South Africa Has Collapsed; US Embassy Warning Americans “Prep” with Food, Water, Medicines . . . ~ February 28, 2023


Editor’s Note: “Boots” on the ground are reporting not-frequent power outages, otherwise…no real issues. Are we being bombarded with “truth”? The accuracy for this report is not known, yet we all need to be aware (sit-rep) in order to make personal wise decisions. Might be a good time to stock on food/water/ meds/etc. regardless of your location on this Earth, allowing you to “in-all-ways” and “at-all-times”, to BE in…

South Africa has collapsed. The US embassy is now informing international travelers to stock up (prepper style) on food and water.

City electric power has an average turn around time of 2 to 3 days for grid repairs. They don’t have the manpower, supplies, nor funds. And they’ve already used this year’s budget.

Throughout the country, they are seeing an increase in coordinated attacks on water, power, and communications infrastructure as mobs descend upon gear and steal it to sell the copper and aluminum to junk yards as scrap.

Looting is no longer just a daily thing, but is also now becoming more structured with guerilla planning involved.

Most roads no longer exist. In fact, according to long time residents, anything that is state run is crumbling.

Police, fire, and hospital resources for most of the state, don’t exist.  In the few places that still have such services, they are also slowly disintegrating.

ESKOM – South Africa’s only power producer – is averaging 50% or less power output. Plunging massive parts of our country into rolling blackouts.

One person, reporting from Ekhurhuleni, says “We are day 5 now no water.”

Another person from the same area reports “Our rail is dead. Almost the entirety of South Africa’s rail system is non operational.”

In every city and most suburbs, people confirm Sewage. Everywhere. In the streets. In the rivers and oceans; flowing through our fresh water dams too.. just everywhere.

Under “The Apartheid”  (1948 to 1994) in South Africa was racial segregation under the all-white government of South Africa which dictated that non-white South Africans (a majority of the population) were required to live in separate areas from whites and use separate public facilities, and contact between the two groups was discouraged and severely limited.

Under Apartheid, South Africa thrived.  When the world decided that the indigenous population should control the country, (instead of White people) it descended into this . .  what we all see today.

Way to go world!  You focused on a perfectly good country because, in your stupidity, you claimed “all people are equal, and Apartheid was “Racist” and had to be ended.  You didn’t care that everyone there had food, water, healthcare, electricity, good roads, infrastructure . . .. NOPE.   All you cared about was “one man, one vote.”   

You pushed and pushed and pushed until you turned the country over to its indigenous people in 1994, who have now completely wrecked it.  It took less than thirty years — about one generation – for the indigenous people to utterly wreck the whole country.  But hey, at least you made sure they can vote!

Now that you see the actual, DISASTROUS results of ending Apartheid and putting the indigenous people in charge, tell us again how “all people are equal?”   


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