No Other Explanation ~ February 25, 2023


Editor’s Note: Well, there we have it…those is society who do not recognize the “spiritual expansion” humanity is in NOW (No Other Way)! Yes, “the expansion of humanity” is clearly NOT the goal of those who seek to control ALL of us, and in “whatever” manner they are choosing to eliminate the useless eaters humanity represents.

On another level, those who seek to control us are not ready for the Love humanity actually represents. Thus they modify all that we Love…food, sex, the tool of $$ which allows us to exist as we choose. So…has anyone considered the “best” tool humanity has to disengage those of the dark is to BE Love? Mahatma Gandhi recognized this tool!

Rolling over and playing dead is not-Love. Loving yourself requires action, which IS the question-of-the-moment as members of society each seek the best method for BEing Love pro-actively, thus disallowing the repressive and destructive actions of dark controllers. As each of us be-comes the Love we choose to be, actions which “feel right” evolve to discount the fear “they” seek to impose on us. The main message here…Love Who You Are, Love those around you, Be True to yourself, and then find yourself BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


There really is no other explanation for what is happening…it is clearly intentional, global genocide, the only thing not yet certain is how and when. Most of the “how” has already been laid out, only the details are still fuzzy. The “when” is probably more of a mystery. I still personally am compelled to hold doubts whether the vaccine rollout is fully intentional murder or not, but it stands to reason that lowering the population at least to some degree is a clear intention—maybe primarily through sterilization, maybe not. I can’t see how anyone can say it isn’t a goal to see a smaller population, as it has been clearly spoken about for decades.

However, to carry this out demonstrably, much like we saw in the “final solution” of the Nazi’s, is the part of this genocide that could still lay in question. But with every day that goes by, it certainly appears like it is true—a deliberate effort to diminish the world population through, as only one of several methods, the administration of a toxic substance through syringe that would damage a human’s circulatory, neurological, reproductive, and immune systems, immediately, or over time—with intention to destroy and maim.

There is surely evidence of this intention with thousands dying for no apparent reason. “Sudden Death Syndrome” which often describes these unexpected heart attacks, blood clots and a myriad of other circulatory and neurological deaths. And this isn’t even taking into account the declining birth rates, the accelerating stillborn and miscarriage rates, and the escalation of cancer deaths around the world. [1]

My dear lord—what could be more devastating? Devastating of course to the human race, but also to humanity in general, as well as to everything we have believed in, trusted, and held true.

Many people consider the vaccines were a mistake—that they were poorly designed due to the rush, and not very effective for the same reasons. But if this were true, why haven’t they stopped the vaccination campaigns? They have not. And it is understandable, although sinister and evil, for the vaccine makers and pushers to pretend no mistake was made and to act as if there was no problem with them. They still could stop pushing to get people vaccinated without copping to any “mistake” they may have made. But they haven’t. They are going just as strong, if not stronger, to coerce people and children to get the jab.

Many people believe this is all a money grab. They think Big Pharma has gotten themselves in the convenient position where they can completely call the shots. They are indemnified from any recourse someone who is injured by the vaccine could make against them. They have the backing of most of the world’s governments, and they have spent nearly nothing in trials or research and development regarding this injection. They apparently are not accountable at all. So the money keeps rolling in, against no expense. What could be better?

That scenario doesn’t work that well when considering the big picture. Taking this sort of risk—knowingly releasing a poison just to make billions, would eventually backfire. But this doesn’t seem to be a concern, they simply don’t seem to care. You can’t get away with this sort of thing forever…unless…unless you have powerful people at the top to cover for you, and protect you as you go along because you are part of their agenda. If this were only a money grab, Big Pharma would be pedaling fast to pull out and cover their tracks as best they could. They aren’t.

The only plausible plot outline we are left with is intentional genocide.

If you go further down the rabbit hole you will find all sorts of evidence for this. It appears clear that “those at the top” do not think much like human beings are expected to think. According to Naomi Wolf in her wonderful book The Bodies of Others:

But to understand what has happened to us, I must ask you to suspend for a while a thought process that investigators call “mirror imaging.” This is when we assume others think as we do. Because most of us are decent people, and not sociopaths or psychopaths, we tend to assume that others are also driven by basic human motivations such as empathy, altruism, and kindness—or even just by the basic notion that other human beings are also deserving of life, self-determination, and dignity.

I think this “mirror imaging” Wolf describes nails it. When a person reaches a certain pinnacle of wealth and power (and evil dominance?) they lose a kinship with other humans. Even if they think they are doing “what is best” they only apply that to an unconnected and dissociated “mass” whom which they have no feelings for on a personal, individual, level. Any leader who has led young men and women into war must possess this distance in order to make the decision to kill people for the “greater good” (which of course, historically, has seldom been for the “greater” good.) These elite making the decision to inject billions of people knowing, just through a logical, rational, and statistical probability, that a certain number, even a large number, will die or become seriously ill from the injection, have to be experiencing this disconnect.

The reasons for these decisions regarding the rollout of the “vaccine” never really existed (the dangers of Covid 19) and they all knew this (unless they were colossally stupid). So then why do it? They did it to accomplish another agenda, which none of us but they were aware of. That agenda included, among other things, the gradual depopulation of the world to a level that would allow the rest of their agenda a greater likelihood of being successfully carried out.

Nothing even the most sinister imagination could conjure up, could be more despicable and more frightening.

The good news? Well, there is a little. If you are vaccinated and are not already sick or dead from these shots, you may be perfectly fine. There is “rumor” that a large number of vaccine batches did not contain active material. There are some compelling reasons to believe this is true, so hold that possibility to keep from swirling down into despair. There is also a possibility some batches did contain active mRNA and lipid delivery particles but not much of it to render the shot terribly dangerous. So you may have squeaked by there as well. If any of these speculations are true, then anyone vaxxed is in a rather large percentage of dodging this bullet.

Even if you got one of the loaded jabs, you may work your body out of damage by taking some of the “Vax Treatments” out there. Do a Google search and see what you come up with. And of course, as a Shrew Views reader pointed out, the body is an amazing spiritual and physical machine. We cannot underestimate its powers in ridding the body of toxins and working against the evil that wants to harm you. And then, of course, there is prayer.

I want to thank all of my readers for their support, both physically, financially, and spiritually. Much of what you find in this article I garnered from the 120 or so comments many of you left responding to my “discussion article” Intentional Genocide? Many thanks go out to all of you reading and commenting. Keep the discussion going, all we have is each other.

[1] I have purposefully linked mainstream media reports on these developments to illustrate how out of touch, and misleading, the main news outlets are.

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