An INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL OBLIGATION LIEN (INDICTMENT) has been filed – Breaking News!!! ~ March 1, 2023


Posted on October 25, 2015by David RobinsonAn INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL OBLIGATION LIEN (INDICTMENT) has been filed against theAMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION (A.B.A.), the INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION (I.B.A.), and theUNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (D.O.J.), by a multitude of Lien Claimants in violation of 15USC 1 & 2 for a total monetary penalty of SIX-HUNDRED MILLION ($600,000,000.) US GOLDDOLLARS EACH, alleging that, since “fraud vitiates all contracts”, ALL commercial contracts, including,but NOT limited to, ALL unlawful sentences & incarcerations of political prisoners (i.e.; imprisonedI.R.S. Lien Debtors, non-criminal offenders), wherein, such commercial contracts were all conceived infraud, and lacking any moral & ethical character are in direct conflict with Natural Law & CommercialLaw, and thus, every A.B.A “contract” since 1882, whether verbal, or written, including, but not limitedto all Judicial Oath’s of Office, falsely sworn to, and fraudulently securitized, monetized, andcommercialized, are Null & Void, ab initio.They have been given NINETY (90) DAYS in which to answer the ALLEGATIONS against them. Failureto do so will result in an immediate “Asset Forfeiture & Seizure” of “Accounts Payable” of TWO-HUNDRED-SEVENTY-NINE TRILLION ($279,000,000,000,000.) US GOLD DOLLARS currently held bythe A.B.A. and the I.B.A. — and the Secured Parties’ Right to take possession after default.PROOF OF ALLEGATIONS:1. The “PROOF OF ALLEGATIONS” lies directly at the feet of the individual Officers & Crew of theA.B.A., the I.B.A., and the D.O.J., i.e.; their Administrators, Executives, Officers, Directors,Employees, Agents, and Contractors, and with their honor, willingness, and their ability, to respond,protest, argue, or rebut the allegations made, herein, point-by-point, and article-by-article, under anAffidavit of Truth, under sworn Oath, and under the Penalty of Perjury.2. It is anticipated & expected, that these individual members & contractors of the A.B.A., the I.B.A.,and the D.O.J., rather than admit to their crimes against humanity, in-writing, will choose to go silent,or simply invoke the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, which, again, is NOT open to ANYA.B.A., I.B.A., or D.O.J. member, agent, contractor, or employee.3. Their acquiescence, or silence, will then, under the weight of Commercial Law & Natural Law, resultin their waiving all of their corporate, public, private, and individual rights & immunities, as per 28 USC#455, and they will, also, be attesting 1) to their acceptance & agreement to all allegations made, 2)to accept all fines, fees, penalties & punishments they are deserving of, and entitled to, underCommon Law, the Law of Merchants, International Law, Commercial Law, Natural Law, and 3) to haveviolated their very own corporate laws & self engineered codifications, which are grounds for theimmediate dissolution of their corporate charters.LEDGERING AND TRUE BILL:1. The ledger for this “TRUE BILL” is based on the Truth, the whole Truth, nothing but the Truth, andupon the MONETARY FACE VALUE of TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE TRILLION($279,000,000,000,000.) US GOLD DOLLARS retrievable from stolen & pirated properties & assets,pursuant 12 USC #411, believed to be of record, and all properties & assets suspected of being hiddenin privatized off shore properties & accounts by various individuals & members the AMERICAN BARASSOCIATION, and the INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION.2. These stolen & pirated “assets” and “properties” will be confirmed & verified by a People’s open,complete & independent audit of the Federal Reserve Bank, and an audit of the International MonetaryFund (IMF).3. This “TRUE BILL” is, also, set against the MAXIMUM PUBLIC HAZARD BONDS/INSURANCES held bythe A.B.A.‘s, and the I.B.A.’s Bonding Companies, whether “in-house,” or “independent,” for all ofthese Entities, Agents, and Individuals, including, but NOT limited to, the individual Lien Debtors listedabove.4. As a Commercial Instrument, this “TRUE BILL” has an S.E.C. Tracer Number of #2640220, which isthe Reception No.# assigned by the Mesa County Colorado Deputy Clerk & Recorder, Brandy Emow,for the filing of the fraudulent, fictitious, and fabricated Oath of Office signed by Colorado’s 21stJudicial District Crown Administrative Clerks, Craig P. Henderson, and David A. Bottger, and witnessedby Sandra Casselberry, the Judicial Administrator for Mesa County, Colorado.5. This S.E.C. Tracer Number of #2640220 is a “commercial securities tag,” and is but a single Exhibit,out of thousands, of the prima facie evidence of the A.B.A.‘s conspiracy to commit sedition, piracy, andcommercial fraud, against the Lien Claimants, and against the American people, wherein, any suchOath “prescribed, given, taken,” commercially securitized & monetized, was, and is, a “solemnmockery,” and “equally a crime,” according to the Crown’s very own Supreme Court ruling by USSupreme Court Chief Justice, John Marshal, in 1803.6. This S.E.C. Tracer Number of #2640220, as related to this Commercial Obligation Lien, may beused as form of identification for any & all “Witnesses,” “Crime Victims,” and/or “injured parties,” whenasked for identification by any A.B.A., I.B.A., or D.O.J. contractor, or revenue/tax collector(“Pulbicanus”), (ie; I.R.S. Agent, H.L.S. Agent, F.B.I. Agent, C.I.A. Agent, Sheriff, Sheriff Deputy,Police Officer, etc.).7. All such “Crown Contractors” are, under the terms & conditions of this International CommercialObligation Lien/Agricultural Lien/Writ of Injunction & Restraint/Cease & Desist Order, prohibited fromengaging with, detaining, arresting, incarcerating, harassing, coercing, or intimidating, any “Witness,”“Crime Victim,” a.k.a. “any Living Being,” or citing same under any revenue-bearing statute, code,rule, ordinance, or any other “color of law” infraction, providing the Living Being has NOT harmed orinjured another Living Being. [Corporations CANNOT be injured! Only Living Beings can be injured!]Without an “injury,” there can be NO crime, and NOWHERE can these revenue-bearing statutesadhere, and no “false presumptions of a crime” shall be made, authorized, or enforced!8. Any encroachments, or violations, upon the terms & conditions stated above by any “Crown Officer,”“Crown Agent,” or “Crown Contractor,” will result in additional 15 USC penalties being levied upon thecorporate, personal, and private properties & assets of these individual “Officers,” “Agents,” or“Contractors,” while operating privately, or in their “corporate capacities.”9. This S.E.C. Tracer Number of #2640220, however, and wherever, presented, will serve as thePeople’s Rescission of Consent, and as fair, proper, and lawful notice to CEASE & DESIST with any & allcriminal aggressions, trespasses, and transgressions, while operating on the Land, and/or under the‘presumed & alleged’ jurisdiction, power, or authority of the Military/Admiralty Flag of the CrownTemplar.SURETY & CERTIFICATION:The Sureties & Certifications of, and for, any & all Corporate, Public, Personal, or Private Accounts,Bonds, Securities, Profits, Proceeds, Fixtures, Chattels, and Assets owned/managed by ANY individualoperating within the jurisdiction, or control, of the A.B.A., the I.B.A., the D.O.J., or their, “in-house,”Bonding Companies, under the indirect, or direct control of the A.B.A., or the I.B.A., their Nation/Statefranchises, Inns of the Court, The Federal Reserve Banking System, or The International MonetaryFund (IMF) for these Entities, Agents and Individuals, are all considered forfeitable assets, and as“debt obligations” to the Lien Claimants, their assigns, and/or their heirs. As such, the Lien Debtorsare lawfully responsible for producing, upon this commercial demand, these Sureties, Accounts,Financial Statements, and all Certificates of Liability & Indenture.ENFORCEMENT:1. The Affiants & Lien Claimants, without prejudice, and Reserving All Rights, declares this CommercialObligation Lien to be self-effecting, self-evident, and self-enforcing, noting that the US MarshalService, is now lawfully restored to the People’s Executive Branch of the Continental united States ofAmerica, and they are no longer contractually obligated to the A.B.A.’s subsidiary corporation of theDepartment of Justice,both of which, are, hereby, dissolved for by the People for cause, and by necessity.2. The US Marshal Service, a Constitutional Law Enforcement Agency, and NO LONGER a “LegalEnforcement Agency,” in the State of Illinois, and elsewhere throughout the 50 States, Washington,D.C., and their 94 government offices, will be tasked & charged with executing the seizing, freezing,and recovery of all the A.B.A.’s, and the I.B.A.’s corporate, public, personal, and private properties,found upon the Land, at sea, or found to be held by any & all individuals operating under the A.B.A., orthe I.B.A., until such time, as it is determined that the full face amount of this Commercial ObligationLien can be satisfied, and that all other Claims for Remedy made, herein, are unconditionally satisfiedin full.3. The US Marshals, having been given the preponderance of evidence, and probable causes stated,herein, that crimes have been committed, and that, crimes are being committed, shall under their ownauthority, jurisdiction, and powers, as dejure Marshals & Sheriffs, commence, IMMEDIATELY, withserving Notice of this Writ of Injunction & Restraint/Cease & Desist, without the need of a court order,or warrant, as is their privilege, duty, and obligation, under Law.4. On the NINETY-FIRST (91st) DAY after receipt of this Lien, the US Marshals & Interpol, are tocommence, at once, with the freezing, forfeiture, and seizing, of all corporate, personal, public,private, and individual properties, accounts, and assets, known to be in the possession of, or undercontrol of, the A.B.A., I.B.A., D.O.J., and/or any & all of their corporate contractors, however related.5. Fair compensation shall be made for the anticipated expenses & services rendered by these agents,and for their abiding by their own Oaths of Office ( US Marshal Service & Interpol will receive TWENTY(20%) of the recovered assets, and these fundswill be divided equally. A Promissory Note shall be tendered to the dejure United States Treasury, andearmarked to the US Marsha Service & Interpol in this amount. The full face amount of the PromissoryNote will be made payable to the US Marshal Service & Interpol immediately upon the successfulrecovery, reclamation, and return, of the Lien Claimant’s “Accounts Receivables.”6. Should it ever be misconstrued, or misrepresented, that this Promissory Note, and/or paymentsmade to the US Marshal Service & Interpol, is some form of bribery, the Lien Claimants shall argue &deny same, and declare these funds lawful & appropriate compensation for the tasks & expenses theUS Marshals & Interpol are tasked & charged with. These funds constitute stolen & pirated properties &assets of the American people, and these compensations are to be considered “bounties,” “prizes,” and“rewards” for honest service by the people’s law enforcement agencies & agents.AFFIDAVIT OF COMMERCIAL LIEN-ABA EXECUTIVES


One thought on “An INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL OBLIGATION LIEN (INDICTMENT) has been filed – Breaking News!!! ~ March 1, 2023

  1. Luke 11:45-52

    One of the lawyers *said to Him in reply, “Teacher, when You say this, You insult us too.” But He said, “Woe to you lawyers as well! For you weigh men down with burdens hard to bear, while you yourselves will not even touch the burdens with one of your fingers. Woe to you! For you build the tombs of the prophets, and it was your fathers who killed more.
    So you are witnesses and approve the deeds of your fathers; because it was they who killed them, and you build their tombs. For this reason also the wisdom of God said, ‘I will send to them prophets and apostles, and some of them they will kill and some they will persecute, so that the blood of all the prophets, shed since the foundation of the world, may be charged against this generation, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who was killed between the altar and the house of God; yes, I tell you, it shall be charged against this generation.’ Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge; you yourselves did not enter, and you hindered those who were entering.”



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