All Wars Are Bankers Wars – February 25, 2023


All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

25 February, 2023

This video which tells the people the truth; that All Wars Are Bankers Wars and The Jesuits Supported All of Them. Watch and see how the Politicians and Media fed the people pure hogwash and hid this true fact from the masses.

Since the days of George Washington Bankers have foisted debt slavery through paper notes on many generations of information deprived citizens through educational systems and mind control vehicles like Television, Newspaper Articles and Comic Pages to control their so called FREE CHOICES.


Underground war ☝🏻☝🏻


Подземная война ☝🏻☝🏻


Untergrund Krieg ☝🏻☝🏻






This is the most interesting point here:

17% of respondents said they had lost a loved one in the war [from 9% 6 months ago].

Suggests a broadly constant casualty rate smoothed over time.

🔗 Anatoly Karlin



🆘One year of war in Ukraine, we still give them our reserves❓

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3 thoughts on “All Wars Are Bankers Wars – February 25, 2023

  1. Very good presentation. I learnt this 4-5 years ago and recognised it with the Iraq war, Afghanistan, accusation on Assad in Syria which Russia came to their aid
    These psychopathic bankers will stop at nothing and have an insatiable greed for the useless paper they call money. The UK Royals are complicit as well as our so called puppets called politicians…just mere minions for the Cabal.
    The world is starting to crash down and the Cabal know their reign is done.
    It won’t be pleasant but has to be done then we will live as we were supposed to live in total freedom and joy.


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