“What The Bleep Do We Know?” (Shows “How To” Manifest) ~ February 26, 2023


Editor’s Note: Down the rabbit hole we go! What exactly is Quantum, and what does that have to do with me?

Quantum is defined as, “…the smallest quantity of some physical property, such as energy, that a system can possess.” What does this mean? The smallest aspect of that which we see can be changed into “that which we want to see”! Our own “energy” DOES impact “matter” (that which is observable) causing it to “manifest”. This is the subject of the movie below.

As you hold that emotion (energy-in-motion) for as little as 17 consecutive seconds, “whatever” you are emoting about will happen! There in lies the value of “being happy”. When life circumstances do not offer a happy response…imagine what you want for 17 seconds, and…see what happens! The changes may, or may nor happen immediately, yet…these changes WILL happen!

So…recognize your own ability to “write the script” for your own life, harness your ability to manifest that which you want, and then observe yourself by BEing in…

Quantum Joy!



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