Michelle Fielding: New Moon, Starlink, Elon Musk, USA w/ Joseph Anthony – 27.2.2023


Michelle Fielding – Spiritual Coach

Editor’s Note: Thanks to E. For this sharing!

Astrology follows the cycles and patterns.

2023 was going to have a slow start, but now the energy is getting hotter. March. Many planets are switching signs. Pluto is going from Capricorn (Ruler: Saturn) shows you the “dark” stuff that you don’t want to see, how corrupt society is on every layer. Pluto is going into Aquarius, humanity waking up with X-ray glasses to “see” EVERYTHING. On March 23rd, the AVERAGE person will begin to wake up. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn in June, the old system will be taken apart.

March is important spirituality. Saturn is entering the sign of Pisces, resurgence of what’s good, honest, people will become more religious, stronger intuition, vibration is super-charged with photonic Light, affecting electro-magnetic field which gives us greater abilities.

The White Hats are slowly spoon-feeding the masses.

Joseph Anthony is currently based in Sedona, Arizona, although he will be going on the road to meet more people.


One thought on “Michelle Fielding: New Moon, Starlink, Elon Musk, USA w/ Joseph Anthony – 27.2.2023

  1. TEXAS: THE MECCA. I heard that Subaru is building its biggest plant in Buda, TX.
    Subaru in Japanese translates PLEIADES. Elon is here also…Twitter move ? Just connecting the


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