Details of the Epic “The Plan” – February 20, 2023


Post from Derek:

President Trump extended his Power as President via LAW and ORDER of the Constitution.

Executive Orders:






National Emergencies issued

Presidential Emergencies issued

👉🏻Both unaddressed by Congress👈🏻

Presidential Emergency Active Document

Stafford Act

Presidential Emergencies Act

Title 10

Title 32

10 US Code 246

10 US Code 12406

47 US Code 606 – War Powers of the President

Articles II and IV of the Constitution

My story does not change. Why? Because those are all LAW and ORDERS from January 20, 2017, to present day.

The ONLY person who can Federalize National Guard to Active Duty is the President. #READEmAndWeep

National Guard: (

Air National Guard:

Understanding the Guard’s Status:

Click to access Guard-Status-9.27.18.pdf

10 US Code 1209: Active Duty

The President is the Boss: (

10 US Code 12301:

10 US Codes:

10 US Code: Military Law

10 US Code: Reserve Components

10 US Code 12401:

10 US Code 12402:

10 US Code 12404:

10 US Code 12405:

10 US Code 12406:

10 US Code 12407:

47 US Code 606: War Powers of the President

Capt KYLE, [2/20/2023 6:49 PM]

All it takes is a little reading… ☠️

Title 50 Chapter 34 defines National Emergencies 😎

President Trump declared 3… one in Executive Order 13848 and two more verbally in 2020… NEVER addressed by Congress.

Which is he Federalized 1,000,000 National Guard and Reserves no more than 365 CONSECUTIVE days to Active Duty as specified in Executive Order 13912 and 10 United States Code Chapter 1209 which backs Article II of the Constitution – the Presidents roles and duties.

It’s very brilliant and epic what’s going on and how they pieced this together ☠️🇺🇸


2 thoughts on “Details of the Epic “The Plan” – February 20, 2023

  1. If I were Trump, I’d wait until about March or whenever he’s about to be reinstalled, then fire ALL the Pentagon slimy creatures. And maybe just relieve the wokies from duty. They haven’t done anything wrong that they know of. Only swore an oath to the communist party. to my mind they should be at Gitmo awaiting sentencing, but that’s just me.


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