February 27, 2023: The New World Order is Getting Old [videos] ~ February 27, 2023


We’ve had hints, we’ve had proof, we’ve had the words from the tyrants’ very mouths. Who still doubts? Who is in denial? It’s time to rip those blinders off and see the world for what it is, which is the opposite of what they have told us in the lifelong brainwashing and propaganda programme. We need to see that they are creating the world they want, not the one that works for us. They see themselves as born to rule over us, their serfs.


This video has been deleted from every platform (including google) years ago.

Guess what 😉👇 pic.twitter.com/clReP1HVjx

🔥⭐️Edwin⭐️🔥 (@Edwin07011) February 26, 2023

To facilitate the New World Order’s ‘One World Government’, the following agenda is unfolding today—because they are planning on many more pandemics: Link to Telegram.

Reminder…. Today is February 27, The day the WHO’s (INB) is meeting, and the Biden Administration is preparing to sign the United States to a legally binding accord with the WHO, that would give Geneva-based UN subsidiary, a foreign entity, the authority to dictate ALL policies during a pandemic.

This is a NWO One World Government power grab to dictate and enforce the following:

• Systems of vaccinations status/proof
• Quarantine procedures
• Citizen travel and mobility
• Forced vaccination
• Lockouts, lockdowns, and mandatory detentions

Get loud and make sure people are aware today on all platforms.

🔗 “Zero Draft (https://apps.who.int/gb/inb/pdf_files/inb4/A_INB4_3-en.pdf)”
🔗 Associated Article (https://www.zerohedge.com/political/biden-admin-negotiates-deal-give-who-authority-over-us-pandemic-policies)

It seems a simple fix to return the rightful President to power in the eyes of the public. We don’t know how this ‘movie’ will play out, but it’s certainly exciting. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: Sun. 26 Feb. The Supreme Court will again consider case to reinstate Donald Trump and remove Joe Biden from office.

Here we go—it’s on in Arizona. Panic has set in and we hear the battle cry.

My statement about recent claims 👇 pic.twitter.com/IyNUHWtyJe

— Jen Wright (@JenWEsq) February 27, 2023

Some thought Ken Bennett appeared uncomfortable in the hearing after the astonishing testimony of an investigative team on February 23rd. Perhaps it was related to this. Link to Telegram.

Why would Bennett sponsor a bill (SB1327) for Fontes to have security with a salary of $1,037,600?

Please give it a 👎 in RTS.


Clearly the protections they once enjoyed are no longer. These people are stupid.

BREAKING: Former New Mexico prosecutor & law professor David Clements gives incredible credibility to the cartel bribery reports coming out of Arizona

“The investigative work of John Thaler that I’ve reviewed over the past 24 hours is textbook in its approach to exposing… https://t.co/qwUzoIyK5X pic.twitter.com/eWhmG1aF33

— George (@BehizyTweets) February 26, 2023


We will be filing our case with the AZ Supreme Court by this Tuesday (2/28) and we will be asking for an expedited review.

As soon as the filings are available I will share them with you. Please pray for justice.

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) February 27, 2023

Meanwhile, Ohio is the unfortunate focus of a lot of crime of late. Link to Telegram.

4 people killed, 1 critically injured in possible murder-suicide at home in New Richmond, Ohio.

3 adults and 2 children live in the home. Deputies have not said who they found dead in the home. They’re waiting until they notify relatives.


We are seeing a lot of strange and violent behaviour out there. We need to remain calm and walk away from potential altercations.

Clayton Morris of Redacted explains the Khazarian Mafia’s activities in Ukraine and Russia’s role in ending the reign of terror which involved experimenting with those bioweapons on Ukrainian soldiers, among other things. What’s really rich is Victoria Neuland’s accusation that the Russians blame on others what they themselves are going to do. Almost seems scripted, doesn’t it?

In reality that is the deep state’s prime directive and they do it all the time. The deep state accused Donald Trump of colluding with Russia when that is exactly what they did, but it was actually the Ukraine and some Russian oligarchs they were working with. We can see the “fake news” misinterpreting what is happening there as they attempt to destroy evidence. 18 min.


Do we know who we are dealing with? Biolabs generate bio-weapons. These monsters had been scheming for years to fuel the fires of war and destroy Humanity. They have been experimenting on the military and the rest of us for decades so they would know how best to control us, torture us, profit off our misery, and ultimately, kill us.

When you control all your own transportation like the Evergreen Lines you don’t need to worry about contraband or illegal cargo. Fortunately, the Earth Alliance knew what they were up to, were tracking them, and at the most opportune moment in the Suez Canal, halted some of their plans by grounding the cabal’s Ever Given. Unfortunately, when the vessel was searched it was too late for some of the trafficked children. Yes, Humans are commodities to them like domestic animals. Can you say, “Nuremburg 2.0”? Thanks to the crew for the following:

Let’s see… what else don’t we want to hear/see? I know—sataloons!

Breaking News: working-class man solves balloon riddle. Trev Andrews, who thinks clearly due to being a Pureblood, said, “it’s a sataloon. NASA use helium balloons to launch satellites and keep them afloat. Satellites orbiting the earth is bullshit”. pic.twitter.com/d2KuSpj80Z

— Trev Pureblood Andrews (@TrevAndrews) February 13, 2023

This guy gets right into it in a short video on Telegram.. NASA is Not A Space Agency. Reality is not what we thought, and as I predicted, the “balloon” stuff is leading to disclosure. A lot of lies are circulating under the dome, and it’s time Humanity knew the truth.

Our first clue: “space junk” crashed into the southwest desert with attached balloon debris? Looks like a satellite panel. Why is a balloon needed? What about zero gravity in space?

Is this “worm” a collapsed balloon falling out of the sky because of the tech attached to it as pictured above?

Ebany Worm 🪱
China 2023 pic.twitter.com/zpe7AcZ85l

— ETUDE j u n (@astral32images) February 21, 2023

It has been breezy and colder here in the Southwest, and it carried on through to Texas. I guess they mean “NOAH’s GOES sataloon”.

An impressive aspect of the Winter Storm system that’s pushing across the central US is the incredible amount of dust behind this cold front.

Watch in this imagery from NOAA’s GOES East satellite as a massive dust storm (https://t.me/police_frequency/87874?single) plume (shown in yellow) swept across West Texas.

Another deep state operation that must be addressed is Sandy Hoax, the 2012 fake school shooting they love to call a massacre that didn’t even happen except as a “drill”, and no one died—as confirmed by one government insider. Finally, a group of researchers united to examine every aspect, every conspiracy theory, every lie, the evidence, the motives, the bad actors and present their findings to us.

It’s a thorough, simply explained, must see video, because if the controllers would go to these lengths to lie to the world, what else have they lied about? I don’t believe the researchers left anything out. It was totally fabricated and the shadow government bribed and/or blackmailed people to do it. Law enforcement, the coroner, all in on it and it included crisis actors—just as we said shortly after it happened. Conspiracy theorists right again! 2 hrs. 46 min.

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

Max Igan’s latest is an excellent update on the planned agenda of the New World Order. 1 hr. 24 min.

The Mindset is Shifting – No Smart Cities, No Smart Prison


Have you noticed in your World Wide Web travels the volume of natural healing advice, lectures, and demonstrations is vastly increasing? The health information and remedies suppressed is astronomical. In the video at this Telegram link, for example, we learn about the role of hydrogen peroxide in the body.

It’s dirt cheap to buy and can be used various ways, but it is something intrinsic to our biology naturally. More oxygen is good, right? Just be sure to buy “food grade” and use the correct concentration/percentage if you want to take it internally.

Health reform is indeed in progress. When we have incredibly simple products like the above, and the “miraculous” NANO SOMA and its partner products, the world is a far better place. The remarkable stories of healing and pain relief continue to flow from users of more than a decade-old product I have shared with readers for nearly two years.

We began by providing the clinical data showing NANO SOMA has been successful in blocking Covid and other illnesses, but the actual results in thousands of people in the studies over more than ten years showed us that it repairs DNA. It actually facilitated the regrowth of the telomeres on the tips of chromosomes which degenerate in all of us with age. That means it’s “anti-aging” and provides “age reversal” in the purest sense of the word.

If you use the hyperlinks provided in these paragraphs it will help me earn a little affiliate income and that is how the news of these marvelous products grows. I appreciate the support so I don’t have to charge readers for the work I do here. Once you have used my link once, you don’t need to use it again as each time you visit the website the system will remember who referred you.

NANO SOMA research and documentation confirms that in every health condition they monitored, the patient experienced healing. Even the neuro-degenerative condition known as Parkinson’s was cleared. Skin conditions vanished. Pain subsided. Energy returned. Some even report their mood brightened. NANO SOMA is consciousness, and I believe it does exactly what the body wants it to do.

It’s not a drug, it’s a solution made from an ancient particle that was locked in the glaciers. They used known healing water to create this Polycosonol liquid you just spray in your mouth a few times a day. No pills to gag on. You can’t overdose. It’s perfectly safe and doesn’t even require FDA approval, it’s so benign.

The spray version was so effective even on open wounds, burns, and skin cancer that they created a topical gel that would facilitate applying it with bandages. Then came the skin cream which I love and use daily.

NANO SOMA took the world by storm thanks to the sharing in the spiritually awake community and at one point some markets ran out of their supply entirely but this rapidly growing operation run by a fellow I’ve known for many years, Dr. Richard Presser alongside his medical expert and the developer of NANO SOMA, Dr. P. R. Raghavan or Raghu for short have ramped up production and distribution and there have been no more shortages. The markets have expanded and now it’s easy to get in Canada, the USA, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe. Dr. Presser’s customer service is exceptional.

If we ever needed a product like this, it’s now, because NANO SOMA does something else no other product has done. It regulates our Vitamin D levels in the body. What is the key to good health as far as influenza, a “virus”, colds, and a strong immune system? Vitamin D, and of course also Vitamin C, which it also increases. You can learn more here:


NANO SOMA is so comprehensively effective it means we don’t need to take any other supplements. If you have a serious health condition to alleviate you take more of it, if you are just maintaining your strong immune system you can do that with as little as 5 sprays in the mouth a day, which means one bottle is a month’s supply.

I take NANO SOMA daily, my holistic vet recommended my Golden Retriever, Eli, take one spray a day on his food in the morning, and we’ve had no Covid, influenza, or problems with spike protein shedding, etc.

To learn more about the NANO SOMA nutritional supplement, the Metasomer Gel, or the Telomerase skin cream, you can visit Dr. Presser’s website and without purchasing anything if you like, you can create an account which just puts you on the mailing list. Just choose the store closest to where you live and you will see the pricing, which provides good discounts if you order in quantity. Sharing a larger shipment with a friend is a good way to reduce the cost if you’re wanting to save money.

Dr. Presser is not a medical doctor to be clear, but he has been a healer for a long time. He sends out updates on the products weekly with the exciting testimonials his customers share with he and Dr. Raghu. After reading some of those reports from users you may want to try it.

When we say it is “magical” we don’t mean it provides a transformation overnight. It somehow activates the body to heal itself, which you probably know it can and wants to do but it often doesn’t have what it needs to do so, or it’s blocked somehow. Using NANO SOMA long term reveals the power of this product because it works with the body’s innate ability to heal.

Killing or numbing pain in 15 minutes with a pill isn’t healing—it’s temporary relief and a Band-aid and the negative side-effects can be dangerous. That was the old approach Big Pharma wanted us to use and we are leaving it behind.

Some of the crew have been using NANO SOMA products for awhile now and from time to time they drop their notes in the comments to show their appreciation. It’s so gratifying to hear the success stories and to know that in a small way we could alleviate some of the suffering on the planet. I hope they have shared their experiences with Dr. Presser and Dr. Raghu—like this one:

Hi Richard,

I’m continuing on my fourth year with the NANO SOMA Oral Spray, and I’m doing great! I also am using the METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream and the METASOMER Topical Gel for my skin.
I started using much more NANO SOMA due to a horrible pain around my gall bladder/ liver area. I couldn’t bend over without pain! Well, the pain disappeared after several days of increased sprays (sometimes up to 10 sprays per day).
Also, the METASOMER Topical Gel has removed what looked like skin cancer on my arm!
All this to say that I listen to my body and adjust my sprays accordingly and, “magically,” all kinds of negative issues disappear.
Love and light,
Martha B., February 2023.

We have all hoped med-beds and other suppressed technologies would be available before they are, but we don’t know how long it will take and I imagine the demand will be very high when they are available so products like NANO SOMA are the best we can do to take charge of our health, avoid the medical system that is doing more harm than good in many cases, and stave off the process of aging to heal and feel better now. We are showing the way to natural healing that will be the only kind of healing in the near future. We are beginning the process of health reform and we don’t need anyone’s permission.

Here is a video Dr. Presser made.

That will conclude today’s post, and between the chiropractor appointments and family arriving this week I have a full schedule so I will be posting as I can. Thank you to the loyal crew for keeping the hailing frequencies open so we don’t miss anything important.  ~ BP


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