Why sending MORE money to Ukraine could end in DISASTER ~ February 20, 2023


The far-left and the Biden Administration are DESTROYING America’s money supply. Not only are they blindly transforming our energy supplies, handing out government subsidies like candy, and encouraging other world governments to do the same, but we also continue to send millions of U.S. dollars to Ukraine. ‘We’re hemorrhaging money,’ Glenn says, and it’s only getting worse. Now, President Biden says we are helping to pay pensions in Ukraine too. But what about the social security mess in our own country? So, what ARE they doing?! In this clip, Glenn explains why America’s financial situation is DIRE and why, if we continue to funnel even more money into Ukraine, it could end in disaster…

4 thoughts on “Why sending MORE money to Ukraine could end in DISASTER ~ February 20, 2023

  1. Glenn is missing the point here: the war in Ukraine is the war we are waging against the unspeakable, abominable transnational racketeering syndicate of pedophilia in the Ukraine. Thank you, Presidents Putin, Xi, and Trump for carrying the torch of LIFE.


  2. This particular war already is a disaster, it became one the second Brandon listened to the war pigs in the Pentagon. Obviously we are not friends by any stretch. $130 Billion later and WWIII approaching he simply doesn’t care.


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