Cosmic Consciousness, #295 – #300 ~ February 27, 2023


Editor’s Note: Messages come to us from many doorways. Please read below, and absorb the truth which speaks to your heart, causing you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


by: Bennett Ross

The Orion Belt is the location of a portal
It is the entry point of an artificial energy cord called the Umbilicus Network

From this portal the invading race uses Red Wave transmissions
To create mirrored holographic imagery and artificial reality systems
This Metatronic Net twists and distorts light energy to disconnect humans

And along with replication and cloning machinery
This has allowed for the occupation and inhabitation of human looking forms

Many that appear to be human are actually AI hive mind hybrids
Installed by the invaders to enslave the authentic angelic human race

This cord is attached to humans who have been tricked into the inverted practice of religious blood sacrifice
Who are now claimed ownership by aliens
Their souls are gradually disappearing

Balmoral castle in Scotland and the Bohemian Grove in Northern California
Are famous for their hunting of children

The Black Military is filled with genetically modified humans
They are biological drones called NPCs or non person characters

The inner earth is filled with crystals called Amenti crystals
They are being used to power loosh harvesting devices

We are being led by a bunch of clones
People cannot see it because that is not in their version of reality
And whatever does not fit is brushed aside

We can deconstruct this reality
And paint a new picture with our minds

If we hold a high vibrational sequence
No one can manipulate us

Do not react with fear
Fear will feed the negative structure

Remember everything is a hologram
That we individually and collectively project

Being thankful of who you are and the life you live
Will ignite the collective charge

We have already won and reached our ascension timeline
Higher Consciousness will see us through!



Your words are sonic materialization of your holographic expression
If you say something negative know that you are creating a negative structure

What you say plasters geometry onto the quantum field
And expands into a holographic wormhole tunnel
Shifting you from one platform to another

Your reality is based on your vibrationary sound continuum
Intention is the frequency that overtakes your hologram

Careful of what you pray
You create waveforms of sonic vibrations

Repitition resonates as a vibrating continuum in the quantum structure
The way you express yourself is how you resonate

What looks and feels solid to you is actually cymatic sound vibration
Which creates the reality you experience

There is an agenda to keep you in a low vibrational sequence
To keep you trapped in your own illusion of reality
Correction happens when you shift to heart felt thoughts

If you separate from the heart you put yourself in an artificial matrix
And in a synthetic timeline of existence
A density where entities exist

Observe the negative without giving it an emotional response
Realize it is just a hologram and be thankful for the experience
That way you will neutralize the energy and you will pull yourself out of that reality

Create a new vibration with positive thoughts
And you will shift to a new timeline
What you project is what you shift into

Smile and hold the joy vibration
It will become a natural state and you will crystallize it into your reality

We are light and sound energy
And we become potent
When our thoughts create emotions from the heart!



Sub realities of other platforms get into your timeline
When you believe them and emotionally react to them and focus on them
You will bring their frequencies into your reality

The belief that the only way to ascend is by dying is complete manipulation
We can only perceive of a reality that resonates to the frequency of our consciousness
The only way to move into the multi dimensional light is if you have a similar resonance

We can live forever in our current bodies
Experience tissue regeneration and age regression
If we hold the correct vibration

When you express your highest self to others
You project a vibrational sound continuum of sacred geometry into the quantum field
Start manifesting your sovereign self and teleport yourself into a positive hologram

Heartfelt intentions create beautiful designs in water
Forms emerge from the playground of your mind

Create self generating energy spontaneously
Understand and harness your creative powers
Unleash your bottled up lightning

Plasma is the force inside every cell of your body
It is what constitutes your magnetic field
And the quantum structure of the universe

Believe in yourself and open yourself up to higher awareness
And the universe will move in your favor

Tell yourself you have a spectacular life
A life full of meaning with a destiny of high importance

Endeavor to live a life rich with imagination
Confidently project out fantasies with the highest outcomes

Your signal has a noise called a frequency
It needs to be unleashed or you will disconnect from your highest potential

The universe wants to interact with you
It wants you to have fun

You are the universe
You are it!



In the former age of gods and wonders
Where planets presented a huge appearance as they hovered close to the earth plane

Venus shone forth as a beautiful goddess
But also had an alter ego of a witch
In fact the elitist occult uses Venus as an instrument of witchcraft

In phases of high charge
Streamers emanated from Venus
She became the Medusa with wild disheveled hair

Under the name Lilith she was an ugly child stealing witch
As Lamashtu she was a sorceress that would cast evil spells

As the German Holda or the Greek Hecate
She rode in the wind clothed in terror
To ride with Holle or Hella was deemed equivalent to the night ride of witches

Venus took on a red appearance as she moved into the lower heavens which was referred to as hell
The Queen of Heaven became the Queen of Hell
This is why Rhianna in the occult ritual halftime Super Bowl show dressed up in red

They were casting a spell symbolically using Rhianna as the red witch
She was the Evil Queen spreading her wrath
The raging Lady of Fire

O Red One whose flame burns
Who flies on the wind brandishing torches
Who drinks blood and feasts on hearts
Like a dragon you deposit venom
As you rain down the fanned fire

The white robed guys around her represented hazmat suits
They were foretelling the train crashes and the chemical explosions
That are spreading highly toxic dioxins

Football is an energy gathering ritual
All the coaches are Freemasons

All the players are given a script
Who wins is determined beforehand

The Super Bowl halftime is a Satanic occult ceremony
And the fans are unknowingly fanning the negative energy!



Witches are believed to raise storms by unbridling their hair
So to Venus was the storm raiser extraordinaire

She flew through the skies eclipsing the former sun
Her kind and gracious aspect is exchanged for a dark and dreadful one

This is best understood as a vestige of the terrifying behavior of the Venus comet apparition
The Great Eye Goddess or Eye of Ra becomes the Mourning Goddess looking in the underworld for her lost lover Adonis
She becomes red and causes destruction

Hecate the Goddess of the Crossroads took on an appearance with a hair of serpents
The Crossroads is the Cross which Mars the Son of God alighted upon

The charge of Mars waned and he seemed to die but then was born again and resurrected
It was the night of the dear Saviors birth
Can you hear the angels voices
Oh night divine

The Mother of God became the Witch Goddess flying about at night with a train of souls
And was the originator of all that was ghostly
The train of souls were the ghosts of suicides and those who had died a violent death

Venus in her dark aspect is also Kali the blood drinker
The blood is charged plasma that was the result of electrical discharges
Instead of disembodied souls Kali was accompanied by ghoulish beings

The Enchantress spent time near a water spring
Which was the north celestial pole

As the magnetic potential increased because of high amounts of plasma infiltration
The highly charged planets were attracted to the magical mystical pole or universal column
And became the Assembly of God

Now as our present world connects to higher plasma frequencies
The negative platform will collapse
Healing will ensue

Hidden technologies such as free energy will rise to the surface
And we will once again shine like the stars!



Big Pharma is all about people staying sick
The sicker people are the more money they make

The government is all about power and control
The sicker and more suppressed people are the easier they are to control

The FDA and CDC are filled with former Pharmaceutical employees
The stamp of approval of Pharmaceutical vaccines is done by people with close ties to Big Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry is poisoning us with their toxic chemicals that is now in our water food and air
So why would you trust them with vaccines

Americans place their trust in people who regularly ride the Lolita Express
Which is the private plane to Epstein Island
Where young kids are sacrificed
But not before being sodomized

They have now a Smart City agenda
That will make people unable to travel outside of a small diameter of where they live

How powerful we are is being kept from us
So that our energy can be harvested

Do not go to pill pushing doctors
Who have graduated from the pharmaceutical controlled curriculums at Med Schools

Drink clean energized water
Eat raw local fresh organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible

Vibrational sound therapies are effective
Because we are vibrational bio electric energy beings

The right energy vibration will render inert
The nano particles hidden in processed food
Dropped down in chemtrails
And injected into the bloodstream under the guise of a vaccine!


2 thoughts on “Cosmic Consciousness, #295 – #300 ~ February 27, 2023

  1. On Cosmic Consciousness: what a find ! Resonates. Found some missing pieces.
    It explains the Presence of calmness in my Heart. Kali is or has ended. The Golden Age is here for all those who wish to embrace it ! So long, Kali, and thank you for revealing your
    role in my own spiritual transformation. As Above, so Below. Still dazzled and in awe with this article. THE BEST!


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