Juan O’ Savin: HUGE Intel Feb 19: “THE WAR AGAINST THE DEEP STATE” (Video) ~ February 24, 2023



4 thoughts on “Juan O’ Savin: HUGE Intel Feb 19: “THE WAR AGAINST THE DEEP STATE” (Video) ~ February 24, 2023

  1. Until ALL of humanity raises consciousness beyond 3D you ain’t getting nothing from the St Germain Trust..you know it as GESARA/NESARA which I’ve studied for the last 40 yrs. Why do you think the controllers control manipulate dominate your world? Because you don’t Get it and they do…wake up people.


      1. No, it’s not that easy. You must dissolve 3D before you can move on. The Event is about you doing the work, not sitting back and waiting for some solar flash to do it for you. All these words simply reinforce this matrix of duality. ITS ABOUT RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS OUT OF THIS … not sitting by listening to more words and waiting,,,but go ahead..,do as you please…but all are Masters and Masters dissolved the matrix before they became Masters…all must do the same…it’s a world of duality. Study that to get it then you’ll get why you’re here..words just continue to perpetuate more duality…study the St Germaine Trust to really Get it.


  2. Thanks…I agree with we, ourselves, raising our own consciousness…and that used this us why I blog about love, the “ truth” about our world as it changes, and even tips for “how to”! 😊🌹🎉


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