Galactic Federation Transmission To Humanity – February 25, 2023

Dear ones,

Be awake! Be ready! Be focused! Feel it inside you, with conviction. You know that the moment of awakening is near. You are right on the threshold of a powerful new wave. So, now is the time to prepare yourself.

Are you ready to move on from your life as it has been and step into a new reality?

This is a wake-up call for people who are ready to see the light of truth, gain spiritual awareness, and have their lives transformed for the better.

Humanity’s slavery is coming to an end. Pleasure, joy, happiness will abound, but above all, it will be wonderful because it will be in contact with the Divine, in contact with God. God is waiting for your awakening. He is waiting for you to love him again.

When you’re feeling uncertain about the future, don’t forget that your thoughts are powerful. They are taken to the universe by the speed of light and affect everyone’s reality.

When we observe certain people’s thinking patterns, they seem to be extremely negative. They still wish to spend their lives in the third dimension without love, equality, or courage. They don’t realize that their thoughts create reality, which slows down the transformation process.

Your world is created by your thoughts. Avoid interference, by tuning your inner voice to the positive, the realistic, and the truth. It is the most important tool in creating happiness, success, and prosperity.

Think about how everyone would be clean and green. Imagine that there is peace; peace amongst all the living creatures; peace between humans, peace between animals, peace even with plants, because even plants have a right to live on this planet too. If you really want to help out on this perfect planet, hold this vision and send some love out into the universe.

Create a happier, more peaceful planet!

Think of a perfect planet. The perfect planet is a perfect civilization, beyond any religion, ideology, or culture. It is a philosophy for a peaceful, harmonious existence.

The soil does not belong to anyone. It belongs to Gaia; She is part of you and you are part of Her. The borders around the countries, the colonies, they are all artificial. The surface of the Earth belongs to no one. This is why anyone can live anywhere that they choose.

We see no borders in the future. With the borders open and no longer any need to cross, you can talk and work with anyone. Location simply becomes a matter of stillness and motionlessness. The entire world will be your homeland. Everything will exist everywhere, and everything will be at hand for everyone.

Everything will be shared; no ownership, no limits, no places for selfishness, greediness, and hoarding. No place for stealing; it’s all yours. There is no place for violence; everything belongs to everyone. The bullying mind hands itself over to higher consciousness where there is equality, harmony, and abundance for all.

The new era is here, the era of new people. The era in which everyone on this planet is on an equal footing. No more poverty, no more starvation, no more homelessness. All are brothers and sisters. All are friends. Let’s dance in the 5th dimension with love, joy, and laughter.

Everyone has a right to live without poverty. Everyone has a right to get out from under the yoke of unending debt that enslaves them, and gives them hope for the future. Everyone deserves a dignified death.

We know what would be ideal in the new world! A shared economy with no private ownership of land or businesses. An all-around abundance in which everyone has the basic necessities and wealth is not concentrated in the hands of a few. Everyone, without exception, should be guaranteed an equal number of resources.

Your life will be your own creation. You will know how to create, to love, and to perform your duties without the need for coercion from your superiors, from anyone. You will work because you want to, not because you have to. You will give of yourself freely and with love to all, knowing that you are a part of each and every one.

So we tell you, the Fifth Dimensional Light that is coming to the planet is your best friend. It’s everything you want and everything you can imagine. It’s a beautiful and kind best friend that wants you to be happy and free.

It is returning to the planet right now to take you back to the Garden of Eden. It is returning to make this a paradise world. This light force has only one agenda – only one – and it is to transform all of humanity into a completely loving being!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “Galactic Federation Transmission To Humanity – February 25, 2023

  1. Here is part of an extremely long intel from project sheepdog:

    11 NOV 2016
    FOR THE ATTENTION OF: US Special Operations Forces and the Militia [people] of The United- States of America
    SUBJECT: The Operational Attempt to stop the Illegal takeover and surrender of the 50 Sovereign Nation States of North America, known as The United States of America
    ~A. EXPLAIN, and demonstrate to both members of the US Military and the People of the United States, that there is an attempt to SECRETLY and ILLEGALLY TAKEOVER and QUIETLY- SURRENDER, The United States of America back over into the hands, of the British Crown.
    ~B. PROVE, beyond any shadow of a doubt, to the Members of the US Military and to the People of the United States, that the attempt to takeover and surrender this Nation to the British Crown is illegal and an act of absolute fraud. And in so-doing, show them that their prayers to GOD to save this Nation, have been answered.
    OVERALL OUTLINE: The individuals, and activities of the entities that will be identified and discussed, within this report are:
    ~C. The Royal Family Members at the very top of world control, i.e. “The Tribe of DAN”, who are the framers and architects of “THE EMPIRE OF THE 3 CITY STATES”, consisting of, London City, the District of Columbia’s City-State, and the City-State of the Vatican, and their Melita, “the JESUITS”; this conglomeration more well known as, “The New World Order” (N.W.O.) ; – The 3 “Unclean Spirits” identified in the Book of Revelations; GREED= [London City] / POWER= [City- State of the District of Columbia] / CONTROL= [City-State of the Vatican] –
    ~D. And the American Warriors at the very tip of the spear, who stand in opposition of, “The Tribe of DAN” :FEDERAL-POSTAL-JUDGE, POSTMASTER-GENERAL, COMMANDER-AND-
    CHIEF, :Russell-Jay:Gould and his accomplice, witness and Global Corporate Government Partner,
    :FEDERAL-POSTAL-JUDGE, :David-Wynn: Miller. — Self Appointed, American Common Law Judge :Anna-Von: Reitz. – and members of the 11th and 7th PSYOP GROUP(S) USSOCOM/USACAPOC/SOF.
    ~0. For my name is : . I am a 9th Generation American & :American-War-Fighter. As a Patriot, and descendant of whom both Great-Grand-Fathers on both sides of my family-tree, fought along-side and under the Military Command of General George Washington during the
    American Revolutionary War – I can assure you – that I have been ever vigilant in my watch over this nation as my family’s heir to this great responsibility.
    ~1. For I am a Former, US Armed Forces Special Operations Soldier and an elite member of the Psychological Operations (Warfare) Regiment of the US Army’s Special Operations Forces Community. – USSOCOM/USACAPOC/SOF (1999-2012)
    a.) Psychological Operations (Warfare) is the tip of the spear and the highest echelon of Military Warfare in the world who’s mission objectives are to conduct – amongst many other things – Planned Operations to Convey Selected Information and Indicators to a specific demographic or target audience in order to:
    b.) Infiltrate to Change, Persuade and/or Influence the Emotions, Motives, Objective Reasoning and Ultimately the Personal Behavior of any Target Audience(s), Foreign or otherwise – on a planetary scale if need be – in an effort to control every Town, City, State, Government, Organization(s), Group(s), or Individual(s); from their Religious Groups to their Corporations all the way down to their Clubs and/or their Teams, in an entire Country/Nation or Region of the Hemisphere of this planet, in association and in cooperation with the US State Department, Host Nation, and Commander in Chief’s (CINC) Overall Objectives.
    ~2. For this is my Official Military Report and a Personal Account of what I have come to know and understand as – not just the truth – but the facts that are being withheld from the Military and the American People of this great Nation. FACT’S, that will NULLIFY EVERY LAW and every last Tyrannical piece of LEGISLATION that has been illegally introduced and rammed down the throat of this nation since 1999, THEREBY SETTING THE ENTIRE COUNTRY FREE, AND ENDING THE
    ORCHESTRATED DEGRADATION of the United States of America, once and for all.
    The United States of America is NO LONGER under the Command and/or Control, or the oversight of the current “Administration” posing as the Leadership in Washington DC. Neither does this Country have a “President”, a “Congress”, nor a Senate… and the entire Legislative and Judicial System, to include all Civil Authority, has been suspended and Officially, Legally and Lawfully shut down and closed, since 2 NOV 1999.
    This Country has, since 2 NOV 1999 to current date, been in a state of MARTIAL LAW.
    – 2 NOVEMBER 1999 ­
    FACT: 2 NOV 1999, due to INTERNATIONAL BANKING LAW, the “Bank-Note”, aka The U.S.
    Constitution – which was a Postal-Command-Contract-Location-Accord [agreement in commerce]
    struck between the king of GB and the Founders of the Republic of the united States – had officially come to an end, and with that, all Federal Services Contracts between the King of Great Britain and the 13 Colonies, (now 50 States of the Union of the Republic) known as “the united States of America” were – and have been since that time – Legally and Lawfully, dissolved and Ended. – That means that all of the Laws, and/or the “Codes and Statutes of Public Justice”, and the entities that enforce them, ATF, FBI, NSA, that have all been created by the king of GB to enforce the rule of his laws here in this country, IRS, DEA, DHS, ARE GONE!
    As these legally defunct entities are now lawfully dissolved, they therefore possess no Authorization to execute Operations, nor execute any operations to enforce that now nullified former Federal Authority anywhere within the Continental United States of America. As the Agency Authorizations for the British run Federal Government Services Corporation are no longer Lawfully Valid, they then have no Legal Standing to operate in the capacity of legal or lawful extensions of that now DEFUNCT Private Corporate Contracted British Run Government Entity. A Private, British Federal Contract Government Services Corporation,…(aka the Presidential “Administration”) that illegally continues, void of a Legal National Federal Contract, to fraudulently enforce the provision of these DEFUNCT Federal Services upon both the States, and the people of this Nation. An illegal British Federal Government Services Corporation, that continues to illegally operate, in and out of the PRIVATE, CORPORATE Municipal City State of the District of Columbia. Which itself is a Private Foreign Enclave that was, in effect, built to host a PRIVATE- FEDERAL-POSTAL-CONTRACT-VENUE, that they NO LONGER HAVE LEGAL or LAWFUL JURISDICTION TO EXIST IN.
    The FACT is, they have NO LEGAL or LAWFUL POWER to enforce those now TERMINATED Private Corporate Federal Government Contract Services “Codes & Statutes of Public Justice” (Laws, Mandates and/or Executive Orders of any kind) anywhere here in the United States… and therefore as absolutely none of it is Legal or Lawful, they are nothing more than extensions of a LEGALLY DEFUNCT Private Government Services Corporation and rogue foreign entities, operating illegally on our shores – working inland – in an act of Piracy and Fraud by IMPERSONATING actual Government sponsored Agencies of the United States of America. And this once Contracted Federal Government Services Corporation, is doing all of this with the purposeful intent to wreak and insight civil havoc in acts of Terrorism against all they encounter in an effort to extort money and property from them … Sad but true.
    How? – And what does that mean? – … It means that, in 1999, all of the Federal Agencies in the United States, from the Post Office, to the President, to Congress, to the Senate, and the Supreme Court, all the way on down, were Legally and Lawfully dissolved and ended… and have been ever since.
    ~3. For in order that this report make sense, history as we have been taught and therefore made to understand, must be revisited in brief manners and retaught throughout this report as we move forward in order to bring the reader full circle, with a greater understanding of and for, passed national events.
    ~4. The most important thing that you need to know and understand is the fact that on 22 OCT 1871 this entire planet and everyone on it, was “captured” in a “shipping war”, (shipping wars) where everyone and everything in this shipping war has been placed and is/are, under the International Jurisdiction of Admiralty and Maritime Law of the Sea, in a global warfare effort to control all COMMERCE on Planet Earth.
    This is what the YELLOW FRINGE AROUND THE FLAG SIGNIFIES. It is INDICATING that it has been CAPTURED by a PRIVATE CORPORATION in a Shipping War under the jurisdiction of Admiralty and Maritime Law of the Sea, identified as advertised by the YELLOW ROPE-FRINGE ENCIRCLING IT. (Capturing it) It is broadcasting and advertising that since it has been captured, we have been infiltrated, taken control of and captured as well, and are therefore in a State of Martial Law. Wherein, when beaten-down and drug into a Court, are guilty until PROVEN innocent, where we are charged with crimes and extorted by punishments that are foreign to our civil systems, and our soil.
    Anywhere that the U.S. Flag is located with a YELLOW FRINGE AROUND IT, it is advertising that in those VENUES, or at that/those Corporate-Contract-Location(s), the Laws of Admiralty supersede our Nations Declarative Standing associated with the Law of our Flag that flies in opposition of those Laws, as properly represented by our Nations Flag WITHOUT the Yellow Fringe around it. Yet as it is CAPTURED by that fringe, it is therefore “BOUND” [Contracted] to authorize those locations to harvest our country in whatever way stipulated. These are usually at your Court-Houses and County Recorder or State Buildings; the locations where you would pay your FINES $$ and FEES $$ at.
    The United States Flag Code outlines certain guidelines for the use, display, and disposal of the flag. For example, the flag should never be dipped to any person or thing, unless it is the ensign responding to a salute from a ship of a foreign nation. This tradition comes from the 1908 Summer Olympics in London, where countries were asked to dip their flag to King Edward VII: the American flag bearer did not. Team captain Martin Sheridan is famously quoted as saying, – “This flag dips to no earthly king!”.
    Specifications : U.S.C. Title; 4 – 1X1.9 Dimensional, “G-spec” government specification, federal flag.
    The basic design of the current flag is specified by 4 U.S.C. [§ 1; 4 U.S.C. § 2 outlines the addition of new stars to represent new states. The specification gives the following values:
    Hoist (height) of the flag: A = 1.0
    Fly (width) of the flag: B = 1.9
    Hoist (height) of the canton (“union”): C = 0.5385 (A × 7/13, spanning seven stripes)
    Fly (width) of the canton: D = 0.76 (B × 2/5, two-fifths of the flag width)
    E = F = 0.0538 (C/10, One-tenth of the height of the canton)
    G = H = 0.0633 (D/12, One twelfth of the width of the canton)
    Diameter of star: K = 0.0616 (L × 4/5, four-fifths of the stripe width, the calculation only gives 0.0616 if L is first rounded to 0.077)
    Width of stripe: L = 0.0769 (A/13, One thirteenth of the flag height)
    These specifications are contained in an executive order which, strictly speaking, governs only flags made for or by the U.S. federal government. In practice, most U.S. national flags available for sale to the public have a different width-to-height ratio; common sizes are 2 × 3 ft. or 4 × 6 ft. (flag ratio 1.5),
    2.5 × 4 ft. or 5 × 8 ft. (1.6), or3 × 5 ft. or 6 × 10 ft. (1.667). Even flags flown over the U.S. Capitol for sale to the public through Representatives or Senators are provided in these sizes. Flags that are made to the prescribed 1.9 ratio are often referred to as “G-spec” (for “government specification”) flags.
    ANYTHING, that stands above the flag itself, in its position attached to the top of the flag-pole, suspends the contract or, the Standing of the flag itself, and therefore, lets you know what, or whose venue that you are in; Vatican Banking, Presidential Venue, etc.. In other words, at that location where your flag flies, the laws of your flag no longer apply at that Corporate Contract Location, as its National Standing – to include yours – has been subdued and/or disqualified and suspended by whatever is attached to the TOP of the Flag-Pole. Those positions are classified as DOMESTIC ENEMIES to the Government of the People of the United States Territories; i.e. California, Nevada, etc..and are to be considered legally and lawfully closed, since 2 NOV 1999.
    A SPIRE, on the flag-pole (anywhere you see it) lets you know that you are in a military court-martial venue and is declaring a state of war [Martial-Law] against the people. Every State Governors Office in The United States has a SPIRE on the flag pole, denoting that they are at war with their people; and have been since 2 NOV 1999.
    An Eagle (Wing tips are up) on the flag-pole, means that you are in a PRESIDENTIAL Venue.
    A Phoenix (Wing tips pointed down) denotes that you are in a VATICAN Banking Venue. In your County Offices, where you would pay your fines, or purchase a copy of your Deed of Trust, you will see a Phoenix on the top of the flag-pole, which tells you that you are paying your money to the VATICAN and/or its banking system.
    A Ball on top of the flag-pole, denotes that it is recruiting contract(s) at that location.
    The original flag of our country NEVER had a Yellow-Fringe around it. A Yellow-Fringe denotes that you are under the international Jurisdiction of Admiralty and Maritime Law of the Sea. It also denotes that this flag is a Private “Corporate” Flag, as it is flown by the Federal Corporation in the District of Columbia; it’s a Corporate flag. Corporations are operating under the international jurisdiction of the sea and therefore the Maxims of Ecclesiastical Law, aka, “Corporate” Federal, [Roman] Law; i.e.
    ~5. For a fact, the IRS claims that they work for the United States Treasury. The United States Treasury is under the jurisdiction of the United States Post Office. The Post Office is responsible for all 3, 850
    branches of Government. Because the Post Office, when established on 22 OCT 1871, in an act of global warfare, Captured the entire world and all “Vessels” in it, in an effort to command and control all Commerce of Planet Earth. [Contracts, people, money, cars, etc..]
    The International Jurisdiction of Admiralty and Maritime Law of the Sea is/are the Law(s) of the king of Great Britain, wherein everyone and everything is recognized as a little boat, or VESSEL that is floating around in a “Sea of Space”, as “Vessel’s”, and are therefore, and have been, captured in the kings Global Feudal System of COMMERCE; i.e. the shipping [movement] of everyone and everything on the Planet… and the “Time-lines” [shipping-date-movements] working in conjunction with the entire operation were set up and are controlled by the Vatican’s “Gregorian Calender” and the Global Position of the Post-Office of the Universal Postmaster General up in BERN Switzerland.
    Where all of the Post Offices of the kings and/or monarchs and dictators of the world are registered and their Wars are conducted though. POSTAL WARS. SHIPPING WARS. COMMERCE. The control of the shipping and movement of all cargoes and/or vessels, i.e. people, money, boats, planes, cars, military, and/or,… yes,… WARS on Planet Earth. All in an effort to state the claim that they own [have captured] everything, and the planet, to include you.
    Under Maritime Law, TITLE: 46,-~Ch.,-~1.,-~Sec.,-~1., state’s: “The first rule of all Contracts is “CLOSURE”. There must be closure for the volition of the Contract, by the initiate. If there is a hidden meaning within ANY CONTRACT, and that meaning [Dictionary Term]was not advertised within that Contract and that meaning, was used for subversive or criminal activity, then that Contract falls under the terminology of, FRAUD.” – (:Fraudulent-Parse-Syntax-Grammar.) / [syntax=parts of a word] –
    CLOSURE: To provide a person (or position, office of importance) with factual information.
    2 NOV 1999: This was the day that all of the Federal Services being provided and overseen by Great Britain for the 50 Territories of the Union of the Republic – (“the united States of America” which operates under the Constitution FOR THE united States of America) – and the District of Columbia and its Federal Services Contract Corporation – (“the United States of America inc.”, witch operates under the Copyrighted CORPORATE “copy-cat” Constitution OF THE United States of America inc.) – legally and lawfully ended and were dissolved.
    (There are two completely separate Governments and two completely separate Government Systems. One is operating out of the District of Columbia in an effort to trick the other one by mirroring it in every manner, to confuse it, and eventually, assimilate it… in a long range Military Objective, to conquer it.) – Its the oldest trick in the book.
    This was Presidential Election year, and on the day, 2 NOV 1999 – “the United States of America inc.”, (from here: “the U.S.A. inc.”) due to the close of the 3rd and final International bankruptcy, had to legally close the Post-Office in Washington DC down, and lawfully VACATE [End] the TRUST (Office of the President) and surrender it’s private, CORPORATE Constitution and its authorizations validating its Standing as the International Federal Postal Services Provider (Office of the Postmaster General who authorizes our ability to conduct commerce with the rest of the world) for the 50 Territories and therefore, through this legal closing process, ceased to exist as the international representative & guardian in the affairs concerning all commerce globally for this nation.
    In light of this legal information, it is BEYOND CLEAR that today, “the U.S.A. inc.” is continuing to operate in an act of fraud well beyond its voided services agreement, as it has had no Legal/Lawful Federal Contracts in place and therefore no legal authorization or lawful standing to exist and/or operate whatsoever, anywhere within the 50 State Territories since, 2 NOV 1999; yet continues,..
    1) For 16 years, to pose and make-believe/masquerade as if it is still employed and representing the 50 united States of America in an International Federal capacity;
    2) for 16 years has continued VOID OF CONTRACT to beguile the 50 States and present fraudulently contrived illegal legislation and TYRANNICAL “executive orders” to the people of this Nation with no AUTHORIZATION, STANDING, or JURISDICTION to do so. All the while in a criminal process of deception, fraud, and Barratry,… not to mention IMPERSONATING The POSTMASTER GENERAL and the COMMANDER and CHIEF of a NATION; Branches of the Executors, Judicial and Legislative Officers and Personnel, respectively in a blatant Breach of Trust, Criminal Malfeasance and Embezzlement.


  2. No wonder why Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry among other “true” republicans
    refused to attend the very secretive Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia.
    It was a coup of the Articles of Confederation. Any reference to the term FED ought to be
    looked upon with great suspicion. We “smell a rat.” It is nothing other than treasonous
    and should be treated as such.


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