Ea, formerly known as Enki – Anunnaki geneticist and royal prince from the Anu dynasty.(he brings back our original DNA template to reactivate and repair) – February 27, 2023


2023 is going to be interesting. This year is the tipping point for the history of Humanity of Earth. I have seen the future already and in 20 years’ time, we will achieve a lot of things, because we will be getting on with each other. That is something that is strange to think about, because we believe we are not able to. Nonetheless, this inability to live in peace is an illusion, for we are actually very well able to live in harmony. The reason why we are arguing so much instead of discussing intelligently different perspectives and opinions is because we are manipulated to do so. This year, we will need to understand this, because the conflicts between human beings is about to reach such a paroxysm that Humanity may understand something. Unfortunately, this is the way Humanity has always worked: as Humans, we are often pushed to an extreme in order to learn a lesson and change behavior. That is typical Human.

Thor Han Eredyon, my contact in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, gathered messages from different off-worlders that you may know if you have been following my work since early 2020. Before sharing these messages, I would like to remind that the positive off-worlders do not want to be worshiped and admired, but considered as equal and normal people, only born in a different culture, place, and time. They’ve always fought this. Anything that is called “Lord” or “Master” regarding ETs, is not right. Because the positive Star Nations would never present themselves as such, only the regressives do. “Lord Ashtar” is a typical one for instance. Ashtar is only a military title so this doesn’t make any sense. The reason why I am mentioning this topic is because Thor Han was recently promoted. He always asked me not to tell about it because it is not important, it is only a military title, nothing more.

Since the war came to an end in this star system, Thor Han who worked with the Earth Alliance, happened to have more time to perform different jobs. He has been recently working on Mars with the Alpha Centaurian colonies, as I described in my book “The Seeders” and some of my videos, he’s been on Jupiter, Ganymede, on many different places and as well working with the Earth Alliance’s laboratories on the hidden side of the Moon, which are producing the new medical technologies and… he has been working with the High Command. The mothership named “Excelsior” by the Earth Alliance and called by Thor Han “The Battle Station”, is one of the four motherships of the Galactic Federation of Worlds in this star system. Each of these motherships have a High Command and the Excelsior’s High Command is led by High Commander Ardaana. There are many officers and commanders in the High Command and Thor Han is now one of them. He remains Fleet Commander but he also works with the other officers in the High Command. He is now more able to share intel, and has access to all the secrets of the diplomatic procedures.His new title is “High Command Officer” but he wishes to continue to be addressed just as “Thor Han”. It is only his function at work and not who he is personally, he wanted me to make this clear for everyone because he knows humans well enough. This recent promotion has also to do with me being, as an emissary, more and more involved with diplomatic off-world events, so I can share everything with him and he can accompany me, as for instance when I am visiting Ea or attend the High Council.


High Command Officer Thor Han Eredyon – Battle Station Excelsior GFW

          “Time for kneeling is over. Stand up and Rise. Many of you were used to kneel and bend in fear because you have been manipulated and that was wrong. No one is meant to kneel in front of anyone or anything. We are fractals of Source and not even in front of Source must you kneel.”

Elena’s commentary: Don’t kneel, that’s it! Stand up! Kneel only in front of your own divinity. Stop kneeling. Not in front of a religion, a “god” or a “supreme being”, a “supreme” politician or leader. That was the old paradigm. When a paradigm changes, the ancient paradigm always fights back.

Ardaana, High Commander of the Battle Station Excelsior – GFW

          “The Earth Alliance has taken control of the military institutions, replacing progressively key personnel. I cannot disclose more. Work on unity, as the Dark works at division. Do not fear authority anymore. There are two sides of authority. It must only exist as a guiding line through times of chaos, suggesting and never imposing, as a guidance. The other side of authority that is asking to sacrifice your daily most simple little freedoms for the good of a society, hides a non-beneficial agenda. We are here even if you do not see us. We have always been here. When you do not understand why we are not as visible as you would like to, remember that we are very active behind the scene. We are working very closely with your good leaders, and our common military programs, on-planet and off-planet.

          This year, more scientific reveals will be released to the population of Terra. Members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds such as the Ummite, Silo and Meton have been very active, relentlessly sharing technologies with many Contactees. These people are soon going to speak for they will be protected by new laws.2023 will be a year of rediscoveries. Rediscovery of your own sovereignty and human cognitive capacities, rediscovery of technologies that will be released, and the Ancient Past will come back to the surface, notably related to islands in your oceans. Open the pyramids.”

High Command Military Science Officer Dene Thor – Battle Station Excelsior GFW

Elena’s commentary: Dene Thor works with the Secret Space Programs of the Earth Alliance, onboard the Excelsior. He is assisted by the Mantid Meisha.

            “The truth will be finally disclosed regarding the Space Programs. The agents of the enemy will become harmless. The true witnesses who are presently afraid to speak, will step up and speak. New information that will clash with the previous testimonies may hide an agenda.”

Elena’s commentary: There has been genuine Space Programs members and recruits who have been coming forward. Positive Space Programs from the Earth Alliance, such as for instance Jean-Charles Moyen from the Solar Warden program, Dark Space Programs such as the Nachtwaffen in which Tony Rodrigues was taken, and so many others involved in different Space Programs come to my mind such as Randy Cramer, Rebecca Rose, Niara Terela Isley and many, many others, the list is quite long. Many of them corroborate each other, and some don’t. When a same information is corroborated by different sources, it strengthens the truth. Dene Thor concludes:

            “Some people have been working for the Deep State; they were programmed to shut down the Space Program disclosure. These will fail for they are running rogue without masters.”

Biotechnology Medical Officer Myrah – Science vessel GFW

Elena’s commentary: Myrah is now back in the Sirius-B system, on her homeworld Nyan.

            “The freedom from the servitude of the Nebu has now propagated to other star systems, in a snow ball effect. The Nebu are done. It is possible to defeat the scariest enemy by uniting. Never lose Hope.”

Elena’s commentary: I was told a very long time ago that the fate of Earth would be decisive for the whole galaxy. I was thinking: “How a simple planet at the edge of the galaxy, is going to be decisive for the rest of this whole galaxy?” This situation has been happening in so many other places and I knew about a second location facing the same problem, Epsilon Eridani, the home world of my old friend Val Nek. In 2021, Eban officers escaped Dulce Base and were caught at the stargate near Jupiter, trapped and brought onto the Excelsior. Thor Han was leading the expedition and was involved in the catch, and this is one of the reasons why he was promoted as a high officer. 

          The Ebans, as most Grays, have no protuberant nose but they wear a prosthetic apparel that looks like if they have a large protuberant nose. It allows them to breathe in our Earth’s atmosphere. That is the reason why the Ebans have sometimes been called the “long-nose Grays”. The Eban officers were caught straight away and put in stasis in blue gel tubes that I could see. This happened quickly enough and it was a first, for their consciousness was left intact inside of  their bodies. Usually, when Grays are caught, they are instantly deactivated. They are taken off their synthetic bodies instantly and remotely by the Hive Queen, that they do not leak any information about the Hive and the whole Collective. That is how Dene Thor could crack the code of the Hive. And… a nasty thing was sent back on the frequency of the Hive.

          The collapsing of the Nebu Hive has allowed the Sirius-B system and then many others to free themselves from the Nebu tyranny and kick the Grays out. With the collapsing of the Orion Hive, the Nebu Empire is now falling apart. The Grays are nonetheless, as all living forms in the Universe, creatures from Source. They are now reversing back to reforming their original planetary hives, with each planet’s central core consciousness as a planetary hive-queen. As it was from the beginning before the Betelgeuse Ebans created the Orion Nebula’s Hive Super-Queen regrouping them all in one. All the different Gray cultures liberated from assimilation will survive Ok, but the Nebu Empire will be soon history. I do hope that the Grays will learn their lessons from this and grow in consciousness and wisdom. The Universe is so full of surprises.

Starship pilot Celadion – GFW

“Always keep joy and fun in your heart. Laugh each day for a silly thing. 

Never let a day go by without a smile. This is power.”


6 thoughts on “Ea, formerly known as Enki – Anunnaki geneticist and royal prince from the Anu dynasty.(he brings back our original DNA template to reactivate and repair) – February 27, 2023

  1. Not sure if its growth in consciousness but a year ago I would have scoffed and deleted a post like this. I’m finishing Danaan’s extraordinary recent book THE SEEDERS and all of what she says here is familiar to me now. I don’t yet understand all of the off-world references she makes but I have no choice but to accept what Elena reports is true. The only evidence I see in my everyday world, is the disappearance of certain individuals who were formerly constantly in the news. Where did they go? How come we don’t see so and so as often as we did? They are being removed gradually, is all I can guess.


  2. No one sees the “future”. It does not exist. Only the Now exists. The Now is the potential for everything, and anything, to exist. Anyone making predictions of the “future” is seeing a sliver of the potential of the All. That sliver is created by their biases and expectation, thus it is just for them.

    People are coming around about Channeling. We are starting to see that anyone and everyone can do it, and that the information you discover is primarily relative to the channeller. All of us channel now, and always have. We’ve just been taught that it’s something else, and not of much value. That we need to follow the “authority”, and question everything that is not that “authority”..

    You can speak to many channellers who publish their messages, and you will find, in the reputable ones, they are quite aware that their message is for them (IE. Brenda H.). They share their personal messages with the intention of providing information to those who share similar perspectives to themselves. That it may be helpful to others.

    There are also channellers who believe themselves to be an authority of “The Way” it needs to be done by all. Self proclaimed gurus. These are just mature souls learning, in more depth, about their own egos. They are growing, and just as a teenager believes they have all the answers to everything, they do as well. It’s part of the process we all go through in discovering our truth.

    It is up to each, who seeks information, to learn discernment and tap into your own potential. It’s very simple. If it feels good, pursue it. If it does not feel good, continue seeking in another direction. This action, itself, is channeling. You are just opening yourself up to the energy of higher self. How you translate this information, whether it be in visions, words, or some other way, is entirely up to you.


    1. Very nice info…thank you! You are so correct, as NOW (No Other Way) is the only moment which exists! I also agree about channeling as this is really about a sliver of “me” speaking to me with resulting info that others may want to know. 😊🌹💓🎉


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