our Sun and on Earth/Gaia and throughout our solar system.

When the devastating quake of “7.8” magnitude almost totally destroyed Turkey and Syria on February 4th, for example, our planet’s tectonic plates were clashing and thrashing so powerfully—with “side effects” happening around the globe in terms of strong weather patterns—that the SR reading was probably in the thousands!

Most people who have any understanding of such charts believe in two scenarios: 1.) The Energy in the cosmos is too powerful to be fully analyzed by mankind’s technology, or 2.) The chart numbers have been purposefully turned-down somewhat like a person turning down the numbers on a car’s speedometer to make it seem as if the car was not traveling as fast as it actually was or turning down the mileage rating to suggest that the vehicle has not traveled much.

If the number ratings on the SR chart are being calculated in a different manner or method than years ago, this should be published.

For example, maybe a double digit rating is very powerful to those who are now monitoring the SR chart, and we are wrong to think that a level, for instance, of “14” is low. Maybe “14” is immensely potent now.

All of the debates on chart accuracy indicate that while we are indeed trying to figure out how the technology is working, the cosmos is going ahead and exhibiting its power, and our HIGHER SELVES are the true “charts”.

We “know” when cosmic energy is strong and when flares, winds, etc. are heightened.

Inner Guidance

Our physical vessel’s magnetite particles, our emotional sensations, and our consciousness “registers” the happenings. The technological devices give us a general confirmation of what we knew (and know currently) all along.

Even some of our nightly dreams or daily open visions give us vital information of current or upcoming events.

Also, information is coming to Earth/Gaia from other galaxies and universes.

Yet, there are many people who believe that speaking of extra-terrestrial life forms is delusional.

However, respected Astronauts (USA term) and Cosmonauts (Russian term) have reported about them, and ancient texts that are now being studied by many scientists (some of the mainstream orientation) reveal their existence.

One thing is certain that almost everyone on our planet agrees with: There are changes occurring in this realm that are astounding, amazing, and incapable of being fully explained by mankind—regardless of our prestigious university degrees and educational awards.

We can, however, tune into SOURCE FREQUENCY (SF) for guidance via our prayers and meditations which is constantly suggested.

Why so much emphasis on the “SF Station”? Because it is the true “channel” of creation and the only one without “static”.


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