Breaking/HydroFlouricAcid Spill/Mississippi ~ February 27, 2023



UPDATE Feb. 26 2:52 PM:

The DeSoto County Government provided an update on the chemical spill in Mussacuna Creek.

The environmental cleanup companies worked through the night to stabilize the areas impacted by the spill.

The Mussacuna Creek was temporarily dammed, so that no product continued downstream to Arkabutla Lake.

At that time, testing showed slightly elevated PH levels in the water.

Actions were taken to neutralize the PH levels, and the PH of creek water has returned to normal limits.

Soil samples and water samples have been taken and will continue to be taken during the duration of cleanup efforts.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Equality (MSDEQ) is satisfied with the progress, so the dam is being removed to allow the creek flow to return.

There are no indications of any contamination of drinking water both for the city water system, or any private water wells in the areas along creek.

As a precaution, cleanup efforts will continue on-site for several more days and crews will continue to assess nearby creeks and waterways for any impacts.


The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and DeSoto County EMA are asking the public to avoid driving near Mussacuna Creek after a chemical spill incident.

The Hernando Fire Department responded to a fire on McCracken Road.

It was determined a container that housed hydrofluoric acid had leaked, resulting in some of the chemical being washed into Mussacuna Creek, officials said.

Cleanup crews are building a dam on the creek, to limit any potential dangers.

Crews on the scene said there is no danger to drinking water or residents who live downstream or upstream.

Robertson Gin Road will be closed between Green Village and Ranch Road, to provide for crew and equipment parking while the dam is being built on Mussacuna creek.


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