Kat Is The Sea – February 28, 2023


il Donaldo Trump


👇 RealDonaldoTrumpo



Juan O Savin

Was 9-11 orchestrated from Afghanistan? Iraq? Iran? Israel?
Or was there COLLUSION between different INTEL agencies?
If you say ‘just’ Mossad, just CIA, just MI6
you’re wrong to ISOLATE to just ONE of em.
At Epstein Island we know INTEL agencies
were handling Epstein & Maxwell.
Epstein has Bill Clinton.
Clinton represents U.S. INTEL interests
Randy Andy, British
Maxwell, Israeli.
They’re roping people in, to get em on the hook for something
where they can then CONTROL & MANAGE em.
People from the Academic, Medical, Political & Monetary areas
where they could be compromised,
blackmailed, honey-potted, bribed, extorted,
to do what these GROUPS wanted done.
Then you come back to 9-11.
if you say just Israeli you’ve missed it.
It’s like saying Kennedy was the mob.
Was it the mob or the Israelis?
Who killed him?
They’re working as a tag team.. & it’s GLOBAL.



President Trump [& his team]
have always called it “The China virus.”
But is it China/China or Chyna/Ukraine? 🤷‍♀️

“Is that OK if I call it the China virus?”
🇺🇸🦅President D.J. Trump, AZ 1-15-22

Juan O Savin
“President Trump has been very clear all along
that we’re going to be going after
$10 trillion dollars or more in damages
against China for their mischief
& ANYBODY ELSE that was involved
with messing with our vote here in America.
For messing with us on the shot stuff.
Did somebody attack us 
with a biological weapon?
President Trump has called it 
the ‘China virus’
& we’re going to go get damages.
Is it $10 trillion for the biological warfare.
Another $10 trillion for the vote warfare.
Another $10 trillion for the trade/economic/currency warfare.
We’re going to seek reparations.
Reparations are something you demand
as retribution repayment for the cost of war.
We are at war.
This is a wartime condition.” 💥



Donald J. Trump

We are in very close communication with China
concerning the virus.
Very few cases reported in USA,
but strongly on watch.
We have offered China and President Xi
any help that is necessary.
Our experts are extraordinary.

6:56 AM . Jan 27, 2020

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