Feeling “Off” A Bit? ~ February 28, 2023


Editor’s Note: Feeling a bit “weird” these days, not quite normal? Please refer to the Spaceweather chart above supplied by Disclosure News Italia showing a real change in Earth’s magnetic fields. What does a “magnetic field” have to do with us? Please also understand the Schumann Resonance chart show increased frequencies stemming from the Earth! We’re seeing our entire electrical environment rockin’ and rollin’! Stay tuned for a global “upgrade”…

The Earth’s geo-magnetic field is our protective blanket helping to shield us from unruly space weather, and when this “shield” weakens, the Earth is not-as-protected from energy blasts emanating from space…including those CME’s from our Sun. In the graph above, we see a stonger influx of geomagnetic energy being received beyond “normal” here on Earth…due to our planet’s weakened protective shield.

So…since our bodies are electrical energy, an inflow of unusually high magnetic energy will cause our body cells to act wonky leading to those non-normal physical symptoms. These physical symptoms are part of the growing wave of energy destined to cleanse our planet of low dark frequencies destined to leave all to BEin…

Quantum Joy!


5 thoughts on “Feeling “Off” A Bit? ~ February 28, 2023

  1. Actually feeling stronger, and working on getting to a place of peace in another location since where I am is not so easy to stay in a peaceful state.


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