More Tonight – February 7, 2023


Some Deep State Secrets Revealed Few Know or Dare To Tel

By Peter B. Meyer – 2023

All Roads Lead to the Jesuits


The Jesuits are the Military Arm of the Catholic Church. Cold, sadistic, and unwavering devotion to their common goals. The Jesuits are among the worst in the umbrella organization of secret societies that make up the NWO or “Illuminati”.

Some theorists say these Illuminati pulling the strings are human beings; others say they have extraterrestrial allies. They are a secret society within secret societies, backed by a banking elite, led by the Rothschild dynasty, who have the ultimate plan for the abolition of all religions except the promotion of their own satanic religion, and the removal of all civilian governments to eventually centralise and globalise everything under their own control, in effect the New World Order.

The “Black Nobility”, has its origins in the oligarchic families of Venice and Genoa, Italy, who owned the privileged monopoly trading rights in the 12th century.

An incredibly well researched video by ‘Amy into the Occult and one of the best about the Black Nobility bloodlines.



NEW – Spain lifts face mask rule for public transport – ending one of the country’s last remaining rules against the coronavirus pandemic


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A nationwide strike against a proposed pension reform in France is jeopardizing the country’s power and fuel supply, France 24 reported on Tuesday.


Newsletter – The Final Wakeup Call

🇺🇸🇬🇧 The storm is upon us!

End of Covid Genocide

Millions worldwide are discovering the truth. An illuminating video below explains the details, at least listen to the last 12 minutes. Meanwhile, a network of …

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🇳🇱 De storm is op komst!

Einde Covid Volkerenmoord

Miljoenen wereldwijd ontdekken de waarheid. Een verlichtende video hieronder verklaard de details, beluister in ieder geval de laatste 12 minuten. Inmiddels heeft een netwerk van …

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🇩🇪 Der Sturm ist über uns!

Beendet den Covid Völkermord

Millionen von Menschen weltweit entdecken die Wahrheit. Ein erhellendes Video unten erklärt die Details, hören Sie sich zumindest die letzten 12 Minuten an. Ein Netzwerk von …


🇪🇸 ¡Se acerca la tormenta!

Fin del genocidio de Covid

Millones de personas en todo el mundo están descubriendo la verdad. Un esclarecedor vídeo a continuación explica los detalles, al menos escuche los últimos 12 minutos. Mientras tanto, una red …

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🇮🇹 La tempesta è su di noi!

Porre fine al genocidio di Covid

Milioni di persone in tutto il mondo stanno scoprendo la verità. Un video illuminante qui sotto spiega i dettagli, almeno ascoltate gli ultimi 12 minuti. Nel frattempo, una rete di …

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🇫🇷 La Tempête est à nos Portes !

Mettre Fin au Génocide de Covid

Des millions de personnes dans le monde découvrent la vérité. Une vidéo éclairante explique les détails, du moins écoutez les 12 dernières minutes. Parallèlement, un réseau …

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This is how fast a volcano moves as it erupts and wipes out the shore and its inhabitants.Luckily most were evacuated.The camera blacks out but returns showing desolation.

Be sure to read the lines below before watching the clip…

White Island Volcano eruption on Dec. 9, 2019 – New Zealand ….. This extraordinary video, taken automatically from a

home-installed camera, shows New Zealand’s White Island volcano eruption 9 Dec 2019, where 5 people died.

This is absolutely amazing, and scary. Read the instructions below so you don’t miss a thing. Can’t believe the camera worked 24 seconds after things subsided!

**At the beginning: Please wait for 24 seconds when nature’s roar begins and, most importantly, another 24 seconds after the blackout.

It appears that the video has ended, but it hasn’t ….the screen clears to reveal the town devastation and the resulting flaming volcano.

This volcano eruption was filmed by an unmanned camera.

Keep watching even after the screen goes black.

The camera continues to transmit.

The town had been evacuated, but unfortunately, a tour boat was at the island. The boat is not in the video.



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