Whiplash Chain-of-Events – February 21, 2023





Since the RED OCTOBER went missing in March then this also could be mirrored to March.

Important Sequence.

🎯 Sequence drop. Q1245

SAUDI bout to decouple from USD & join BRICS. [Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, United Nations buildings hit in Turkey] Now Saudi?  House Of Saud comes from Turkey originally. MBS flipped.

The Rise of the Imam Mahdi.

The one who Unites all ISLAM together to then take down the Anti-Christ in Israel. What’s going to be hit in Saudi? Mecca, Medina?

NK >China/Taiwan >Maybe Russia>Japan Kuril Islands.

ChongQing Dams, 3GD, BTC Data Center + Wuhan Labs + Tiananmen Square.

Armenia>Azerbaijan [Freeing DRUZE] & hitting Lake Sevan.

Iran>Israel Reversal of Balfour Declaration & Much more [Hashemite Kingdom] King Of Jordan.

MBS/King Of Jordan will unite all of the Middle East then take down the Anti-Christ. Controllers in Israel


MBS has been uniting the Middle East

King Of Jordan mentioning reforming Hashemite Kingdom. #GreatProphet17

Kiev Falls then

Russia to take Romania/Moldova <South & North >Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania. Daila Grybauskaite>Hitler Daughter. Netanyahu [9] origin.

Belarus involved surrounding.

Suwalki Gap.

UK gets shitty at Russia

NATO Article 5 [V]

Another Red October > Cyber Espionage.

EU no Ammo left.


Vatican > 34 buildings.

Vatican is the False Prophet>Head Of The Snake. Lockdowns incoming.

Which major C’wealth Country

Australia, Canada, India or South Africa will leave first?

Time to put that Armour on.



🇷🇺 Vlad’s State Of The Union

BRICS will bring GESARA.

The Revaluation of ALL CURRENCIES will be against the Russian Ruble.

The Reformation of the Soviet Union under ROMANOV’s


Get the channel up to 10,000


Brunson Case denied

Now they play out the WW3 Scenario


Military Is The Only Way.

Rule 5.4 is overturned.

Bidan setting up WW3 in his speech in Poland.

[9] Supreme Court Justices

Only 1 Justice Thomas remains, the rest got Rona’d. By arresting 9 SCOTUS Justices would show Gesara Military Law in place. Act of 1871 of England has been reversed so has Balfour Declaration.





[D] + 0 = Death of King Charles

+ China Dams = 11.3

Many Fires just begun factories, warehouses and trains derail right now in the USA



Eyes on Manchester United shares just dropped 10%

Takeover coming.

Everyone we are working with here are involved.

Elon, UAE, Qatar & Saudi


2 thoughts on “Whiplash Chain-of-Events – February 21, 2023

  1. Deciphering Whiplash has often been crippling for me: his use of acronyms and punctuation marks whelms me ! The subject of this article is so critical and of such
    importance. Foraging thru’ it was quite an adventure. I wish my connected consciousness enabled me to understand it better. As Q often says, “YOU KNOW IF YOU KNOW.” Well,as for me, the information given here was none other than humbling. SO MUCH YET TO KNOW AND TO CONNECT IN A MEANINGFUL WAY. Thank you for posting this ! Quite a challenge!!!


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