Kat Is The Sea – February 23, 2023


2-22-23 😼 A SUICIDE?

On May 7, 2022, at the age of 59,
Mark Middleton, an Arkansas businessman, 
former presidential advisor 
& close friend of President Bill Clinton,
was found hanging from a tree
with a shotgun blast through his chest.
but there was no sign of the weapon
that killed him.

So he shot himself 
& THEN hung himself & hid the gun?

He hung himself
& THEN shot himself & hid the gun?

Middleton helped turn the family business
Middleton Heat & Air into one of the state’s
largest HVAC Companies.

Middleton authorized some of
💥 Epstein’s trips to the White House……

Another Clinton body bag
in the 121 mysterious deaths of people
either directly or remotely connected 
to the Clintons.




Off the west coast of Scotland 
is a small group of islands called the Hebrides. 
Between 1949 & 1952 
a wide spread revival 
swept through these islands 
in answer to the prayers of God’s people.

In a small cottage by the roadside 
in the village of Barvas, 
lived two elderly women, 
Peggy & Christine Smith.
They were to infirm to attend public worship.

One night Peggy had a revelation, 
revival was coming 
& the church of her fathers 
would be crowded again

And it was so.


President Trump was gifted a Bible
from his mother, Mary,
that was used in the Hebrides Revival.

Today 2-22-23 revival is taking place
at Asbury University in Kentucky 
where a spontaneous revival broke out 
February 8, 2022 & is still going today.




I always think I can spot Uncle Rob Trump
because he has a specific round face
& speaks with a thicker New York accent.

But there are SO MANY Trumps.
Short, tall, fat, thin, accent, no accent…
QTeam move him around so much
& likely off-planet a lot of the time.

it makes me happy.
They’re keeping him safe 
& that’s what counts ❤️🦅🇺🇸

Please just keep POTUS safe, Q.
We will gladly end our lives to ensure he lives.
More than you can imagine. 🙏🕊




For the record, Juan O Savin 
sometimes wears rubber hands 😹

DJT in Ohio? Nyet 😎

QTeam rocks! 🤣

👇 Loop00_00



ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter
The crew that died in the plane crash 
outside of Clinton airport 
was headed to the Bedford explosion in Ohio 
as a private contractor. 

Norfolk Southern was attempting to persuade 
Ohio Residents to waive their legal right 
in the aftermath of the train crash…



😼 The biggest shareholders 
of Norfolk Southern
are Vanguard, BlackRock & JP Morgan.
3 deep state demon companies & bank.

The fact that this plane crash took place
near Clinton Airport in Arkansas
on the same day Mark Middleton’s Arkansas
death was pronounced a “suicide” 
is weird timing.

Middleton, a Clinton presidential advisor,
not only authorized some of Epstein’s
17 visits to the Clinton White House,
he himself flew on Epstein’s jet
nicknamed “Lolita Express.” 



Modern Missy, who LIVES 6 miles 
from E Palestine has a point, L & L! 🌟💛
It’s all very
to me.
Psyops within psyops.
Agree with VK & Doq 🤔🎥

This is how you COLLAPSE the deep state
Through ACTORS who flip
Play roles
Then leak leak leak
create civil war 💥



🇷🇺 Full Text of President Putin’s
Address to the Federal Assembly


🇺🇸 Juan O Savin
However, don’t confuse that 
with dropping your guard for an instant.
We’re a captured operation,
Russia’s a captured operation..
Their system is as dangerous as ours.
There’s people in the right positions 
at the helm & close to it 
that in the right circumstance
they wouldn’t hesitate for an instant
to do something wonky or bizarre.
Does it make people 
that actually gets this stuff nervous?
You better believe it.
There’s plenty of people not sleeping tonight
in a lot of different positions..
REALIZE President Trump has NEVER condemned Putin.

👇 LizCrokinReport
President Putin took a victory lap 
at a rally in Moscow today 
after giving his epic State of the Nation speech 
— an address that will go down in history 
as one of the greatest speeches 
of our generation.



🦅🇺🇸 President Trump buys McDonald’s in Ohio.
He said, “We’ll eat it on the plane.” 😹❤️

Med Bed?? 😉
👇 PepeMatter



Obama sent $152 BILLION $ to Iran
some digital, some in pallets of cash
& some say it’s closer to $400 BILLION 
[taxpayer dollars]
→ Some went to the mullahs in Iran
but it was laundered through
→ Iran
→ Ukraine
→ Vatican banks
→ All over the world to affect elections.
→ Including coming back into the United States 
in order to cook OUR elections. 
All that money 
was being pushed out into the world 
through this little sh*t-head Obama.
The [DS] were managing Obama 
puppeteering Obama in the Presidency
with all the various tools 
of the American Government 
USED AGAINST the American people 
including OUR OWN MONEY 
BTW, when Barr & Durham 
were investigating all the fraudulent activities 
including stuff with the Biden’s
they went to the VATICAN Bank
& suddenly people were disappearing 
out of the Vatican bank 💥

👇 LizCrokinReport
Trump → water to Ohio
Obama → $ to Iran




I’m sharing truth from my perspective. In my world (6 miles from EP) life is normal. People are scared (now) because of what they’re seeing online but they aren’t experiencing it in their own lives.
I’m still waiting to see how it all plays out but as of now kids are back to school, water is running without dead fish & chemicals & folks go to work everyday.


VANGUARD GROUP / BlackRock / JP Morgan
are the largest shareholders
in Norfolk Southern, the train that “crashed”
in E. Palestine, Ohio.

Largest shareholders of Nestle?
JP Morgan Asset Management, Inc.

VANGUARD owns largest % of BLACKROCK

CEO BlackRock
Larry Fink, 
World Economic Forum [NWO Klaus Schwab]
Council of Foreign Relations [Rockefeller group]

Larry Fink 2022 letter to BlackRock shareholders
“Our New World Order Has Failed”👈
“The world is undergoing a transformation:
Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine 
that had been in place 
since the end of the Cold War…”

I’ve eliminated of ALL 
boxes, packages, plastic bottles & cans, etc.
of “food” made by deep state demons.
Their goal is to kill us EVERY WAY they can.




2-22-23 ALX alx
BREAKING: Donald Trump will reportedly DONATE
thousands of gallons of cleaning supplies,
along with 13 pallets of water
and will meet with members of the community
during his visit to East Palestine, Ohio.

Trump brought the goods to the people
of East Palestine, Ohio

👇 candlesinthenight



oopsie 😹
I really hope that’s Jim Carrey playing Biden.
He does great pratfalls 🤣

🇺🇸 qthestormrider777
Biden had to get PERMISSION from Putin
to go to Ukraine.
Russian cables “Stand down
the FALSE impersonator is here.” 💥


2 thoughts on “Kat Is The Sea – February 23, 2023

  1. I don’t know if you have this yet:

    ‘Ticking Time Bombs’ for the Most Defenseless: The Children (II)
    Thursday, February 23, 2023 9:49
    Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd
    Human Wrongs Watch
    By Baher Kamal
    MADRID, Feb 23 2023 (IPS)* – While the world’s biggest powers and their giant private corporations continue to attach high priority to their military –and commercial– dominance, both of them being shockingly profitable, entire generations are being lost to deadly armed conflicts, devastating climate catastrophes, diseases, hunger and more imposed impoverishment.
    In Nigeria’s Northeast the number of children suffering from acute malnutrition is projected to increase to two million in 2023. Credit: UNOCHA/Christina Powell.
    Part I of this series of two articles focussed on the unprecedented suffering of the most innocent and helpless human beings – children– in 11 countries. But there are many more.
    According to the UN Children Fund (UNICEF), hundreds of thousands of children continue to pay the highest price of a mixture of man-made brutalities, with their lives, apart from the unfolding proxy war in Ukraine, and the not yet final account of victims of the Türkiye and Syria earthquakes, which are forcing children to sleep in the streets under the rumble, amid the chilling cold.
    Nigeria is just one of the already reported cases of 11 countries. UNICEF on 11 February 2023 appealed for 1.3 billion US dollars to stop what it calls “the ticking bomb of child malnutrition.”
    The appeal is meant to help six million people severely affected by conflict, disease, and disaster in Northeast Nigeria.
    “The large-scale humanitarian and protection crisis shows no sign of abating,” said Matthias Schmale, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Nigeria. “An estimated 2.4 million people are in acute need – impacted by conflict, disaster and disease – and require urgent support.”
    The “ticking time bomb” of child malnutrition is escalating in Nigeria’s Northeast, with the number of children suffering from acute malnutrition projected to increase to two million in 2023, up from 1.74 million last year, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported.
    Already high levels of severe acute malnutrition are projected to more than double from 2022 to a projected 697,000 this year. Women and girls are the hardest hit, said Schmale.
    “Over 80% of people in need of humanitarian assistance across Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states are women and children. They face increased risks of violence, abduction, rape and abuse.”
    The UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide Alice Nderitu raised concerns about a worsening security situation, calling for urgent action to address conflicts and prevent “atrocity crimes.”
    Urgent immediate actions must be taken now, both to address the crisis in the short-term and long-term. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS
    Horn of Africa: the suffering of over 20 million children
    By the end of 2022, UNICEF warned of a funding shortfall as the region faces an unprecedented fifth consecutive failed rainy season and a poor outlook for the sixth.
    The number of children suffering dire drought conditions across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia has “more than doubled in five months,” according to UNICEF.
    “Around 20.2 million children are now facing the threat of severe hunger, thirst and disease, compared to 10 million in July [2022], as climate change, conflict, global inflation and grain shortages devastate the region.”
    While collective and accelerated efforts have mitigated some of the worst impacts of what had been feared, “children in the Horn of Africa are still facing the most severe drought in more than two generations,” said UNICEF Deputy Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa Lieke van de Wiel.
    “Humanitarian assistance must be continued to save lives and build the resilience of the staggering number of children and families who are being pushed to the edge – dying from hunger and disease and being displaced in search of food, water and pasture for their livestock.”
    Nearly two million children across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia are currently estimated to require ”urgent treatment for severe acute malnutrition, the deadliest form of hunger.”
    In addition, across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia:
    More than two million people are displaced internally because of drought.
    Water insecurity has more than doubled with close to 24 million people now confronting dire water shortages.
    Approximately 2.7 million children are out of school because of the drought, with an additional estimated 4 million children at risk of dropping out.
    As families are driven to the edge dealing with increased stress, children face a range of protection risks – including child labour, child marriage and female genital mutilation.
    Gender-based violence, including sexual violence, exploitation and abuse, is also increasing due to widespread food insecurity and displacement.
    UNICEF’s 2023 emergency appeal of US$759 million to provide life-saving support to children and their families will require timely and flexible funding support, especially in the areas of education, water and sanitation, and child protection, which were ”severely underfunded” during UNICEF’s 2022 response.
    An additional US$690 million is required to support long-term investments to help children and their families to recover and adapt to climate change.
    Meanwhile, more unfolding tragedies for children
    The above-reported suffering for the most defenseless human beings–children, does not end here. Indeed, two more major tragedies continue unfolding. Such is the case of the brutal proxy war in Ukraine and the most destructive earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.
    “A child in North Syria passing by the ruins, after the earthquake hit his town.” – Credit: Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
    Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes
    A steady flow of UN aid trucks filled with vital humanitarian relief continues to cross the border from Southern Türkiye into Northwest Syria to help communities enduring “terrible trauma” caused by the earthquake disaster, UN aid teams on 17 February 2023 reported.
    As UN aid convoys continue to deliver more relief to quake-hit Northwest Syria via additional land routes from Türkiye, UN humanitarians warned that “many thousands of children have likely been killed,” while millions more vulnerable people urgently need support.
    “Even without verified numbers, it’s tragically clear the number of children killed, the number of children orphaned is going to keep on rising,” on 14 February 2023 said UN Children Fund (UNICEF) spokesperson James Elder.
    In Türkiye, the total number of children living in the 10 provinces before the emergency was 4.6 million, and 2.5 million in Syria.
    And as the humanitarian focus shifts from rescue to recovery, eight days after the disaster, Elder warned that cases of “hypothermia and respiratory infections” were rising among youngsters, as he appealed for continued solidarity with all those affected by the emergency.
    “Everyone, everywhere, needs more support, more safe water, more warmth, more shelter, more fuel, more medicines, more funding,” he said.
    1“Families with children are sleeping in streets, malls, mosques, schools, under bridges, staying out in the open for fear of returning to their homes.”
    “Unimaginable hardship”
    “The children and families of Türkiye and Syria are facing unimaginable hardship in the aftermath of these devastating earthquakes,” said UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell.
    “We must do everything in our power to ensure that everyone who survived this catastrophe receives life-saving support, including safe water, sanitation, critical nutrition and health supplies, and support for children’s mental health. Not only now, but over the long term.”
    The number of children killed and injured during the quakes and their aftermath has not yet been confirmed but is likely to be in the many thousands. The official total death toll has now passed 45,000.
    Many families have lost their homes and are now living in temporary shelters, “often in freezing conditions and with snow and rain adding to their suffering.” Access to safe water and sanitation is also a major concern, as are the health needs of the affected population.
    Months of escalating conflict have left millions of children in Ukraine vulnerable to biting winds and frigid temperatures, UNICEF reports.
    Hundreds of thousands of people have seen their homes, businesses or schools damaged or destroyed while continuing attacks on critical energy infrastructure have left millions of children without sustained access to electricity, heating and water.
    The list of brutalities committed against the world’s children goes on. The funds desperately needed to save their lives represent a tiny fraction of all that is being spent on wars.


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