Adrenochrome…Connect The Dots – February 24, 2023


Now CONNECT Adrenochrome to all this. 💥👀💥


Orion 👉🏽 Egypt 👉🏽 Giza Pyramid on U.S. Money 👉🏽 Nephilim 👉🏽 HRC 👉🏽 Obama Admin 👉🏽 Bush Family 👉🏽 Iraq/Iran 👉🏽 Pedo Joe Crime Family 👉🏽 Ukraine 👉🏽 Hollywood 👉🏽 Vatican/City of London/DC 👉🏽 Satanic/Luciferian/Cannibalism 👉🏽 Abortion 👉🏽 Human Harvesting/Trafficking 👉🏽 Epstein Island 👉🏽 pHARMakeia 👉🏽 CONvid 👉🏽 Omicron 👉🏽 Transhumanism — It’s ALL CONNECTED.

Lisa Renee’s Orion’s Belt summarizes ALL of the DS occult connections at their highest levels

Former CIA & late Robert David Steele testifying that people in America are breeding children, drinking Adrenochrome blood

This is an ancient battle & we are in End Times Prophecies

The attack on human children is an ancient satanic ritual — to harvest adrenochrome.



People’s egos get in their own way. Just because YOU do not know or believe that something is REAL, does not mean it does not exist or hasn’t been existing for eons. An opinion can easily become a fact in a 3D person’s limiting mind. It is this very ignorance & narrow perspective that has allowed these hideous acts to continue on Earth.

These photos alone are by no means are absolute proof of children sacrifices, adrenochrome production, sexual abuse or child trafficking, but these statue displays along with all the other pieces of evidence & a free-thinking, open-minded person can plausibly conclude that there is HEAVY EVIDENCE that a group of people, maybe non-humans are harvesting human children’s for these specific reasons. 💀



It’s an old dying energy. They knew everything about humans, but everyday humans knew very little about them. They are depicted everywhere in all cultures & countries. They’ve been hidden in plain sight.

This statue is of the ancient reptilian god named Morrop in Peru. Morrop was known as the deity of the afterlife.

Statue of a Reptilian Humanoid in Peru



With the most trusted Patriots serving as Secret Service throughout my life. The Galactic Alliance And US Military had infiltrated key Government positions that obscured my whereabouts with the Witness Protection Program.

The plan was simple, A Navy pilot took off with a parachute on board and a C4 explosive attached to the fuselage. Once he was 34 miles out from Martha’s Vineyard airport he parachuted out and activated the remote trigger forcing the Cessna into a nose-dive.

The Cabal’s plans were to assassinate us and make it look like a crash, just like COVID-19. With no proof of the bodies recovered the Cabal would use their assets in place to complete the accident. Just like the virus,

The Cabal used their World Leaders, Governments, MSM, Hospitals and online assets to create the illusion. A distraction to hide their adrenochrome harvesting and torturing of innocent children.

The Future Always Proves The Past,

The Best Is Yet To Come.

John F Kennedy Jr.

19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫


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