Cosmic Frequency News 28 February 2023 – More Incoming! ~ February 28, 2023


Cosmic Frequency News 28 February 2023 – More Incoming! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

In the morning hours of the last day of February, 2023, solar winds have somewhat subsided but are still high traveling at “606” km/s. Yesterday they were over “800” km/s.

Geomagnetic storming reached all three levels: “G1”, “G2”, and “G3” as two powerful CMEs (“Coronal Mass Ejections”) struck our planet. Solar flares are in the lower “C-Class” ranges (“C2”, “C3”), but our Sun is still harboring energy for the strongest of flares—“X-Class”.

There have been 104 earthquakes in the previous 24 hours but none so far above “5.5” magnitude.

Earth/Gaia is reverberating from all of the cosmic events that have transpired over the last several days and is bracing for more potent energetics to arrive if indeed the stronger “M-Class” flares start again and possibly yet “X-Class”.

This is because our planet’s magnetosphere is enveloped (as it has been for many weeks) in densely pressuring plasma particles much of which is very ionizing (penetrating, altering, changing, converting) and coming from outside of our solar system.

The KP Index is at “Storm” level.

Thus, there are likely to be more incoming potent cosmic forces, especially since the month of March is arriving in several hours and is loaded with many planetary happenings.


Important Afternoon Update!

CFN Update 28 February 2023 – Important Afternoon Update! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As of 11:46 and 11:47 Universal Time (UT), on 2/28/2023, there have been back-to-back strong “M-Class” solar flares—“M.6” and “M.7” [and M.8-Class].

These were major possibilities as expressed in this morning’s article.

With these ratings being so close to “X-Class” and with our Sun having the type of energy for “X-Class”, they are soon likely.

Solar winds are “655.5” km/s—higher than they were earlier.

The magnetosphere is still surrounded by plasma particles, and the KP Index is still registering “Storm”.

At the close of any month which has been so filled with potent cosmic events, and as a new month begins which will have intense planetary movements, cosmic energetics are usually very prolific and powerful.

Therefore, this afternoon may be only the beginning of heightened activity moving forward in coming days in terms of huge flares, elevated winds, and more.


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