Are These Days Past? Comfortably Numb… ~ March 1, 2023


Schumann Resonance Today

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

As You Have Learned The Importance Of Feeling Joy Daily, I Hope I Have Made It Clear To You That Dancing Always Raises Your Vibrational Frequency And Music Provides Sound Vibration That Will Transmit Emotions And Open Your Heart To The Experience Of Great Joy!


In Sheen, The Importance Of Your Vibrational Frequency Will Continue And You Will Discover A Million Ways To Maintain A High Vibration As You Live Each Moment!

Sound Will Emerge As An Interesting Field To Explore By Many On The New Earth!

Without The Toxins Of What You Know Now From Big Pharma, You Will Be Free With Perfect Health And Peace Of Mind!

Dancing Brings The Body Into Perfect Rhythm And The Physical Form Thrives With Movement!

How Many Times Have You Felt Down And Turned On Music And Everything Feels Different!

Emotional Health Is The Key To The Maintenance Of Physical Form In An Optimum State Of Vibrancy!


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