EMP Consequences? – February 20, 2023


Don’t read this post if your easily

Terrified ⚠️


The REAL nightmare SCENARIO


_The Real TRUTH INTELLIGENCE aren’t reporting this or [ DS] MSM doesn’t sound the ALARMS is because they know the REAL CATASTROPHIC EVENT THAT>>>>> EMPs<<<<<<

can create.

> One satellite over the Continental United States is all it takes to bring down the 6 MAJOR power structures that controls the grid<

1 EMP BLAST from the high altitude of Satellites is enough to the fry , destroy microchips that run phones, cars., Cities power structures, including all things digital that control U.S. cities transportation structures and digital chips that move the masses of trucking INDUSTRIES

, Food networks that rely on digital networks and modem machinery that run in microchips…..///// An EMP BLAST in one night would destroy the Whole U.S. system

And blackout the continental United States along with parts of Canada and Mexico.


Mil. Intelligence reports and data that U.S. Government .DOD DHS are well aware of the BIGGEST danger to U.S. soil is an EMP ATTACK<

>U.S. citizens would wake up in morning with no electricity. No cell phone service and no transportation, public and personal running. Gas stations would be closed, 152 million workers would frozen in a COMPLETE BLACKOUT EVENT


Within days people would run out off food. Gas. Supplies.

And the BIGGEST threat is LOOTERS who will destroy cities ( which always happens .. Like hurricane Katrina aftermath)

> With microchips and DIGITAL networks burned out and the total COLLAPSE of society taking place…. The military scenario reports estimate 3_6 years to bring the population back under control.

.> Estimated death of U.S. citizens could reach over 80% in 3 years as old people and citizens who are dependent on healthcare would be the first to die of with no medication or needed weekly medical assistance. The next mass die off would come from dehydration and water poisoning as millions with no survival skills will drink unfit water laced with bacteria and parasites , ect. , which would cause a ripple effect of illness and mass sickness that would lead to millions dying without medical treatment.

> Hunger in large cities weeks lead to killings and looters would turn to neighbors hoods for food…. And FOOD WARS began.

>over 30 Million people stuck in high rise buildings, skyscrapers would die within days (millions of people would be stuck in elevators. .. With no elevators running.. Old people/ handicap people in skyscrapers. High rises would have no access to elevators )///

CURRENTLY The U.S. intelligence is aware CCP has satellites that pass over the U.S. every 19 days and North Korea

Had 2 satellites that cross the U.S. regions from west to east weekly..

> DHS with military intelligence reports created EMP Program statue report and in CLASSIFIED

Docs they have the FULL report of the Events to follow a MASSIVE EMP ATTACK



Trump’s called for EMP security which was manifested on March 26, 2019 in the form of Executive Order (E.O.) 13865. E.O. 13865 directed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to develop quadrennial risk assessments of EMP and deliver the first risk assessment of the threat within the first year. Section 3, “Policy,” reads in part:

But when BIDEN took office the project was abandoned.

>Weeks later Klaus Satan Schwab would give chilling details of an event that would be worse than the pandemic and this would be connected to the digital infrastructure//// CYBERATTACKS .. WHICH IS ALSO CONNECTED TO SATELLITES AND [ DS] EMPS.







29 thoughts on “EMP Consequences? – February 20, 2023

  1. An EMP is simple to live through. Have a generator, Faraday cage (for electronics), and a copy of The Lost Ways either volume. We’ll be sent into the dark ages, but live comfortably. Something nobody counts on.


    1. I got no desire to live like little house on the prairie, Bobby. And people will revert back to barbarism, cruelty and social Darwinism in order to survive….that is not comfort, nor is living only to 40 or 50 years of age again. We need the aliens, and we need them YESTERDAY. Contact is long overdue.


      1. I know people will revert back to whatever is easiest, barbarism is quite easy. It also boomerangs on those living that life. However, think like General Flynn, we will have the knowledge of today and tomorrow, putting everyone else at a disadvantage. USE IT and to quote him, “DO SOMETHING.” We will also have the firepower.


      2. Still don’t have ANY faith in that. And I want, and need, a STAR TREK like life…..NOT Little House on the Mother Fucking Prairie.
        I want to explore the cosmos, not raise crops, and fending off looters in local resource wars like in the Road Warrior movies.


      3. Now THAT is true fiction! A Star Trek life? I know a guy who has shields up at times, he’s in Texas, about 3 steps away from a funny farm. Don’t delude yourself, Mad Max was a great escapist movie, but that’s all it was.


      4. I have a far higher opinion of his people will react to an emp attack…at least in my environment ! Might be a great time for our society to make a huge push forward! 😊🌹


      5. @Cindy
        As in NOT a good way. People right NOW are in survival mode….imagine what happens if everyone’s forced to live life as it was centuries ago, without technology. It’s going to be tribal/feudal, with ‘clans’ engaging in local resource wars, like the Road Warrior movies, Game of Thrones and Hunger Games.

        Fighting over food, land, the last barrels of oil, not to mention, murdering each other over silly quarrels over tribal god images. We’re already in survival mode, now, with a post EMP world, it’s gonna be not only be survival of the fittest, but survival of the least expendable. There will be NO good from ANY of this Cindy.

        I’m merely being realistic.


      6. I totally agree with the scenario you describe, EXCEPT our world is readying to change in a majorly good way! EMP may turn everything off, but Tesla power will turn all back “on”, then a couple of weeks staying at home watching ALL of whatever you ever wanted to see proving all of the admissions, executions, etc., etc. Trump made the big “Storm” message today…got your food/water stored up? 😊🌹Oh, yes…alien disclosure soon after?!🎉🌹


      7. We’d all HAVE a Star Trek life, as in amazing tech, no more need for money, everyone’s equal, everyone actually LIVING, and not ‘making a living’, and being part of a galactic community if it were not for the dark forces, as in Archons, Chimera and so on, Bobby.


      8. I AM thinking outside the box, bobby. NO way will humans get any better if some disaster, like an EMP wave that cripples our tech, it will only take humans back to the dark ages…..like when the library of Alexandria was burnt to the ground, all because some loony toon Christian emperor deemed all that waste knowledge (science, engineering, medicine, probably our true history as well) as ‘heretic’. Within one night, that area of the world was plunged into the dark ages. Same will happen if the EMP wave, or some other disaster send everyone back several hundred years.


      9. Will ONLY mean a damn, Cindy, when I’m actually standing on the deck floor of an actual extra terrestrial starship, in my RESTORED body, and finally holding hands with my special someone, whomever she is.


      10. No Neil, but you’re not ready to accept that you can live without a nanny gubmint, without aliens, trusting in only yourself to get things done. As a friend said recently “People have to be at a precipice before they will act.” You have hardly reached yours. You aren’t alone, thousands of other woke braindead haven’t.


      11. @Cindy
        I’ll believe it when I SEE it. Also, STILL waiting for Trump to put Hilary in jail, like he said, seven years ago. And part of me is not holding my breathe in regards to Trump, primarily of his Jesuit ties. Heard Cobra say that Trump needed some poking in the ego to go in the proper directions at time.

        So, I’ll believe it when I see it.


      12. I’ll agree Trump is a tool (and he knows it), yet the “back and forth” cycles on Earth are ending with the complete eradication of the dark on this little planet designed as a living library. You and I are here right NOW having this blog exchange others will see, being-the-cause of communicating the great change which IS positively affecting us all!! Thank you!!😊🌹🎼


      13. No. I NEED the aliens to get what I need….I can not simply change my body gender and species…I can’t become an alien woman on my own.

        And I got news for you, needing outside help, or wanting one’s body to its PROPER FORM, is not, as you call it ‘WOKE’, Bobby-boy.

        Not all of us wanna be the John Wayne you are, Bobby.

        And 2 words, Bobby.

        Galactic Codex, which is NON-NEGOTIABLE. I got better things to do in life than raise crops, churn me butter, or engage in local resource wars . There’s a whole universe to return home to, and I plan to escape earth, aka Planet Gulag, and get BACK to the universe, and my REAL family……

        …..or, DIE in the escape attempt. I don’t know how or what I need to say to get you to understand my situation, Bob, apart from walk a mile in my iron boots.

        To merely exist is NOT enough.
        To merely survive is NOT enough, Bobby-boy.

        GOT IT?!

        *drops mic and walks off*


      14. @Cindy
        Trust me, I’m am all the time…..looking at clothes I want to get and wear, hair styles I want to do, as well as joy riding through asteroid belts in a space ship, with an alien girl friend next to me.

        It’s all that’s keeping me going….otherwise I’d have either would have become a drug addict, or put a bullet in my head long ago. >_>


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