Healing With Energy-Volume-Frequency – February 27, 2023

——————————————————————-Invading bad alien races use Red Wave transmissions to create mirrored holographic imagery and artificial reality systems.
This Metatronic Net twists and distorts light energy to disconnect humans.

Your words are sonic materialization of your holographic expression. If you say something negative know that you are creating a negative structure.

Create a new vibration with positive thoughts
And you will shift to a new timeline, and what you project is what you shift into. Want better? Smile and hold the joy vibration. It will become a natural state and you will crystallize it into your reality.

What looks and feels solid to you is actually cymatic sound vibration, which creates the reality you experience and your reality is based on your vibrationary sound continuum. Intention is the frequency that overtakes your hologram.

The energy of sound waves is proven to affect “matter”. Thus…speak out-loud what you want, as this frequency does indeed affect matter.

A carefully arranged arrangement of 42 different sound frequencies can help provide internal Balance. Where does continual internal Balance lead? It leads to healing!

Consider the sounds you experience more carefully, learn to create that which you want, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!





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