February 24, 2023: They’re On a Roll… AND HUGE NEWS from Arizona! [videos] ~ February 24, 2023


When they said something BIG is coming—I had no idea it would be this big. Scroll down to the red ‘Breaking News’ headline and read what was revealed here in Arizona. The video is on Twitter – 42 min.

Now, back to our regular programming.

Every day brings new, noteworthy, unmissable events and after weeks of train derailments and toxic HAZMAT situations, multiple mass shootings and active shooter situations, widespread UFO/balloon reports and potentially provocative response from US jets, a series of significant earthquakes and explosions at factories and various warehousing situations, we have a spate of oil and gas-related fires.

Link to Telegram. Another one of those “coincidences”.

3 fires broke out at three different facilities in Mexico and the U.S. operated by state-owned Mexican oil company Pemex in just one day


Pemex Deer Park, Texas fire broke out in crude distillation area -sources

This week we were watching incredible testimony here in the Arizona’s legislature concerning the activities during the recent elections, both 2020 and 2022. The mob in Arizona had an incredibly complex, intricate web cast over a wide area. It was quite an operation. No wonder they were so arrogant.


This afternoon I saw the ShadyGrooove video below pop up on Telegram.

Are you ready for this? This is huge—including the size of the investigation involving racketeering, the laundering of cartel money, Human trafficking, trust deed fraud, etc. It involves this entire [Phoenix] valley and beyond. More than 10,000 documents notarized by the Maricopa County Recorder’s office. Bankruptcy fraud. Construction fraud. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. The scope of it is off the charts. A private police department to protect the operation. Degrees to phantom people from A.S.U. My jaw is on the floor.

I thought I lived in the desert but it’s a swamp!

I don’t see how any election held in this State can be upheld at this point. The speaker says it has involved the Maricopa County voting database which has zero integrity at this point. This web is unbelievably massive and complex. No wonder Gregg Phillips and Mike Lindell were so patient and assuring that it was going to be BIG.

The speaker has so much evidence and detail they finally shut her down after 42 minutes, saying it wasn’t the time or the place to be alleging these things. Too bad. It was riveting.

EXPLOSIVE testimony today at the Sen. Elections and House O/sight hearings by Jackie Berger

Outlining the most complex investigation into Political corruption in AZ. @katiehobbs and her husband are laundering cartel money through fake deeds and mortgages.@KariLake pic.twitter.com/NhrBTchIMu

— Shadygrooove (@shadygrooove) February 24, 2023

From Ohio… this just in. Kind of throws a different light on things, doesn’t it? It wasn’t simply some hot wheel bearings that started a fire. Some folks questioned just what was on those tracks as a pipe bomb or something was found somewhere, as well.

Man Finds Undetonated Blasting Cap on Property 1.4 Miles From Ohio Derailment Controlled Toxic Chemical Burn

Below is an excellent update with Dr. Jane Ruby and Dr. Pete Chambers with intel on the Ohio situation and they suspect the operation was about a land grab, as I mentioned it could be.

Ohio Train Derailment Is DOD False Flag! – DOD Whistleblower, Green Beret Surgeon, Dr. Pete Chambers – Dr. Jane Ruby Show

And, they are bound and determined to hatch a new scamdemic. Dengue hemhorragic fever. Boogah-boogah!!!!

A new plague perhaps?

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Medicalxpress (https://medicalxpress.com/news/2023-02-peru-declares-health-emergency-dengue.html)

Peru declares health emergency over dengue outbreak
Peru on Thursday declared a “health emergency” in 13 departments in the country’s north, center and southeast due to an outbreak of dengue.

Some, as in Canada, can’t let go of the OLD scamdemic narrative. It’s insane.

University of British Columbia medicine professor Dr. Amy Tan says that not wearing masks is an act of racism, ableism and classism.https://t.co/j9PpCovhCY

— True North (@TrueNorthCentre) February 24, 2023

How did all these Canadian doctors die? Video shared by SGAnon on Rumble.

Since Liz Crokin shared this Telegram, I assume it is pedo-related. Did I not say there would be a lot of suicides coming up?

What we don’t know is whether it really was suicide rather than face the shame of being exposed for what they are, or some pedo-hunters gave them the easy way out. I suspect the former in this case but it’s just a guess.

BREAKING: Billionaire financier, Thomas H. Lee, is found dead inside Fifth Avenue office: Investor – who was friends with Clintons – died from self-inflicted gunshot wound – as family say “our hearts are broken”! #ClintonBodyCount


It’s like pulling teeth getting the pedophile/pedovore truths. We saw Alan Dershowitz’ name on the passenger log on the “Lolita Express” to Epstein Island. How bad he really is we don’t know but he seems to be alive so…

Alan Dershowitz admits the Rothschilds introduced him to Jeffrey Epstein.

Is he cooperating now? Perhaps he didn’t do anything terribly wrong and they’re allowing him to do penance?

NEW: Alan Dershowitz Reverses His Position on Mandatory Covid Vaccines…

He Says Because They Clearly Don’t Work & He Got Sick Despite Being Boosted…

Must Watch #ThenVsNow Clip👇Interview Credit @alexstein99 & @csthetruth pic.twitter.com/RlDeipt6WZ

— Covid-1984 (@Spiro_Ghost) February 24, 2023

That raises an important question. No idea if it applies to Dershowitz or not.

How do we deal with people who were entrapped by the deep state with honey pots, drugs, video of them with a young child, etc. and when they indicated they didn’t want to go along with the cabal’s plan for their role in the big scheme of things, the thugs threatened to rape their wife, make the kids watch, and skin their dog alive? 

What would you do? It’s how they operate and how they were able to get so many otherwise decent people to be complicit in their domination. Not everyone rapes and murders babies as part of a lifestyle choice.

We had discussed before the mafia’s proclivity for presenting awards amongst themselves. It’s a badge of honour—recognized only by the monsters in their midst.

And Every One of Them Participated in Epstein Island Child Sacrifice

Change of topic:

Link to Telegram.

JUST IN – Tesco and Aldi to ration some vegetables in the United Kingdom due to supply shortages.

We warned people over and over again and they said it would never happen. Well we are here now.

To be honest the way that our water is getting poisoned, I wouldn’t want to eat fruit and vegetables now anyway.

Riccardo Bosi in the video below with Jean-Claude and Janine stated that the White Hats want people to pay attention and realize what the New World Order had planned for them, but will not allow people to starve or go without power long term or suffer unduly on the scale promised by the psychopaths. We will get a taste in many areas, though.

Also regarding the UK, we heard the following: Link to Telegram.

A “national warning message” will be sent directly to every mobile phone across Britain later this month or in early March.
Before the alert is sent a publicity campaign will warn people to expect it and not to panic when they get it.
Officials say the test may be the only time a nationwide message is sent but it will demonstrate that the new system is capable of reaching every part of the country.

Alerts can also be limited to specific areas by controlling which mobile phone masts they broadcast from. In practice the system is expected to be used for local “extreme weather warnings” such as flood alerts.

The Government previously sent out a national text message at the start of the Covid crisis in March 2020, ordering people to stay at home, but this was only possible with assistance from mobile phone operators. Rather than sending a text, the new emergency alert uses an app included in Android and Apple iPhone operating systems.

This can be turned off in phone settings, although it is thought many phone owners won’t even know they have it installed.
The new alerts are a 21st century equivalent of the former three minute warnings of a nuclear attack during the Cold War.
via express.co.uk

📍Various emergencies come one after another. People simply do not have time to analyze everything and form their own opinions about such events. Many have given up trying to understand anything. But possible nuclear attacks remain truly frightening to most of the population…

Down in Oz you’re very fortunate to have Riccardo Bosi on your side and he does a brilliant job of defining the war, what’s happening, who is doing what, the White Hat strategy, what is yet to come, why etc. His “rainbow” of characters after the 35 minute mark is perfect. Thanks to the crew for sharing this Canadian production from Jean-Claude and Janine, who has been exceptionally accurate. It’s packed with pertinent and valuable information for those trying to make sense of the war. 1 hr. 45 min.


Bosi got into the psychology of the White Hats’ plan to turn this into a “movie”. They know that people will not find credibility in unfamiliar characters telling them the truth, particularly when it is in stark contrast to what they always believed.

That is why the lamestream media is so powerful. They can lie to your face and most people believe them because their paradigm is that the media is truthful and honestly represents the research, etc. They are considered “journalists” even when it’s the CIA telling them what to report, right down to exact phrases.

The strategy in play truly is brilliant. The Alliance removed many of the most evil, influential characters and replaced them with a double, clone, actor in a mask, etc. so people still think they’re seeing the same old politician, media talking head, president, actor/actress, etc. when it’s really someone playing a role and dropping red pills that the masses find more palatable because it’s someone familiar.

If the White Hats took out every criminal, every lying media talking head, and came in with a gaggle of brand new people and tried to explain what had happened, there would be a great deal of suspicion. The cognitive dissonance would be even worse than it is now. It might be perceived as a coup, a hostile takeover, and would be rejected.

Either people wouldn’t pay any attention at all, or they might get violent. Bosi states what we have been saying for awhile now— and this is the goal of the Q Team overall—to get ‘The People’ on the side of the military.

The Q drops were designed to give us just enough information that the average patriot would see the threat, understand there had been a coup, the infiltration, the pedophilia and Human trafficking, etc.

Now, not only American patriots but good, honest people all over the world ‘get it’. They are on the warpath against the tyranny and communist criminals under the Khazarian mafia and realize they have to fight for their freedom. The Q Team was a calm, logical, supportive, sympathetic, but tough “personality” displaying leadership and love for America and Humanity in general.

They assured us that justice would be done, but it had to be done on a “timetable” based on the EVENTS to follow. They promised “the arrests will come”. Meanwhile, we believe they have been detaining, arresting, trying, sentencing, and executing the worst offenders, and the Guantanamo Bay facility and others are housing many who were picked up and will be tried either in civil courts or later in military courts—possibly on television so those who need to can see that justice truly is being done.

Bosi confirmed that the authorities [perhaps military, law enforcement or at the very least deputized people?] have gone quietly and unobtrusively to the homes of many of the guilty cabal underlings and taken them away. One of the most important things to the Earth Alliance is the preservation of innocent lives and civilian lives. They want to avoid civil war and violence at all costs. They don’t want vigilantism or fully armed Americans going off half-cocked, if you’ll pardon the pun.

There is far too much that would have to be explained to the brainwashed, sleepy public before they could understand the situation and could support what the military has been and is doing currently behind the scenes. It took Q over four years to prepare us and some still don’t fully understand.

Some military activity is camouflaged by terminology like “training exercises”, etc. They can frame it so the joint exercises with Russia, or France, or Canada are perceived as “just routine” when they’re not.

As discussed previously, my suspicion that “Disclosure” will somehow be one offshoot of these insane balloons and the shooting down of UFOs/UAPs, we have ER doc Dr. Steven Greer back on the scene where he has resuscitated the Alien Invasion/UFO coverup.

Dr. Steven Greer Reveals the Truth Behind the Recent “Chinese Balloons” and “UFO’s”


This is attempted murder. Where is the outrage? https://t.co/jFOJCYov5J

— Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) February 24, 2023

From the woo-woo files, someone captured video of a saucer in the town of Lake Tahoe. When you slow down the video it’s plain as day. Link to Telegram.

This is a shot of the Milky Way. When you think in terms of the rift in the dome that some claim happened when “someone” tried to break it and escape, the “Milky Way” gets more interesting. Sure looks like “shattered glass”.

Another post come to its end. Every day seems more exciting than the last. Do they break on weekends?  ~ BP

3 thoughts on “February 24, 2023: They’re On a Roll… AND HUGE NEWS from Arizona! [videos] ~ February 24, 2023

  1. On Dr. Greer from 911 to the “Balloon Moment:” simply REVELATORY. I have been waiting for this one ! Always “timely.” THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE FROM
    THE ILLUSION OF FEAR. Thank you for posting this!


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