Your Impact on the World & Universe ~ February 25, 2023


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in following the progress of humanity, because it helps us to have that kind of feedback when it comes to our teachings and energetic transmissions. We know who is receiving us and who isn’t. We know that some people receive us consciously and some do not. We know that some are able to absorb the words but not the energetic transmissions. And so, we are able to chart the progress of each of those groups of humans and make adjustments. We have so much fun in watching you grow and progress, because we can see how what we are putting out energetically is having an impact on all of you.

You all don’t have that same ability, and that is unfortunate. It is unfortunate that you cannot see how you are impacting your world all the time, because we know that if everyone could, they would be much more conscious about what it was they were putting out into the world. And those of you who want to be of service but don’t know what to do must trust that you are still having an impact with the thoughts you think, the intentions you hold, the vibrations you offer, the words you speak, and so on. 

You must put your faith in a type of ripple effect, and know that everyone out there in the world is affected by everything that’s going on with you, internally and externally. So if you do want to make an impact, please do not hesitate to make those energetic adjustments just because you might not be able to see how they have impacted the world and everyone in it. In fact, here is an even better approach for all of you. Do what you do, think what you think, say what you say, and vibrate how you vibrate because doing so feels good. Let that moment where you are resonating with what you are putting out there be enough. 

Let your feelings guide you, and make sure that your feelings matter to you, because they do matter to you and to everyone else; they materialize. They are how you create your reality, and your reality includes the reality of the entire world, of the entire universe. If you cannot see the impact you are having, then just feel for it. Let your feelings be enough, because you are enough. Your existence matters, and you can put out so much more positive energy when you understand that it matters to everyone. And when you know that it is also coming back to you in some way, shape, or form, that’s just a bonus.

The fact that you got to feel good in the moment needs to be enough because that’s all you have in life is a moment. You have a series of moments. It is easier to continue to be in a moment that feels good, a moment where you are offering something that is high vibrational and that is supposed to be of service to others. Remember that. You get to benefit from the momentum that you create, and remember that everyone else benefits as well.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


12 thoughts on “Your Impact on the World & Universe ~ February 25, 2023

      1. 1: Walk a mile in MY shoes, and see how YOU become.
        2: Earth’s a GULAG.
        3: We need DIRECT ET contact, NOW….not motivational speeches.
        4: I never chose to incarnate here.
        5: Thinking “HAPPY THOUGHTS” like some hippie, is not gonna win this war…and this all this is, a WAR….not a ‘movie’, nor a ‘game’.
        6: We’re suffering down here, whilst the Arcturians do nothing but give up cheer leading…and SILENT cheer leading at that, from their nice worlds and their safe, cozy starships.

        Need I go on? The Arcturians need to either show up or shut up.

        Galactic Codex, which legally, and morally BINDS them to come and help us.

        Not all of us are gonna prance about, shouting “LOVE AND LIGHT!” or “Nameste!” Call it George Carlin syndrome, if you will.


      2. Ok… this not a war, but an “expansion” of Earth, complete with inhabitants, which is a Universal first! So sorry for your angst, and wish you the extreme pleasure of having life BE as you wish! 😊🌹


      3. The aliens, and their tech, need to GET here first, Cindy.
        Can’t do something without the correct tools/tech.


      4. I been calling out to the aliens, at this point nearly screaming out to them, since I was about 12 years old in 1991.

        You do the math.

        And I need them to do more than watch, I need them to LAND….I just need ONE of their small ships to land and pick me up.

        This clip sums it all up about me when it comes to this planet and the humans living on it:


      5. I need the aliens to SHOW UP, and I don’t mean ‘watching me’ or little twinkly lights moving about in the sky.

        I need a face to face meeting with them, and go WITH then, otherwise I have NOTHING


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