Secret Time Travel Travelers Changing History On Purpose?

Editor’s Note: (Thanks to S for submitting this) Plenty of questions out there right now..,has this idea picqued your interest? Please read on, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!

4 thoughts on “Secret Time Travel Travelers Changing History On Purpose?

  1. With time travel, you don’t necessarily change time. You make a new timeline. Say, I went back in time, to let’s say 1975. I go and kill my dad, several years before I was born. I then go BACK to 2023. I don’t disappear from existence. All that happens is I made a new time line….the original one I was from still exists, but it is closed off to me, now…’s just that I am missing, and people are wondering what the hell happened to me. This new timeline for me is where my dad’s been dead for decades, and I am not in any records of any type, I am an definitive outsider, if you will.

    Or back to the future part 2…..old man Biff seen he has access to a time machine….having seen Marty, Doc, and the Delorean, both in 1955, and then in 1985. He sees the sports almanac, grabs it, swipes the Delorean, and goes back to 1955 to give his teenaged self the almanac. Old man Biff comes back to 2015, and Marty and Doc, unaware what Biff has done, goes back to 1985….a different 1985. After what old man Biff did, the door to the original 1985 (well, 1985 2.0, since Marty DID change that in the first movie) was closed off, and, and sadly, the door way to the 2015 we saw was also closed off….saw if they made a new Back to the Future movie, where they go to 2015, it will be like OUR 2015, sadly. When Marty and Doc destroy the almanac and finally go back to 1985, things are different in the 3rd movie….small things, like Clint Eastwood gorge and Marty not having the car accident that left him with injuries that wrecked his rock ‘n roll plans.

    So, one is not really changing time, just closing off doors to current ones, and opening doors to new ones.


    1. Time, I read, is an abstract on Earth. BEing a Quantum yields my understanding of ALL timelines playing out at once! This allows me to “pull in”, or manifest, that which I desire physically! You already have a fine female form mingling with whomever you desire, wherever you desire! That is the importance of frequency, as frequency = seequency! 😊🌹🎉


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