Can you Handle the Truth? ~ February 7, 2023


By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 7, 2023

I love you, and I thank you… but there are things we still have not learned.

I tell you the truth because I love you. The weapon of the criminals is deception. We are deceived.

There were 5 languages spoken in the time and place of “Jesus”:

  • Hebrew
  • Greek
  • Latin
  • Aramaic
  • Egyptian

None of those languages have a “J” in their alphabet.

English has a “J” as in the Authorized King James Bible. It’s “Authorized” because if we catch you reading the Geneva Bible, its off with your head.

“Bloody” Mary Tudor executed (burned alive) 300 Protestant leaders during her 3 year rain. Her successor was King James.

Yahshua (Jesus) never taught Christianity, he taught The Way (The Tao) 81 Parables of Wisdom, written 500BC.

Tao Te Ching = The Way of Wisdom in Action (What else would the Prince of Peace be teaching?)

  • Tao = Way
  • Te = Wisdom
  • Ching = Action

Christianity is the invention of Emperor Constantine and the First Council of Nicaea (Religion by Comity) Catholic (Unoform). The Pope is a Dagon priest. Dagon is Babylonian for Lucifer (Roman).

“Jesus” is another name for Zeus the Greek name for Satan (Roman).

The word “Religion” is a contraction for “Re Legion” (Army of Re). Re / Ra is Egyptian for Apollo (1/2 of Antichrist).

  • The Old Testoment = Satinism (Bloody “Sacrofice”)The New Testoment = Luciferianism (Psychopathy)The Sermon on the Mount = Karma (cause and efect) and the Tao Te Ching (Way of Wisdom in Action)The Executin and Reserection = Consious does not die, we reincarnate

None of this excuses a Mall of America guard ejecting a man with a tee shirt (1st Amendment protected), but it does demonstrate how deceived we are.

The practis of “Good Cop / Bad Cop” is Luciferian (Psychopathic). It is psychopathic because the “Good Cop” is lying (Apollo is a liar) and the “Bad Cop” is a murder (Lucifer is a killer). Together they form the Antichrist. Dr. Jekyll (good Doctor) & Mr. Hyde (killer) is an alogory for Antichrist (Apollo / Lucifer). The “good” Doctor conseals the actions of the monster (Psychopathy).Peace, love, and blessings,Thinker2 –

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