Telegram Tonight – February 26, 2023


The silver market is currently facing multiple years of continued supply deficits, strong industrial demand growth, and inelastic supply, which could lead to a strong upward correction in the silver price over the coming years.



This is awesome 🦅 I finally got a chance to watch Trump’s speech in East Palestine. Look at the eagle wings on top of the flags.

The Eagles’ wings out…designate 🇺🇸President of the United States. 🇺🇸


This is significant.

Seemed to slip under the radar, but SCOTUS heard a petition 2/24/2023, regarding a case which seeks to address the legal ramifications of rendering certain portions of Admiralty Law Contracts unenforceable.

Every single contract in the US Corporation, post-1871, has been Maritime and Admiralty based.



Elon Musk drops a Kek to Kieth Olbermann PANICKING that Tucker Carlson has the J6 footage and calls for Fox News to Be DEPLATFORMED!

What are they so afraid of that they are calling for Fox News to be Deplatformed?


THEY ARE SOOOO FOOKED and they know it! The World is about to find out how badly they knowingly lied!


🚨 🚨 🚨

This is HAARP in action over Turkey on February 6, 2023, just before the earthquake.

The wave ring of light emitted from the frequency represents the wave motion of an underground earthquake.

These are weather weapons being used on the populace.





I don’t know how this could be faked – this appears to be a tour of a Ukranian bio-facility that tested on humans…

The Russians seized it and had to remove tripwires and hidden traps designed to destroy evidence and those examining it…

Use discernment, but do not ignore this:

This is a very dark story. Want to know how the Pharma companies got to push their wares on Americans without clinical trials?

They had clinical trials… bypassing animal testing and going straight to disposable Ukrainians.

Even the employees there didn’t want to take what they were pushing.



Rockefeller and the 1918 Pandemic.


Times are changing and advancements are moving fast. Hope someone is working on a GoodGuy AI.

11:12pm Eastern



Yes, yes, yes! 🌹

Coincidence, or are mayors who work with gangsters always suddenly injured in the foot…..not that it could be an ankle bracelet,……


Zufall oder werden Bürgermeister die mit Gangstern Zusammenarbeiten immer plötzlich am Fuß verletzt…..nicht dass das vielleicht eine fussfessel sein könnte,……





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