Get Ready World, I’m coming out! – February 23, 2023


T S Trans is here!

Get Ready World, I’m coming out!

It’s here. It’s the next new thing in ‘trans’, and I’m all in. Well, rather, I’m all out!

It’s the T S Trans movement!

Yes, and you, nor they, can’t do shit about it.

No one can deny me the economic and commercial advantages of being ‘trans’. Look at all the special contracts, privileges, et al, that emerge from the world once you come out!

I want to be a ‘legally protected class’, too!

So follow me! Come on out!

I am T S Trans. That is someone is born male, then later identifies as woman, but then, she changes her mind, and then is identifying as high Testosterone Sigma male (hence the T S, part).

Come on in! The Woo is fine! Get your own Trans On! Get free money from the government!

It’s all in their minds…but our reality is mine to mold, too. Not just they are allowed to play with words.

Let them deny me & see how fast I bitch slap their attorneys with the new reality of T S Trans.

I’m LOUD! I’m Proud! I’m T S Trans!

I get to use any damn bathroom I want!

See if I don’t!


6 thoughts on “Get Ready World, I’m coming out! – February 23, 2023

  1. Lol, that’s great, also transvax, I’m unvaccinated but relate as vaxed cuz I got my own immunity….lol, this whole trans thing is gonna bite them in the arse . .
    Also trans illegal, yeah, so I get free housing, education and are exempt from the jab….lol


  2. Once again, the darkies are using the trans folks, and the rest of the LGBT, as a new target for the masses to hate and loathe and fear. A lot like how 9-11 helped folks hate, loath and fear people with brown skin, and Dubya later on trying to blame the gays for why the country was in hell during his tenure.

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      1. Does not matter. I view femininity as a requirement for a woman…not reproductive qualities.
        For example, I see her as a woman <——BTW, when I said I saw, in dreams, vision and so on of my TRUE self, my true self looked very similar to her, though my hair was more curly….like Farrah Faucet had in the 1970's.

        I don't, however, see people like Janet Reno, Rossie O'Donnel, Barbara Bush, nor 90% of my school teachers as woman….just men with vaginas.

        And I will never, EVER forgive the Archons and the Chimera for what they did to me…..killing me in my past life (which was an alien woman), probably torturing me like some of the Pleiadians that Cobra said the darkies have as hostage, forcing me to incarnate on this rotten planet, as a human, and worse, a MAN…..and a very unidealistic man at that…..I'm Charlie Brown in the flesh (complete with balding head in childhood), and I plan to not only get my TRUE self restored (which I need the aliens to help me with), but get REVENGE on the darkies. I want to make them PRAY for death, for I will dance in their blood, and bathe in their tears….and enjoy EVERY fucking minute of that.


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