February 21, 2023: The Reality Hard to Ignore [videos] ~ February 21, 2023


Trump told us we are nearing a “precipice” and many of you know what that means.

We hardly know where to begin to define the events of the last 24 or 48 hours. Another Turkey/Syria earthquake, Israel attacked Syria while they are still trying to deal with the tragic huge earthquake that took such a toll on those nations on February 6, and the information flowing about the train derailments is thick with disinformation and fear porn.

There was another this morning, unfortunately. Would people believe that there is a plot—a conspiracy—at this point?

Train with more than two dozen cars derails in Nebraska

SGAnon posted the following short citizen journalist video from California.

What Is Happening in California, USA? Rail Cars Full of Chemicals Parked in Farmland

There is virtually half a blog in the comments section from yesterday’s post and I will be keeping this shorter than usual. Hopefully we can keep comments brief as we have to pay for the space it takes to host all this information. If we go over our paid limit, I would have to upgrade to a new server and host and I don’t want to ask subscribers to pay for this service I currently provide out of pocket.

Some are saying DEWs were used on Damascus, Syria. Before we go there, I wondered if the image was a result of a long exposure on the incoming missiles we heard were used. Any light will create a streak if you leave the shutter open long enough. It’s more dramatic-looking than a little light in the sky.

The Syrians did not shake off the dust of the earthquake catastrophe, until Israel began bombing the capital, Damascus, tonight.
This is a fact, not a hoax. pic.twitter.com/AUOyUME2Bz

— Aref Alkrez🇸🇾 (@Arefkrez) February 18, 2023

We also heard there was a meteorite that impacted the earth in Texas after creating a sonic boom. Was it a meteorite? The Geminids meteor shower was reported last week but in light of all the sky events and the cabal freaking out, it could have been something else that got shot down. We’ve seen it before. Their instructions to anyone who might encounter a piece of it… “don’t touch it and let us know.” Link to Telegram.


We heard that the Internet was down entirely on the island of Anguilla for a long period.

Anguilla (ang-GWIL-ə) is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. It is one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, lying east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and directly north of Saint Martin.

Anguilla – the anchor of a ship has damaged the undersea cable causing a network outage https://t.co/LSn2nOIQtI

— Ewan Sutherland (@sutherla) February 19, 2023

That story may be true, but whenever it’s a power or Internet outage or whenever a Caribbean island is involved, it gives me pause to question whether it might be an op to take down Human trafficking sickos. Let’s just say it’s possible. Q told us when the lights go out, the Patriots are in control. Perhaps that also applies to the Internet. Has anyone researched the island of Anguilla?

The Benjamin Fulford update is interesting, as always, and it’s a good thing we have positive back-channel information to help folks stay positive as he is sharing the plans of the dark that must be stopped.

I also thought it interesting his response to a comment as my understanding has been that Michael Salla and friends are compromised. When a real patriot asked Michael Salla to join with them some time ago to reveal truth he declined by saying he was “committed”.

My problem with Michael Salla is that when he came to Japan, heavy duty security types prevented me from attending his seminar because they knew I would ask questions about him working for the Rockefellers.
Lawrence Rockefeller and now his son James Podesta. They have been funding a lot of the UFO type “disclosure” stuff for a long time. – Benjamin Fulford

To read Ben’s weekly update in full, click here to access the website shared by the crew.

I listened to an intel-packed update last night from Scott McKay’s contact known as “Overwatch” who gave us quite an education on this “clandestine warfare” we’re seeing. He linked the balloons and the Ohio train derailment and numerous other events, including a special ops mission near Fort Yukon, Alaska in January involving a cloning facility. I believe Real Raw News published something about it. It was a fascinating discussion and he and Scott provided links to more information and resources/backup below the video on phosgene, etc. so we could do the recommended digging.

When the good guys move forward in an operation to take down the satanic pedos, they can expect retaliation. We are aware of several hits on the towns of the FAMILIES of the good guys recently. That’s how the cabal rolls. They go after your family, your pets, etc. to make you suffer for what you did.

2.20.23 “The Tipping Point” on Revolution.Radio in STUDIO B, OVERWATCH Intel Update

That led me to a video I happened to see from Dr. Lee Merritt who spoke frankly about Covid and the vaccines early on in the hoax a couple of years ago. She was a military doctor for eleven years and in my opinion is an impressive resource.

In the following video she speaks frankly about the Ohio train chemical spill and the risks and disinformation about it that are fueling fear and panic. She researched the situation, the chemicals involved, etc. and shares her findings and opinions. She points out that we should have learned with Covid that when they spread the fear to invoke panic, we should remain calm, take our time, research well, and then form educated opinion and decide on our response. We need to be proactive, rather than reactive. 16 min.

Dr. Lee Merritt: Ohio Chemical Spill — It’s Not What You Think

Are people going to be leaving their land and homes in East Palestine, Ohio out of fear for their safety? The cabal would love that. Land for pennies on the dollar. How many rights will be forfeited in this obviously planned event?

Is it true Intel wants to build there and already have the copper pipes in place to draw water? Why so much water? I recall when the huge NSA Data Center the cabal built in Bluffdale, Utah required a massive amount of electricity and had issues with power surges. Is water required to cool the computers? Will the Intel factory simply be making chips and semi-conductors? How do we know? I don’t trust them.

That led me to another video by Dr. Merritt with Sons of Liberty wherein they discuss what we have talked about many times on this blog; Covid, is it a “virus”?; the remedies that are anti-parasitic, why they worked, what Covid really was, the “vaccines”, etc. etc. She reveals a wealth of information and I could have listened for hours more.

Dr. Lee Merritt: The Connection Between Parasites & Cancer + COVID Shots & 5G

There is always a bright side and this video of Benny Johnson going to Ohio to hand deliver twenty envelopes containing $1,000 each to the most impacted people in East Palestine is a tear-jerker. It was his social media income that he donated to these victims in need. I watched the whole video, but this includes a few clips.

They want you to forget these are your fellow Americans.

They are suffering and hurting as our ruling class is MIA

This is who Joe Biden chose to abandon to visit a warmonger in a tracksuit in Ukraine

We visited Ohio victims and gave them $20,000⬇️

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) February 20, 2023

And from the woo-woo files, we have interesting premises from TikTok in a short video called, “Earth is a Realm”.


#conspiracy trust your eyes and senses

♬ original sound – King Lamar

Do check in to the comments section from yesterday’s post for more fantastic material. I just can’t keep up any more and still want to listen to those Trump and Putin speeches.  ~ BP

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